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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Upgrades Her Boobs AGAIN!!!

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Farrah Abraham has been a busy lady!

The Teen Mom has had a lot of cash burning a hole in her pocket, so she decided to spend her extra dough on another boob job!

Farrah upgraded her saline breasts from a C cup to a D cup, and the new porn star has NO regrets!

Here's what she said:

“I don’t think I’ve done too much surgery at a young age. If someone wants to walk around with bags under their eyes, that’s fine. But personally, I want to look my best. And I’m looking amazing. There’s definitely some pain, but that’s expected. [But] what if I have a freak accident and I need something fixed, or if age gets to me, or I have more children and want a ‘mommy makeover?’”

Farrah Abraham has spent nearly $30,000 on plastic surgery including a nose job, a chin job, and now two breast implants.

Despite all the money she's spent on making herself look good - she still has yet to find a boyfriend. Which depresses her!

Here's what she said:

“It’s sad, because I don’t have a boyfriend. Obviously, I look good. And when I see a hot guy and he’s dating an ugly girl, I’m like, ‘Damn, all that goodness is going to waste.’”

Well, keep looking, Farrah!

You're bound to find someone who likes big fake breasts you for who you are.

There's plenty of fish in the sea!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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29 comments to “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Upgrades Her Boobs AGAIN!!!”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    Stop promoting prostitution.

  2. 2

    She looks like one of those 40+ reality housewives. That might be an indication that she has had too much surgery.

  3. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    No amount of plastic surgery will fix the ugliness inside this idiot.

  4. 4

    Man, its taking a LONG time for her next tape to come out. Can't wait. She's a WAY better in movies than Kim K. She's very talented and I'm a big fan now.

  5. 5

    She looks skinny fat, like she starves herself, and doesn't work out. Hence the excess fat and skin hanging all over her skeleton frame.

  6. 6

    I don't care how big she makes her titties, nothing will distract from her horse face or the fact that she's a whore who loves to take it in the ass.

  7. 7

    Dating an "ugly" girl is worse than dating a vain, teen-mom, pornstar, fame-whore? Those hot guys are clearly out of her league because they date the people they are with for who they are…you know, what people should be doing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's a shame because she's such a pretty girl on the outside (even before the work), but her personality seems like a dud and her ego is out of control.

  8. jenny says – reply to this


    PEREZ! please STOP talking about her. This girl is so stupid and irrelevant. PLEASEEEE!!

  9. 9

    she need to upgrade her brain

  10. 10

    Pls don't turn this women into a star! Pls stop reporting on her. Pls!!!

  11. 11

    You looked so pretty with that huge load of cum sprayed all over your face, too. Such a shame your whoreness goes to waste.

  12. 12

    So much plastic surgery at such a young age is so not necessary when it is just for vanity and not health issues. It is not always about hot "amazing" you look (has she been hanging with Kanye?)but how "amazing" you are as a PERSON! Some people actually care about the person over the packaging! BUt then she is TOO young and stupid to understand that.

  13. flyhi2me says – reply to this


    All she has to do is open her mouth and it spoils everything she is a hateful spoiled brat and I don't think she will ever find anyone unless it's a PIMP!

  14. MichJB says – reply to this


    She should invest in an anal plug to avoid that nasty leakage from getting her sphincter stretched. Maybe you can suggest one for her Perez.

  15. 15

    Re: MichJB – LOL this made me laugh.

    She doesn't understand that men want more than a pretty face. After six months, that gets old. They want someone to have meaningful conversations with…about more than butt sex and plastic surgery.

  16. Amanda says – reply to this


    Vagina armpit… gross.

  17. Jaded28 says – reply to this


    All that goodness going to waste?
    Maybe some people are just more interested in being with a good person who makes them feel good to be around rather than a narcissistic porn star whore who is clearly a bad mother. I mean she may have a hot body, but you can only look at that for so long eventually you have to talk to it, and retarded seems to be the only thing that comes out of her mouth.
    I thought she just sold the porn to make sure she had money to support her baby. Now she's spending money on getting another boob job.
    I don't care how hot she thinks she is (if hot is a cheap two bit version of Jenna Haze then she's right on target) skank is a hard smell to wash out of your clothes and while the boys may fuck her I doubt anyone is taking that home to mom. Hell most of my guy friends wouldn't even take her home to fuck her. They'd do it in the car and drop her ass back on the corner on the way home.

  18. 18

    Why doesnt she spend all that money she made removing that ugly ass huge mole on her neck? gross.

  19. Megan says – reply to this


    She is going to need asshole rejuvenation surgery…

  20. barney says – reply to this


    Not that impressed with her getting bigger Boobs.It's Farrah's ass that I like.Hope to win her Bikini just so I can smell it.

  21. Chachi says – reply to this


    Why does she have to have bigger boobs? Like, look, I am all for doing what makes you happy but she has that tiny body and those tig old biddies. She is doing nothing but making shopping more difficult for herself and I am sure when she gets older, she is going to want to downsize them a bit. As a big chested woman, I encourage you all to be happy with what you have because there are definite downsides to having really big boobs. I think her initial fixes were well done. She changed small things and she does look great, but girl, leave your chest alone!

  22. 22


  23. jesse says – reply to this


    She should save her money. her horseface is going to age faster than she realizes.

  24. Jesse says – reply to this


    No guy wants to take a back door porn whore home to momma

  25. 25

    she is so not pretty :( I guess she has to have sex with everyone to feel good about herself

  26. Ash says – reply to this


    Her armpit looks like a vagina.

  27. boo says – reply to this


    Omg what a GREAT personality! I wonder why no one is snatching that up!

  28. Jenn719 says – reply to this


    Her armpit looks like a vagina….no surprise there. She's all twat.

  29. Yasmin says – reply to this


    This girl thinks way too highly of herself. Honey the reason that you don't have a boyfriend is obvious to everyone but you.