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Kim Kardashian's Baby Girl Is Said To Be A Spitting Image Of Her Beautiful Momma!

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kim kardashian baby looks like her

Awww, a mini Kim!

We knew Kim Kardashian's baby would be gorgeous, but how lucky is the little lady to already be looking just like her glam momma!

Sure, baby girl Kimye probably isn't rocking Kim-like curves just yet, but we're sure she's a total doll if she's anything like Kim.

And it sounds like she'll grow up to be just as lovely as she's already headed that way! An insider revealed:

"She has dark hair. She looks just like Kim."


We bet Kanye West loves having two fab ladiez in his life now! And we're sure he'll spoil his daughter just as much as he spoils Kim.

Now we all just have to wait for the first pic to see the resemblance for ourselves!

In the meantime, what do YOU think they named their daughter?? Does it start with a K?

[Image via Instagram.]

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81 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Baby Girl Is Said To Be A Spitting Image Of Her Beautiful Momma!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    So that means the kid is a hairy Fat-Assed fugly dark whore … ? ? ?

  2. 2

    It's so weird to think that in 12 years, Kim will be a grandma.

  3. too funny says – reply to this


    this child is the daughter of an armenian woman and a black man and somehow the child having dark hair is something really special? did anyone expect the child to be born with blonde hair or something with those genetics?

  4. liam says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – how nice of you..people are just so rude the fact you dont like the baby's mother doesn't mean you should pour it on the kid..

  5. Monique says – reply to this


    Yes, Yes..let's play names! I'm going to guess they'll do an African inspired name. My number one guess is Kendi (means Loved One), and second is Kia. It means 'Hill" :) , but it's pretty. Oh, and congrats to the new parents! There is nothing like that overwhelming LOVE feeling for your new baby. Aw

  6. lol says – reply to this



  7. kiki says – reply to this


    for sure will look better than blueivy bitch

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Kid prolly has '666' on its head…get out yer bibles, and repent. The Anit-Christ is upon us ……

  9. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Is it turw that when she was having the kid she let go a crap ? ?

  10. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Now that Cyrus broad is gonna want one…she'll actually keep the next one she has, instead of getting out 'the bleach' … ;)

  11. 11

    An insider said "she has dark hair"? Wow, what a groundbreaking piece of juicy news. No kidding the baby has dark hair … her mother is Armenian and her father is black. Guess what … they baby will have brown skin & eyes too.

  12. 12

    How can the baby look just like Kim when Kim doesn't even look like herself anymore?

  13. HarleyDex says – reply to this


    So, if the baby's a spitting image of Kim, does that mean it came out with ten pounds of make up on, implants and extensions? I doubt anyone was thinking it would come out with anything other than dark hair. Man, that source has some serious, secretive inside information with that statement. Pimp Mama Kris needs to come up with some better shit to tip the media.

  14. 14


  15. Jasmine says – reply to this


    "The baby has dark hair " . < U have to b kidding me what did u expect blond hair ! Perez yo fat azz has to do better . smdh

  16. DaVinci says – reply to this


    Let's just be honest here. The only reason Kim moved up the delivery date is pure money and greed. If she gave birth when she was supposed to, it would be almost the same time Kate Middleton would give birth.

    And she couldn't have that as 99% of the attention would be on classy Kate, not trashy Kim. Poor child should emancipate herself as soon as she can. Imagine being raised by a lowlife wannabe, no talent thug of a father and a fame seeking whore of a mother. Oh and the child's name: Kondemmed

  17. 17


  18. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    People have so much negativity and hate. This is a story about a baby, and yet their hatred still boils over.
    And I bet the same people are pro-life.

  19. 19

    Looking like her mama is fine but I hope she's not a slut like her too, someday. Sad but true.

  20. 20

    k, how can anyone tell? it was just born, all babies look the same.it always pisses me off when people say there baby looks like someone. IT'S A BABY. you can never freakin tell who the baby looks like until It gets a bit older, for fuck sakes people

  21. 21

    Re: HarleyDex – I know right!

  22. NoOne says – reply to this


    I hate it when people say "The baby looks just like mom/dad" in the first few months. No, they don't. They look like every other baby on the planet.

  23. 23

    Oh my…Perez said "what do you think they'll name their daughter", not "let's all be hateful, cruel and petty about their new daughter". What is wrong with you people?! I WAS happy for them, and thought it was a fun idea to put out baby name ideas, but now I just feel sad for them. This is the world they're bringing this baby into?? Where at every turn they have to put up with such commentary? What did this child do exactly to merit this hate? Sad sad sad… I don't blame them for not releasing official word yet. You all should be ashamed!

  24. 24

    Some people are getting upset because they don't want to read the negative comments about Kim and her new baby. The comments reflect all the years of trash and negativity the Kardashian clan has bestowed upon the world. All her whorish ways and extravagant life style, all because she made a "sex tape". Now really KK lovers, where in that should we be sending out the love to her. I hope she doesn't turn that baby into a mini-me. And keep her the heck away from her grandma Kris. Kris sees her children as her moneymakers, it's what keeps the money flowing in their clan. Hopefully her fame will come from her intellect and not what's between her legs like her mama. I know she was just born but all I've said is true. Blessings to the new baby.

  25. DaVinci says – reply to this


    Re: MoniqueV

    A little holier than thou comment don't you think. These two have pimped themselves out at every turn, so they should expect nothing less than what they are getting. As for the kid, you're right she shouldn't be ravaged. It's not her fault she has horrible parents.

  26. 26

    My comment is based on my opinion and probably how other people feel too.

  27. Los Angeles says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is such a sellout and ass kisser… He use to talk so much sht about Kim .now he has head in her ass…. I never check this site anymore…it's been years

  28. 28

    I'm sure pimp mama is busy selling the pictures for millions. don't be stupid, don't buy that shit and keep feeding this no talent farce of a family.

  29. Red says – reply to this



  30. red says – reply to this


    i.imgur.com/j7c59eW .jpg

  31. 31

    Big backseat and a lot of gas….

  32. Maggie says – reply to this


    Ummmm without tons of makeup, fake eyelashes and plastic augementation, Kim is not a beauty. WHen she is all glammed up for tv and out in public she is very striking. But Beautiful? No.

  33. karen says – reply to this


    Re: Los Angeles – then why u on it now

  34. Maggie says – reply to this


    Re: Monique – Kia? After a cheap, ugly car that tries to look like the expensive ones? hmmm maybe that would work.

  35. 35

    Spitting Image??? Did baby have work done already to look like mom????

  36. Emma says – reply to this


    "She has dark hair" well I'll be damned..

  37. Jess says – reply to this


    Aww how cute! Congratz :)

  38. 38

    ass kissing sycophant, perez.
    who gives a shit if the whore whale spawned offspring… just makes her an even bigger whore after the whole fake marriage debaucle

  39. Kippy says – reply to this


    Re: MoniqueV – You know they could change that by becoming decent people.

    Did you know Kanye just said (like this week) that he has no regrets over the Taylor Swift incident? Having no regrets means that you'd do it all over again.

    If he is going to such a mean petty human being and she is going ot be such a low class famewhore, then people are going to attack them on every level. If they want people to respect their daughter, then they should have asked Celebrity BLOGGERS and other media outlets to le them fly under the radar.

    Kim could have kept her labor and delivery quiet, but instead they are leaking the child's "beauty" though "close sources", and we'll probably see the whole labor and delivery on "E!".

    Face it. They'd rather put their child out there to get humiliated than to lose the publicity angle. They asked for it. They got it.

  40. 40

    What Kim, the one that was ô natural, without all the plastic or the ugly fake ass face that is Kim now ? And that's pretty much the only thing that is real about her … her dark hair color … which is probly not all that natural. Either way .. i am sure she will be a great great mother … NOT!!!

  41. Jessica says – reply to this


    kim kardashian gives birth video

  42. 42

    You Idiots, perez was being specific. The baby could have been bald. Kim genes are the more dominant if baby looks like her.

  43. samdavid says – reply to this


    there is no way the kid could look like kim, because kim is all plastic surgery….which the kid is gonna need because of her father's dna…if she get's anything from him she will need some serious work done…just like that blue ivy carter, thanks to her ugly father.

  44. Deede says – reply to this


    How can she look just like Kim?? the baby hasn't gotten any plastic surgery yet, Kim had plastic surgery and her face changed about 6 years ago. Kanye has really strong features so who knows what the baby really looks like, Im sure its going to be a Jay-z and Beyonce thing where they really don't want you to see the baby because she is ugly.

  45. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Babies are not held responsible for their parents perceived sin, haters

  46. 46

    Re: Michmasterflex – Somebody said all babies look like Winston Churchill & that's much more realistic than "oh she looks exactly like [whoever]".

  47. Duh says – reply to this


    Re: too funny – My thoughts EXACTLY!!!

  48. 48

    Sad in this culture the this gUUUrl is considered beautiful…

  49. The Matrix says – reply to this


    More importantly has it generated any income, yet? They should name it Kash.

  50. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Without all the make-up, hair extensions and plastic surgery Kim looks like a booger lipped, mud duck. I hope the baby doesn't look like that…yet.

  51. Nat says – reply to this


    Fucking haters.
    Congrats Kim & Kanye

  52. Melanie says – reply to this


    anyone who has written anything nasty on this page is JEALOUS. If someone who u have never met having a baby with someone else you have never met makes someone that angry, spiteful and cruel, take a look at your own life and I am sure you will see why. I think the whole reality t.v thing is ridiculous but I would never hate on someone who just had a baby, call her fat, ugly, hairy, what's wrong with you people I feel sorry for those in your own lives who probably get treated the same way, and a whore or slut? AA grown adult woman can have sex just like a man and not be called a SLUT its ridiculous what are we in the stone ages??? Let's burn her at the stake while we are at it, idiots!

  53. 53

    welcome to the world baby k i just hope she loves it enough to keep it out the spotlight

  54. french frog says – reply to this


    how can she be her mother's spitting image without surgery?

  55. WOW says – reply to this


    WOW DARK HAIR???!!!!! No SHIT PEREZ!!! Maybe if you were talking about Kourtney and Scott's baby then yes u might want to put the hair color but REALLY????? And Black people have much stronger genes then any other race except maybe Asian people so Give it a month or so and it will darken up and that Nappy hair will be busting out in full effect..

  56. The Matrix says – reply to this


    I was thinking would be a fair haired genius.

  57. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Kid will be getting bo-tox at age 3 ……

  58. shirley z says – reply to this


    Finally, the cow has birthed her calf. Mooooooooooo.

  59. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: liam – Thanks I agree.
    It is one thing to dislike the mother, but do not hate on an innocent baby, that is just plain mean.

  60. 60

    i just wish they would let us know if the baby is ok or being incubated u can hate the mother all u want but a baby is a baby u cant hate a baby unless u souless urself … now for gods sake IS THE BABY BEING INCUBATED OR WHAT?? if u goin to report the story at least give us all the dang details … WHAT COMPLICATIONS AND WHAT IS GOING ON?? usually we hear if someone farts or shits on the birth table now u want to withhold all the info wtf???

  61. Lulu says – reply to this


    Yuck,another little half breed running around! Mix that with spoiled princess Kim and douschebag kanye…half breed devil spawn!

  62. Melanie says – reply to this


    Re: Lulu – half breed? You do realize the genealogy of humanity is that we all come from the same place? They believe genetically we are all a mix of a whole bunch of races, so the term half breed sounds absolutely uneducated and idiotic, I know its safe on the internet to spit out the foulest things you can, but seriously go back to school ….What are you a hillbilly in 1820 Virginia?

  63. miamisunshine says – reply to this


    Re: CarlaH – lol are you saying her daughter will have a baby at 12 or that kim will be old in 12 years?

  64. miamisunshine says – reply to this


    before or after all the surgeries and makeup and shame fame?

  65. Candiecane says – reply to this



  66. jj says – reply to this


    I guess it beats looking like her egotistical fat head dad.

  67. 67

    Of course the little bastard has dark hair; between her Armenian whore of a mother and her porch monkey father, it's not likely the kid is gonna be a blonde or redhead.
    Re: liam – Shut up, asshole. We don't all have the inability to speak or process the truth like you, you worthless twat. Go fuck off and when you're done, fuck off some more.
    Re: kiki – Don't see how; Kanye is a mouth-breathing gorilla too.
    Re: Monique – African inspired name? Like Boonqueefa? How about Shakwanda? LaTinda anyone? You darkies and your "african inspired" names are just plain ridiculous. If you and your kind are so into Africa, please go the fuck back and stop polluting our country with your stupidity.

  68. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Wonder when the kid's 'leaked' sex tape will be com'n out… ?

  69. Nancy R says – reply to this


    Does this mean the baby was born with botox and every other kind of procedure Kim has gotten?? Cause lord knows Kim did not look like this 5 years ago

  70. 70

    If there was the tiniest chance that Kim saw how her mother whored her out to the public… If Kim saw how Kris is now whoring out Bruce's young daughters… then Kim Kardashian would NOT be living in Kris Jenner's house right now. Kim would be protecting her baby girl. Notice how quickly Kris leaves her daughter and granddaughter to attend some stupid award show? Kris is addicted to fame and money. Bruce Jenner knows it. Too bad this baby has TWO ego-centered parents. I worry for Baby K.

  71. NinfaTurtle says – reply to this


    Re: Pervish – hehe!

  72. gia says – reply to this


    So which Kim will the baby look like??? This year, last year or the year before. Just wondering since her face seems to be changing every year.

  73. paula says – reply to this


    the baby is the spitting image of her mom, thats great. the only problem is that as soon as that baby was born they are now all members of the illuminati.
    all Kardashians. I really loved that show, now it makes me sick to my stomach that they are all a part of that. why did you have to go and ruin your lives? I used to like you so much but I am not going to the evil side for you! Have you ever hear the word NO?

  74. Myra says – reply to this


    It's not the baby's fault on how spoiled rotten they are. Hopefully her parents grow up, and stop being so vain!

  75. melissa says – reply to this



  76. 76

    How can it look just like her, she doesn't look like her anymore!!

  77. 77

    ROBERT+DONDA=RHONDA. Kim and Kanye should name their new daughter RHONDA in honor of her father ROBERT and his mother DONDA.

  78. 78

    So….she looks just like her mama, who doesn't look like herself anymore. Maybe this girl will have enough sense to not go ruining a pretty face with a bunch of plastic surgery & botox.

  79. LOOKED RIPE 2 ME says – reply to this


    I don't know what this fuss is about that it is dangerous to deliver so early. Kim has looked a month ahead of what she chas claimed in her due date for months. She looked full term to me. What of it? Who knows. What was the WEIGHT of the baby? A preme aint gonna be bigger than 5 pounds.

  80. H8tr of Kims/Kanye says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – Can't stand these shallow users but the poop on the table thing caught my attention. It is INVOLUNTARY. Women don't even know it happens. The baby moving down the birth canal pushed on the intestines. Most in hospital births include a big enema because this problem is UNCONTROLABLE and it can infect the area, that may need an cut on the vag, the episiotomy to let the kids pass with more room. Kim, hate her as I do, did not SHIT the bed. All labors include this nuisance, she isn't a terrible person that her labor result in spontaneously evicted stool.

  81. seeker says – reply to this


    who gives a fat shit what the name is? they are all media whores and now there will be another one