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Perez Catches You Up On Life As A First-time Parent And Single Dad

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Sharing the latest from our heart and home!

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87 comments to “Perez Catches You Up On Life As A First-time Parent And Single Dad”

  1. 1

    Hi Perez! I'm a first time mom to a wonderful son who has Down Syndrome. He hated tummy time! But try mirror's so he can see himself and see you also. And also try the book Wonder Weeks. It goes through lots of different milestones that your son can be going through. Hope this helps!
    With love from Boston!

  2. Sandy says – reply to this


    Hi honey, been a follower for a while. U look hot ! Your baby is adorable. Dude,BRUSH YOUR HAIR! I have 2 kids a get it's an effort

  3. Kells says – reply to this


    Mirrors and a light up blanket if you can find one!

  4. Ali says – reply to this


    So cute! You look so happy! Don't worry so much about him hating tummy time. Just keep trying and he will grow out of hating it! The go through so many stages! Soon he'll learn to roll over and not have to be on his tummy! ooh I miss those little days! My son is 4 now! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. 5

    Tummy time…every kid hates it at that age, but it's needed to strengthen their necks, core, arms, and to start the process of crawling! My best tip (as a mother of 2 sons who hated tummy time) is to have TT right before nap/bedtime. He's going to cry anyway and totally get tired, so use it to your advantage. Keep engaging him during TT and doing what you've been doing! Sometimes parenting isn't about what we can do to stop them from crying, etc - but how can we use to that to everyone's advantage?

  6. Char says – reply to this


    Perez - It's beautiful and moving to witness your love for your son, and the joy you share at his presence in your life. Unfortunately, I'm not a mom, so I don't have any tips for tummy time! Thankfully, it's just a stage that both you and he will go through and move on from.
    Off-topic, but I want to thank you for your weight-loss and fitness inspiration. I'm just getting started, with a long way to go. Wintnessing your persistence and determination over the long haul, doing it the healthy way, is a continuing inspiration to me. Thank you!

  7. 7

    Hi Perez!

    We adopted our baby girl in December so she's a little older than your little guy. She hated tummy time also but she had a bit of a flat head on one side so it was absolutely crucial she do it every day. I would put toys all around her, mirrors, if she really fussed I would pick her up and try again a little later. I also never did it right after she ate (hurt her stomach). It took persistence, but now she loves it. Especially since she can roll over and back with a little bit of crawling attempts. You sound like a really proud papa :)

  8. Angela says – reply to this


    Hi Perez! Awesome video, so happy for you and your bundle of joy!! For us, tummy time worked best with mirrors! We had the stationary mirror on the ground and on the walls, he loved looking at himself and playing with it! It really helped to make tummy time more fun! Good luck and post more videos with cute updates :)

  9. Lyzzie says – reply to this


    Hi Perez! My son hated tummy time too! It's pretty normal, once most babies find they can sit up they despise having to lay down. We found that having the dog close enough to him that he could touch the dog would fascinate him for about ten to fifteen minutes each time. he would try to crawl to the dog. Maybe an animal would help? Or something new that he is fascinated by?

  10. 10

    Nice… A vlog about you and your son… With shameless promotion of all the crap celebs have given YOU. Oh, my bestie Taylor Swift made it for me, give me a fucking break.

  11. 11

    Thanks so much for sharing your sweet little son with us ! It is sooo amazing how much he has grown !! You BOTH have grown !! All the best to both of you !!

  12. Amanda says – reply to this


    I feel for you. I am a first time mom with my husband. We have a daughter who is 11 weeks old and hates tummy time too! She has hated it since we started when she was 2 weeks old. Hang in there, Im sure it will get better :-)

  13. LilMe says – reply to this


    I'm going to echo all of the other comments and say that mirrors worked the best for me and my daughter (who HATED tummy time as well). We got her the Leap'N'Learn (at least i think that's who made it) dog mirror that the 4 paws lit up different colors and put that in front of her so she had to lift her head to look at it.

  14. Shannon says – reply to this


    Hey Perez! So glad you are enjoying fatherhood! We have a 22 month old and a 7 week old - both girls. Tummy time is hated by most babies at one point or another. Don't stress about it too much. If he is sitting up and loving that, he is getting the strength building in his neck and back that you would get with tummy time. Using a mirror or a rattle to keep his attention will help too :) Love you as always! Started following your site back in college in 2007 - watching your journey as a person and professional as been amazing! Keep it up baby! :)

  15. Kari says – reply to this


    I love your vlogs!
    I have been a huge fan of the site since about 2006 I remember the days where you were super vicious with the celebrities and there was no filter! Then through your 'epipany' of becoming a better person and not bullying people over the internet. And now to see you as a father - its just really great. I loved you back in your bitch days and I love you now! Little Perez is doll … can you say twinsies?! You guys look sooo much alike.
    I just wanted to say its been cool to see your transformation after all of these years. And your fitness journey has been really inspiring.
    Wishing you all the best!

  16. Christina S says – reply to this


    Perez, I have been a fan of yours for years! So glad to see what a kind, awesome person you have evolved into. You are an inspiration. So nice to see you happy. As for tummy time, do it with him, lay on your tummy on the floor and make it into a game time with his favorite toys!

  17. robin b says – reply to this


    perez - the videos of you and your son are the best! tummy time is not a favorite probably because when he's sitting up or your carrying him he's able to see the world around him.
    what's that compared to tummy time? Your son is amazing, alert, & curious about everything he's seeing for the first time. Mirrors also help create wonder. Blessings of love to both of you.

  18. Sylvia says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, You son is just frustrated with tummy time, he wants to move and can't. He also feels like he's missing out on things. With my daughters, I used to put the toys with mirrors and toys that light up just were he can see and stretch to reach them. The would get so excited trying to reach it. (Note: be patient, because you have to teach them to reach for it). Hang in there — wait till he's mobile and getting into everything! LOL You'll long for these "easy" days! <3

  19. Cute! says – reply to this


    I loved your video! I have a link with some tips you didn't mention here:

    He is adorable :)

  20. LookatYou says – reply to this


    Why do you need to catch anybody up when you are posting everyday all day about yourself? Your "son" has weird eyes and an odd shaped head. I hope mad science didn't create another sasquatch.

  21. Denise says – reply to this


    Just keep trying & before you know it, he will be off crawling. It seems you are very happy now & fatherhood suits you well. I like your hair longer.

  22. SritaB says – reply to this


    i love the fact that you glow with so much intensity since that beautiful baby, i can't have a baby right now because i have dysplasia, but if i ever have one i hope i'll be as much happy as you. your baby its so cute and adorbz! .. congrats!!

  23. Sylvia says – reply to this


    Re: Sylvia
    One other thought…. With regards to the night-time seperation anxiety…..
    To help my kids through this phase, I would turn on the humidifier (acts as white noise, plus helps add moisture to the air) and playing a 30 minute lullaby cd when I'd put them down to sleep. It helps them feel snot so alone, and also masks sounds throughout the house a little so they don't get easily woken.

    Good luck Perez! Keep doing what you're doing — the love you have for each other is a beautiful thing!

  24. Colleen H. says – reply to this


    Try lying on your back on the couch or floor and have him do tummy time on you, it will still work those muscles but with seeing you and chatting with you it should last longer than on the floor.

  25. 25

    Im not a mommy yet, but I've been looking into elimination communication, and other info on babies, and I found NigglyNooTv. They have a video called top tummy time tips. Good luck.

  26. Tina says – reply to this


    Is he rolling over yet? Once he rolls over he will like it again, just show him how to roll to his back from his tummy. Empower him and he will love it!

  27. 27

    Aww, look @ all the helpful mommies on here. ♥ You guys are so sweet.

  28. Kathrynwitte says – reply to this


    I'm so sorry some people have the need to be such arsehats. As a single mom to a 24 year old female US Marine, I write with only my own experience… That caveat being said, your job will be to convince him, at least at first that EVERYONE loves him! Aside from that, being able to ask for advice is valuable, but even more valuable is the way you will begin to trust yourself! You know your son best and you will know what he needs most and when. Enjoy every minute, because it all goes sooooo fast!

  29. kalifornia08 says – reply to this


    Don't worry Perez most babies hate tummy time at that age. Maybe by next month he will come to like it a little more. So happy you are a father now, the world needs more parents like you.

  30. kalifornia08 says – reply to this


    Re: LookatYou

    Wow, you're a jerk.

  31. Lyndsey says – reply to this


    You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this and know that people all over the world truly admire you for your courage and the work that you do. oxo

  32. Tammy says – reply to this


    Thanks so much for sharing your experience as a new single father. Your son is adorable, and it's so nice to see you so excited and loving your life with him. Enjoy!

  33. Melissa says – reply to this


    Okay, so people will probably yell at me for this… but my son HATED tummy time from the beginning, so we didn't really do it much (like maybe only 5 times until he starting rolling over onto his tummy on his own). But I held him most of the time, and he did tummy time on me LOL. He's 18 months now, and guess what, he is just fine :) . No flat spots on the head, he crawled early, walked early, has had strong neck muscles from the beginning. You have to do what works best for you and your baby, and the recommendations/guidelines don't work for everyone. Trust your instincts and take cues from your baby :) It sounds like you both are doing just fine!!

  34. MissM says – reply to this


    Your son is adorable!!! PLEASE do something with your hair…NOT a good look for you!

  35. Alicia2587 says – reply to this


    Your baby is SO cute Perez! I LOVE that Taylor Swift hand painted guitar! I'm such a fan of her too, as she is from the Reading area of PA, & I am from Allentown, PA & still a PA local girl. Awesome gift for the baby! Oh & I am having my first baby a boy this Sept. Currently 28 weeks preggo & baby is healthy! Yay! :o D Can't wait to be a first time mom!

  36. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: Fantasy – There is no need to be nasty. If you don't like it, don't watch.

  37. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: LookatYou – really dude? You are going to hate on a baby? That's pretty pathetic. All babies need love, not hate, go elsewhere with your nastiness! Imagine if someone said that about your kid or your baby pictures!
    Perez - keep loving that little boy, he is perfect the way he is!

  38. michelle says – reply to this


    Re: MissM – I'm with this person. I've had two sons and they both detested tummy time after about 4-5 months. I noticed that you bring your son to the pool (in a pic you've posted), if he likes the water, try tummy time in the bathtub (obviously being very careful)..i put very very little water and keep my hands under his head and secure his body and voila! he (my second) loved it. Great movement for arms and legs too- you should have seen him go! Congrats again on the baby and having the courage to ask for help/tips!

  39. Smr24 says – reply to this


    Hi Perez - congratulations! Re: Tummy time. Tummy time is not necessarily putting baby on his tummy on the floor, tummy time on your body ie laying on your legs, your stomach, etc DOES count as tummy time :-) So you probably are already giving him tons of tummy time. I highly recommend the Itsy Bitsy Yoga baby books for more tummy time things to do with baby (I teach mom and baby yoga which is also great to go to maybe you already do..) Anyways best and congrats!

  40. Rachel says – reply to this


    That was great to watch. You obviously are smitten with your baby boy. Being a parent is the best and hardest job on the planet. All babies go through that hating tummy time phase. I have 3 littles and I did alot of the boppy tummy time. I put alot of toys out front. It is okay to let him fuss a little. I know it seems heartbreaking to hear you baby fuss. But it is ok. Also yes, separation anxiety is so hard. But I think having him around lots of people who love him he will continue to bond with others and it will be fine. Dont fret. It is hard work. I teared up watching that video. So proud of who you have become. I have been a reader since about day 1 and what a change from way back then. A positive good one. You are making your son Proud.

  41. 41

    How sweet…..

  42. 42

    Awwh I love this video :) I have a 3 week old son and let me tell you Perez when he wakes up in the middle of the night I'm on your site. My boyfriend says I'm addicted and I really am. I love how your always updating everything. And also how you put real world events in with your celebrity news. I love it. And your son is adorable. I love how long his hair is. I can't give you any tips on tummy time yet but I love reading what other people have to say. All I can say is keep up the good work on your site and I'll always be here reading it.lol. P.s…I love seeing little perezez baby pics..I need to see more ;)

  43. Amber says – reply to this


    That was so special it made me teary eyed (happily). I have two children and for me when they started resisting and not enjoying "tummy time" it was over and on to the next development :-)

  44. Milehikrs says – reply to this


    Re: tummy time — try putting really appealing objects out of his reach — things that roll, make noise, whatever — we liked the "Rounds" by Fisher-Price. Pretty soon he'll be rocking then scooching then crawling and you'll have a new challenge of baby-proofing the house.

  45. 45

    I love this video!! Congrats on your healthy baby boy.

    Re: Tummy Time. Not every baby does everything the same. It sounds like your son is going through an "anxiety phase." So babies hate tummy time because they can't engage and see as well as sitting up.
    My suggestion - don't stress. But, your son might be giving you so cues about your life. Try making his life quieter. Don't take your infant to a rally or to busy/crowded areas when he is going through a panic phase. He seems scared, and just be calm and cool around him :)

  46. 46

    No one cares what you have to say Perez. and No one cares what you think. No one.

  47. 47

    Re: Sandy
    Oh STFU Perez alias! These bogus comments are all the same!! Perez, it is PATHETIC that you have to post fake comments!

  48. 48

    Has anyone notices that all the FAKE fawning postings start out Hi Perez! Come one…who ever is filling your posts with fake comments FOR you…or if you do it yourself…its so pathetic.

  49. MarioLardvagina says – reply to this


    Wow that child looks "special". At least he'll be too stupid to realize what a piece of sh!t his "father" is.

  50. 50

    OMG I LOVE LOVE this Video Blog! HAPPY 1st Father's Day to an amazing New Daddy!
    You look fabulous and your little man is absolutely adorable <3.
    Cyber Hugs d

  51. ASD says – reply to this


    Hello. I check your website several times per day and I sometimes click on the publicity or answer the mini polls you have. Nevertheless I keep returning, I dislike all the publicity towards you as a gay single parent or your baby simply because this is a site on celebrity gossip. The fact that you write about celebrities does not make you a celebrity, much less you child. Other than that, I don't think it is a good idea that you advertise your child so much because it makes him vulnerable, even though you post cute little notes and videos about him. Whenever he is old and mature enough let him decide about it. I don't mean to be disrespectful but I wanted to give you feedback. Perhaps I'm not the only one complaining about this and you can improve your site so much by reading our thoughts.

  52. Rachel says – reply to this


    Tummy time is actually not necessary - infants are uncomfortable on their tummies when they don't have the strength to roll themselves over. Check out Janet Lansbury's excellent blog "Elevating Childcare" for awesome advice and articles on parenting (including info on tummy time) Glad to see that you're enjoying fatherhood, Perez! So happy for you!

  53. tracy says – reply to this


    such a cute baby and you look soo happy, im a single mum in uk have been for 14 years now the time flies so quick cherish every moment, have no tips any different from others concerning tummy times, used to put my daughter on my tummy that seemed to work ok

  54. karla says – reply to this


    He is so freaking cute!!!!

  55. karla says – reply to this


    He is so freaking gorgeous!!!

  56. karla says – reply to this


    Well said Perez!! He has to be your everything. I am a nurse and my experience working with children i have noticed they all at a certain time in their infant year hate being laid on their tummy (if that's what you meant by tummy time) LOL!. Continue doing what your doing!! You look great by the way!!

  57. Jason says – reply to this


    Re: MarioLardvagina – I have no words except HAHAHA

  58. Jason says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – so true!

  59. Angela Precht says – reply to this


    Hi Perez, I have been coming to your site for years. I am a loyal reader from Columbus, Ohio. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son. I had my second son in March, and it is fun to see your son go through similar milestone events. Enjoy! It goes by so quickly. As for tummy time, I used mirrors and music. Plus if he wakes up in the middle of the night it is good wear him down exercize. He's screaming anyway, so use it to your advantage. All the best to you Perez!!

  60. Levity says – reply to this


    I love how your "everything" comes after you brag about your meaningless special shelf of name dropping crap from your celebrity "friends" . Your child will hate you one day for exposing every step of his development to the world, and using him so blatantly for shameless self promotion. How anyone can praise or admire you is beyond me? Americas onsession with celebrity culture is truly disturbing, it is little wonder your country is in such a dismal state.

  61. debi says – reply to this


    Re: Christina S – Wow, great letter and I agree with all you said. Perez, you have gotten so hot since becoming a daddy. I love you both.

  62. Melanie says – reply to this


    HI Perez,
    I'm a first time parent as well. My son is 6 months old now. He didn't like tummy time either. I would try a few times a day and play with him until he didn't want to anymore. Eventually he loved it. I think it just comes with getting older. It's amazing how much they change between 4 and 6 months. You're doing a wonderful job. Love from Canada xoxo

  63. Colette says – reply to this


    Adorable. Sounds like he is past tummy time and on to bigger and better things like sitting up. He's getting neck strength in other ways. I wouldn't worry or push it.

  64. 64

    my sisters kid rolls i thought she could crawl but shes only 6 months and rolls everywhere ty perez ur helping me to learn to be around lil kids

  65. 65

    sorry meant to add my sisters baby sits in this cute li seat thing that holds her up i put her on her tummy (thinking she could crawl .. how dum i am ) and she just rolled around over and over she rolls all over the place u got to watch it sometimes where shes rolling to..she grqbs things to make her roll over again shell reach out and grab something to make her roll over

  66. RgRgforce says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – I thought most of them sounded written by the same person also.

  67. Karma says – reply to this


    Re: Jason

    Nothing against the baby but eventually karma will
    Catch up to u and I hope the baby doesn't have to feel the wrath of your opiniated self centered bulgur of a vulture shi* face arse. What comes
    Around goes around…. Poor baby what a life/future u have created for him. Repent!

  68. 68

    Catch us up? Really? You post pictures of your baby 3 times a week! And I'm not sure why Taylor would send you a gift like that after all the shit you've posted about her. I'm sure it makes you feel special and famous though.

  69. Erini says – reply to this


    What a sweet video, clearly you were born to be a dad and how you have evolved over the past few years is truly wonderful. xxx

  70. 70

    Re: Sandy – Yes, I agree with Sandy. Your body is fantastic! It makes me want to go and get in shape, but sweetie, your hair sucks so much! You do NOT have the face for that hairstyle, no matter how much you think it looks good. If someone is telling you it looks great, they are sycophants who are just kissing your ass. Call Rachel Zoe for a make-over, you deserve it for all your hard work. You should look much sexier than you do with that hair!!! Hugs!

  71. RandyS says – reply to this


    Yay for you Perez. You are in such a great position in life.

  72. Yolanda Alvarez says – reply to this


    Hi Perez,
    Congrats on your baby……Love him so much he is so darn cute and looks just like you. I love every video you make with him in it….I think I have seen them all. Reminds me of my little guy when he was your son's age with lots of hair. I found that my kids did not like tummy time, I think if they are really smart they hate tummy time because they can't see what is going on and they are trying to turn over. Especially since he understands when you say the word, "Bye." That tells me that he is really smart, my son used to follow along when I read him books, try reading him a book and follow with your finger you will notice after a while he will be following along since he seems to be very smart. I can't really explain to you what I mean when I say following along but you will know since my son would move his little head when I would read from one page to another. So don't sweat the tummy time. He probably hates the baby slings too right? Like I said when they are really smart they hate anything that keeps them from seeing their surroundings. Good Luck with your baby….show some videos with the baby and your mom, would love to see how they interact!!
    Hugs from one of your fans!
    Yolanda Alvarez

  73. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: Karma – exactly. Poor baby doesn't even have another option for a parent. Future mental issues coming for this kid for sure.

  74. 74

    Your plugs are disgusting and what the FUCK are you wearing? That poor poor child

  75. 75

    Que Dios te cuide. Your family is a beautiful one.
    As for tummy time try using the Johnson and Johnson lotion that is infused with lavender. Rub a little on your hands. Also try changing tummy time from a play time activity to an end of the day wind down. Think massage for the baby. Lavender scents, low lights, soft voices, and maybe even some soft music. Try that. As for the separation anxiety, you can work that out slowly by putting a picture of you somewhere that he can see it. They also now make teddy bears with pockets that you can put your picture in. He might be to little for that though. Be blessed Perez and enjoy your little man.

  76. 76

    Perez, as a mother of 2 boys I know how hard it is when they don't want to do the things they are supposed to. With my 9 month old, he also hated tummy time. But suddenly one day he suddenly got it. He started rolling around which then was quickly followed by crawling. Now we are constantly chasing him everywhere and keeping him out of EVERYTHING! Haha! My advise to you is too try not to over stress about things. They will happen when he's ready. As you probably already know, they grow up too fast, so just enjoy these moments.

    You should also join babycenter btw. Just a bunch a other moms and some dads just getting together to discuss and have questions answered about their kids. Its nice to have others to relate to.

  77. qqq says – reply to this


    he looks awful

  78. 78

    As usual, you look hideous and ridiculous; that kid you bought is going to HATE you later on because you're such an ugly loser. The truth of the matter is that the child should be taken from you because you're a pimple on the ass of society and you can't teach him right from wrong because you have no moral compass. You are a nasty sexual deviant, and you have no redeeming qualities. I don't give a rat's ass about these liberal twats posting here about parenthood, you shouldn't be one.
    Re: kalifornia08 – No, you retarded liberal twat, he's just honest. Your moronic kind can't deal with that, but that's YOUR problem. Your whore of a mother should've raised you with some fucking coping skills and to shut your fucking mouth when your betters speak. You both should be bitch-slapped hourly for wasting the oxgyen you breathe. So fuck off.

  79. diane says – reply to this


    i would lean back on the couch propped up at an angle and have my daughter on my chest/shoulder. she hated tummy time anywhere else, but there. if he's able to sit up already and has good head control, tummy time isn't really necessary at this point.

  80. rockyboy says – reply to this


    She sent it for the same reason, I'm sure Madonna did. He requested it ! Duh! This self centered ugly mouthed troll would receive a gift like that no other way.

  81. Johnny McCornstein says – reply to this


    P-Rez– remember, toys are just as important as clothes for gifts…and remote control toys as well.

  82. 82

    OH this has to be the best time of your life!! That plus your son is so beautiful!

  83. 83

    Your video is precious! Love every moment because too soon he will grow up

  84. 84

    I'm disturbed that someone would let you adopt a child. And not because of your sexual orientation, but because you are a cruel, gossip monger who is only famous because you rode on the backs of others. You are "famous" for being a cruel bully who had so little of a life you had to sit around a coffee shop and write mean things about others. I hope your child doesn't grow up to be a bitter, hateful person like you. And, no, I don't "like" you, or follow you…this story popped up elsewhere and I felt the need to comment. Barf!

  85. Sara says – reply to this


    my 8 month old daughter HATED tummy time so we just didn't do it. she's now crawling, standing and almost walking so her development was not hindred without it. there was no "tummy time" when I was a babe and we're all fine.

  86. Shannon says – reply to this


    Hey Perez! You are doing such a wonderful Job with him! Congrats!
    My newest son (I'm a mom of 2 boys plus 2 step kids) is 8 months old and he hated tummy time too, but it's a wonderful thing for them to do. I agree with linamd524, try a mirror. If that doesn't work, I was told by a child development worker that it is OK for you to just let them cry, she suggested shorter tummy times. 5-15minutes. Around 5months is when they learn to self soothe. So crying and letting them do it is ok. Don't feel bad for just sitting there and letting him cry it out for a short period of time, a couple of times a day. You're so amazing! Again, you are doing a wonderful job.

  87. 87

    Perez, stop using your child in order to get attention and take better care of his privacy.