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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Politely BOOTED Out Of Rehab Clinic For Diva Behavior!!!

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Wow! That was fast!

Seems like Farrah Abraham just voluntarily checked into an alcohol rehab clinic, and yet word is she's already been kicked out!

The Teen Mom was politely asked to leave the Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens two days before her ten day course was finished.

The reason why?

Her diva behavior had become too disruptive for for the other patients!

Among the complaints were incidents where Farrah argued with a nurse, tried to take a picture of the woman known as Tanning Mom during group therapy, and inviting a professional photographer to the clinic to take pictures of her.

Here's what a source said:

“She will still graduate from the program, but in less time than it typically takes because her behavior became challenging. This was a long time coming… Farrah pleaded with them to stay last week and pledged her commitment to the program. Lukens was reluctant but offered her a second chance. The staff didn’t throw her out then because they wanted her to get the treatment that she needs.”

Another problem was Farrah refused to stay in the rehab clinic, and instead chose to stay at nearby hotel. Which the rehab's staff would've been fine with - except Farrah became adamant that they buy her a juicer since the clinic offered one to its patients on site.

Here's what a source said:

“Farrah could have stayed on the grounds of Lukens and had access to their facilities, the chefs and the center’s a la carte menu, but instead she opted to stay at a hotel. Still, she demanded the same luxuries that the center offers its patients be available to her at the hotel.”

We thought she had so much money!

Couldn't she afford her own juicer???

For her part, Farrah seems very content with graduating the program. Even if it happened only to get her the fuzz out of there!

Here's what she tweeted:

We guess Farrah just always looks on the bright side of life!!!

[Image via DJDM/WENN.]

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21 comments to “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Politely BOOTED Out Of Rehab Clinic For Diva Behavior!!!”

  1. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    this bitch really thinks she made it to the d list. wait until a jersey shore cast member snubs her. thats when reality will settle in to remind her she's a NO ONE.

  2. Joan Marie says – reply to this


    From one recovering woman to another, stay the course.

  3. Joan Marie says – reply to this


    Re: TruthSpeaker – To say she is a no one is hurtful, uncalled for and untrue. She is someone to those whom she loves, those who love her and she is someone's whole world, her child.

  4. AshleyN says – reply to this


    What a terrible spoiled lil brat!

  5. Wow says – reply to this


    I don't know who thinks she's hot…. Look at her belly…

  6. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    What's with that stomach? She has the strangest figure. That being said, please don't post anything else about this girl. She's not a celebrity and she's not in show business. We're not interested in seeing bikini shots of her as her body is really weird plus the fake boobs are disturbing.

  7. 7

    Her celebrity status must of sunk low over the past couple months because I wasnt even aware she was in rehab. The Backdoor-TeenMom has been eclipsed by the hijinks of Amanda Bynes.

    PS Joan Marie Good luck to you etc but dont preach at people about Farrah Abraham. She's a quasi-celebrity who chose a sleazy way to draw attention to herself. Expect NO sympathy from anyone concerning her.

  8. Loser says – reply to this


    Re: Joan Marie – your sentence makes NO sense…re read before posting….and she IS a no one…a waste of fucking space..her child will be beyond ashamed of her when she is old enough.

  9. MD says – reply to this


    Well said, Strangeasitmay….She certainly gets no sympathy from people like me who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers. She is STILL implying she is the victim in her DUI arrest. What she so conveniently leaves out of that story is how she nearly side swiped the patrol car when she came around the corner that night. THAT is why the officers approached her car and took her stupid ass out from behind the wheel. She was drunk and absolutely intended to drive off that way. After they put her in the patrol car, she started cursing and banging her head against the windshield. To this day everything that comes out of her sorry mouth about that night eludes to how "unfair" it all was. Let me tell you something, Miss Abraham, UNFAIR is growing up without a mother because of a moron like you. Sorry, she just disgusts me with her attitude and I needed to vent. She'll get what she has coming to her. No doubt about that.

  10. Brandi says – reply to this


    It kinda looks like she may be in the early stages of a pregnancy?? That is an awful round belly for such a small body…

  11. 11

    Looks a little bloated in the gut.

  12. Shhh says – reply to this


    Pfft this girl is not taking care of herself. She's starving herself, which is why her belly skin is just hanging there like a deflating balloon.


  13. redtkn says – reply to this


    Is it just me, or does Farrah really have that porn star look now?

  14. Jay says – reply to this


    WHo cares she still has nothing to give to society she just teenage girl who is stupid enough to get knock up ..Then she on a tv show about it . SHe has no talent she is not an actress or a singer I don't think they give Grammy awards or oscars for getting knock up anybody can do that. I'm so sick of this tv show it not like teenage girl will stop being stupid now they have more of a reason to be careless for a show and money.

  15. stacey says – reply to this


    why is this troll still on this earth??! #eww

  16. DaVinci says – reply to this


    seriously is it just me or is anyone craving anchovies on their pizza?

  17. Canada Guy says – reply to this


    What does this say about the famous Lukens Institute if they basically kick her out but "graduate" her anyway just to get rid of her? Obviously there is no specific criteria to finish this "rehab".
    Its a scam!

  18. MichJB says – reply to this


    Even with those hideously oversized fake tits as a distraction - I can't get beyond the girl's horse face.

  19. 19

    Okay, I'm all for getting clean if you have an addiction, but saying she's a survivor pisses me off. She said she was getting help because of all the negative attention from her DUI. She acts like she was in the gutter, dying from alcoholism. She went to rehab for like a minute and complained and left.
    And let's be real, she faked a pregnancy scare for publicity she's probably just doing this to make some more headlines. Now she's going to give interviews how brave she was for going to rehab. She is taking something serious and turning it into a way to get attention.

  20. 20

    She is such a wast of time

  21. Ell says – reply to this


    Survivor? She's a Dumbass.