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Texas Passes House Bill 2 To Place Strict Regulations On Abortions

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texas passes bill to put strict regulations on abortions

The state of Texas has just put the final approval on House Bill 2, which will ban abortions at 20 weeks and put some of the strictest regulations on abortion clinics and facilities in the entire country.

The House voted 98-49 to pass the Bill by a huge margin, and it must be approved once more at a later date to move on to the Senate.

Supporters of the Bill argue that it will help protect women and their unborn children while those opposed to it say it will make it nearly impossible for women to get treatment and force them to seek "black market" alternatives.

State representative Donna Howard expressed her frustration and was distraught by the fact that opponents of the Bill were being labeled as "baby killers":

"What we’re talking about here is going backwards. It’s embarrassing that we’re doing this."

The vote comes just weeks after Senator Wendy Davis attempted to filibuster a similar anti-abortion bill which was shot down after a controversial vote.

Now, it looks like there is a good chance this bill will move on to Senate and supporters seem confident that it will pass.

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19 comments to “Texas Passes House Bill 2 To Place Strict Regulations On Abortions”

  1. likewhocares says – reply to this


    Late term abortions are an ugly, horrible thing. A woman should know that she is pregnant and whether or not she wants to keep it by 20 weeks. Make a decision and take care of it if that's what you want.

  2. Cyndi says – reply to this


    At 5 months, abortion should be illegal. The fetus could live outside the womb. Abortions should only take place within the first 12 weeks…no later.

  3. themas says – reply to this


    america will never cease to disappoint… can't believe they're controlling our world… must be why it'S so fucked up

  4. texasannie says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, but if dumb bitches can't manage to abort their babies by 5 fucking months, they are sick fucks. I personally don't think they should be allowed past 6 weeks myself. pathetic that people equate this to infringing on a woman's right. and another thing, wtf is wrong with adoption? I was adopted at 5 weeks and have had a wonderful life because my natural mother was not selfish. you want to have sex? fine, but it's you OWN action bringing on the pregnancy. Why so many are willing to kill their baby but not carry to term and give to loving people who want a baby but can't. it's beyond fucked up. they claim conservatives want them to keep their babies, but aren't willing to support them. Um, actions have consequences, folks. >:(

  5. Lindz says – reply to this


    It is not until 16-20 weeks that a woman is able to be properly tested and diagnosed for any abnormalities her baby may be carrying. These can range from down syndrome to much more complex situations that can seriously alter the babies quality of life should it be born. I can promise you that a majority of late term abortions that do occur are not because the mother did not want or love their baby. Here in Ontario there are no laws for abortions, however if you require a late term abortion, it needs to be approved by a doctor for medical reasons.

  6. 6

    Every comment I've read so far is about how women should know by then whether they want to keep the baby. What about women who, after the 20th week start experiencing LIFE THREATENING symptoms? What this bill is saying is that regardless of the danger your life is in, the baby is more important. In my opinion, I already have a life, friends, family… a life. Why is that of an unborn child more important that what I've already established? The opposition is right. Black market alternatives is spot on. And sad. How about politics try to focus on something more important than my vagina for once?

  7. sakey_love says – reply to this


    Way to move backwards on Women's rights, America. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK??

  8. 8

    The right wing agenda, turning the clock backwards one bill at at time.

  9. Tiffany York says – reply to this


    20 weeks is almost 5 months pregnant and almost half way through a pregnancy…to get an abortion at that point is really sad.

  10. firebug666 says – reply to this


    1. @texasannie do you realize how small the percentage is for women who find out they are pregnant 6 weeks or earlier? It's PRETTY DAMN SMALL

    2. For all those people saying it's sad, or disgusting, or people are baby killers for 20 week plus abortions that is the exact stage of fetal development where they can start to provide the most accurate tests for disabilities, diseases, life threatening deformities. I can bet you any money in the world Texas won't be jumping to cover those disability bills they are going to force these families to have now. It's disgusting that a small group of people can effectively RUIN thousands of peoples lives, and freely endanger countless amounts of women.

  11. longhorn says – reply to this


    everyone is commenting about the 20 weeks restriction but more important is the fact that they are closing down over 40 clinics that help women all over Texas and only leaving 5 in major cities that will be able to do the procedure. Texas a HUGE state women all over will not have access to that anymore.

  12. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Only allowing them in ambulatory care centers, Gov Perry sister coincidentally sits on the Ambulatory Center Association board
    They also restricted health care to pregnant mothers, because according to the Republican sponsors of the bill "fetuses don't get healthcare until they're born"

  13. 13

    The intent of the bill was to restrict ALL abortions not just 20 weeks. Don't be fooled.

  14. 14

    The "point of viability" is defined as 24 weeks gestation (22 weeks after conception). Meaning that a baby can't survive outside its mother's body prior to that point. The mother's body functions like a life support system. So the comment that "At 5 months…the fetus could live outside the womb" is wrong. Also, like was previously said, many MANY severe birth defects or lethal conditions are not or cannot be diagnosed prior to 18-20 weeks. A large proportion of women who have abortions between 20-24 weeks gestation aren't just doing it for shits and grins - they're wanted pregnancies that parents have made the agonizing decision to end because of serious problems. Texas is about to force women to carry these pregnancies until they have a fetal demise anyway. And if the baby is born alive, they'll run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in NICU bills that Texas sure as shit won't pay. Way to go, us.

  15. krtmom64 says – reply to this


    Good! People need to be more responsible for their behavior!!! Don't tell me these women can't make up their minds whether to abort or not within a reasonable amount of time.

  16. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    First of all, is there any good reason to wait until your baby is at 20 weeks to get an abortion? If you didn't want it, you should get an abortion immediately. This bill has nothing to do with making that possibility harder to achieve. Secondly, having the opponents say it creates "black market" options is so ludicrous and misleading. The current abortion mill running in most states have been butchering woman for years with no oversight from States. How is this benefiting woman? These places are run by hack doctors in filthy conditions (i.e. what's going on in PA). If you need an abortion, go to a regular doctor and get one. They're not illegal.

  17. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Re: Lindz – You can guarantee that's the reason huh? Bullshit. Woman here are just having abortions because something went wrong with their life and now the baby would be an inconvenience. And to wait until 5 months to determine if something is medically wrong is all sorts of wrong on the face of it. That's not why you get an abortion you nimrod. These women get abortions because it's just no longer convenient for them or perhaps they couldn't get the money from the baby daddy until that time. Either way, it's disgusting to wait. Take the morning after pill if you don't want to carry a fetus. It's way cheaper and less stressful on the body.

  18. 18

    Its a difficult subject, but the government has a right to tell me what I can do with my body.

  19. bigwigss says – reply to this


    Re: Angela430 – WOW! you obviously have no children. You think you are more important than a precious gift from god? That is the problem with most women who get abortions they are selfish and should NOT have children and there are many other ways to prevent that, try birth control (FYI thats not an abortion) Keep the di*k out of your vagina and you will not have to worry about the gov. being there. If you do a little research you might be surprised to find out how dangerous it is for a women to have a late term abortion. Black market alternatives? please if you really want to kill a baby just go to another state