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Michelle Duggar Reportedly Calls Abortion A 'Baby Holocaust!' Ugh!

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Michelle Dugger just went way too far!

The reality television star from 19 Kids and Counting was at a pro life rally in Texas on Monday, and compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Or at least that's what this reporter tweeted:

Here's what the reality star also said:

"If those who are voted in do not support life, then they need to be replaced by those who do."

The Holocaust comparison was just way too far for us though!

How one could compare anything to the attempted extermination of an entire race of people is beyond our comprehension!

Not cool, Michelle!

[Image via Duggar Family.]

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112 comments to “Michelle Duggar Reportedly Calls Abortion A 'Baby Holocaust!' Ugh!”

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  1. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    As if having all those kids wasn't proof enough, she goes and says this. This woman is an idiot.

  2. yup says – reply to this


    It is a woman's right to choose….religion corrupts so many minds…especially weak/ignorant minds…So that husband of hers keeps impregnanting her and having all these babies- that is not negligent? What freaks…to each their own, but having that many children is not healthy for ANYONE.

  3. Leigh says – reply to this


    I'll never understand women fighting AGAINST WOMEN'S RIGHTS.

  4. steph says – reply to this


    I think the comparison to the Holocaust lies with the fact that Jews were said to not be people, like many say a fetus is not a person.

    Also, fighting for human rights (aka right to live), to me, wouldn't suggest fighting against women's rights.

  5. 5

    So? let her have her fucking opinions! then you bitch all living long that people are trying to stop you from being gay. Please shut the fuck up already with your shit.

  6. 6

    This was news weeks ago. I don't agree with her, but at least she and her husband support the children they have, can't say the same for some. She has the right to feel about it any way she wants. People who disagree need to be equally vocal about supporting a woman's right to choose what happens to her body.

  7. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    I kind of think Hiroshima was a holocaust. I guess a lot of people consider a lot of things, holocausts. I have mixed feelings about abortions, myself. It got passed without any of us having any say so. A democracy should not be made up of politicians telling us what to do, but to represent us. This seems to have fallen by the wayside. And please, men passed the right for women to exterminate their babies, not women. Anyway, I agree. Get off her ass with your pink judgmental swastika. Judge not least ye be judged. (I've got mixed feeling about religion also. Doesn't mean I don't believe there isn't something holy and pure in each of us and that we shouldn't strive for enlightenment of that goodness.)

  8. kristin231 says – reply to this


    I would like to think that i'm an understanding and open person, but when it comes to the holocaust, i'm less forgiving. This holocaust is more like… a group of people taking your entire family and murdering them while you are all in the same room. Ya know, just because you have a funny looking nose…. People that make comments like this about the holocaust are just stupid. OMG, Stupid. agggh! NO. Sorry if my comment upset anyone.

  9. 9

    Shut up Mario! She has a right to her opinion. Stop sensationalizing everything to start drama. Go take some more pictures of your monkey for us to laugh at.

  10. I Choose Life says – reply to this


    I'm so over the pro-choice agenda and their Nazi tactics. She's absolutely 100% right on target with her holocaust comparison and the pro baby killers are the Nazi soldiers snuffing out an innocent life unable to speak or defend itself. Those who support the killing of the unborn are my little bitchs.

  11. 11

    Hitler would have been amazed that if you call abortion a "right" some women will kill their own.

  12. says who says – reply to this


    Let's see the world is full of homeless children and this woman chooses to have 19 of her own. This means that she is having her children raise her children and yeah I'm not gonna listen to any thing she says.

  13. 13

    She's a simpleton, and probably mentally ill for having as many offspring as mice. Does she think her genes are so precious? She is a typical pro-life advocate, everyone should live the way she does. How much time could she possibly spend with each individual child, and what kind of a mother is she, when she delegates much of the responsibility to the older children? I don't think she sees beyond her fat pregnant feet!

  14. 14

    I am pro-choice, the key word being choice. I wouldn't tell her to stop having kids, so she, or anybody else, has any right to tell me what I can do with my body. And as for whoever that was who said they are tired of the Nazi pro-choice agenda? I think you have that a little wrong. I have read and seen of MANY pro-life idiots who bomb clinics, terrorize people working or using clinics, and actually shooting doctors who provide abortions. I don't see any pro-lifers strapping anyone down and forcing abortions on the population, so take your "Nazi agenda" and stuff it. Also, any time I see that Dugger woman, I think of that really old Andrew Dice Clay joke, "She had so many children her uterus fell out!"

  15. 15

    Re: shaygirl1309 – Your comments are so stupid!

  16. Connor says – reply to this


    She's so goddamn annoying with all her kids. Try and tell some 3'rd world countries there aren't enough kids. Overpopulation is a plague on this earth, it provokes famine and disease. Michelle Duggar is only a name known to us because she's a career pregnant woman.

  17. Ali says – reply to this


    She's entitled to her opinions and to obviously using her vagina as a clown car.

  18. Lalala says – reply to this


    I had an abortion over 15 years ago and it still to this day sticks to my bones. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of what could have been. I will not judge others for their choose but for me it was right at the time but do have guilt every time I look at my child. Listen ladies, please protect yourself with some kind of protection. Rape and molestation are a completely different situation and should be held completely separate from this particular discussion.

  19. 19

    Re: yup – I agree 100% with everything you said!!

  20. Courtiger says – reply to this


    Why is it that the people who should be getting abortions are so against it? Looks like its time to watch #idiocracy again!

  21. Shhh says – reply to this


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but along with that freedom, people should learn to respect other people's opinions as well.

  22. 22

    She said A holocaust, not THE Holocaust.

    Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, esp. caused by fire or nuclear war: "a nuclear holocaust".

    And, hey, who cares about little innocent babies. They're not real people, right? So it's OK to kill them.

  23. Rebecca Huber says – reply to this


    Murdering Jews, murdering the unborn. It is the same thing, whether you call it a "choice" or not.

  24. 24

    Re: AprilB – An acorn is not an oak tree. And the definition of holocaust is annihilation.

  25. kristin231 says – reply to this


    Re: AprilB

    Doesn't that kind of invalidate feelings of the individuals that actually suffered through the REAL holocaust??? For the record, I'm not making an argument for or against abortion. I disagree with individuals invalidating the people who actually suffered in that real event thing that kinda happened.

  26. MichJB says – reply to this


    No one ever told this baby factory that she HAD to have an abortion. So why does she think she can deny someone else their rights?

  27. chickensocks says – reply to this


    How many babies have been exterminated since abortion became legal? As women, we have fought for our rights to kill our own children, in our own wombs, where they should be the safest. I agree that our bodies are our own, so if we do not want children, we should take precautions so that we don't get pregnant. We have been convinced that we have won some sort of battle, by killing our own kids.

  28. Betterthanyou says – reply to this


    Abortion is murder plain and simple, you are killing a baby….for those who don't think of a fetus as a baby are effin morons. I agree with her 100%! All the liberal pansies are okay with abortion but against the death penalty….hmmmm makes you wonder what the eff goes through their heads.

  29. chickensocks says – reply to this


    Re: Ali – corruption and greed promote famine and unchecked disease.

  30. chickensocks says – reply to this


    Re: Leigh – yes, it is our right to choose, so we should choose to not be irresponsibility impregnated, so we don't have to murder that inconvenient child we produced.

  31. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    She popped out 19 babies, of course she is pro-life. Don't get why anyone is surprised. I feel bad for her kids, you think getting attention as a middle child is hard.

  32. Ughhh says – reply to this


    Umm well millions of innocent lives were taken during the Holocaust and millions of innocent lives have been taken due to abortion. Is it really that much of a stretch? I am a woman and don't understand how ANYONE can justify making a decision to kill a child just because he/she is still developing inside a body. It's called murder. And no I'm not religious, it just seems obvious to me killing a living being should be illegal!

  33. T. Shuman says – reply to this


    So its ok for a woman to carry a baby over 20 weeks and then just up and choose to KILL it. Have you ever seen what they do to a baby to abort it after 20 weeks? If not then maybe before you spout off about a woman's right you should go look it up. A baby has a right to live not be killed by having forceps shoved into the back of its little head and its spine sniped and a lot of times that doesnt even kill the baby. so educate yourself before making yourself look like a uncaring ass.

  34. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: kristin231 – You mean the people who have murderously taken away the country Palestine and kills their babies?

  35. 35

    I t is muder. This has nothing with womans rights. Oh, you are a woman so you have the choice to kill your child.I did have an abortion in high school. Lets just say I didn't have a supportive family. I pray for forgiveness every single night. I cry because I killed my baby. It has nothing to do with religion. I SHOULD NOT have done this. I should have screw my family and got some help. Even planned parenthood would have helped me find a unwed or teenage shelter. I regret this decision every single minute of every single day.

  36. 36


  37. The Matrix says – reply to this


    When a fetus is ripped from the womb and killed, it's a lawful abortion. Seconds after birth the identical act would be murder.

    How is this a woman health issue?

  38. E says – reply to this


    Is anyone surprised? And considering where she was when she said these things, I fail to see how this is anything less than expected. I also don't see anything wrong with it, this is what she believes, she was speaking to people who believe the same way that she does, no harm no foul. I, however, believe she is an idiot, but that is neither here nor there, and just because I personally don't agree with her lifestyle or beliefs doesn't make her inherently wrong for having said lifestyle/beliefs.

  39. 39

    It is.

  40. 40

    Re: E – Except, people like her try to impose their beliefs on others…

  41. barb says – reply to this


    There are cases that abortion is necessary and then there are cases where abortion should be an option…and then there are those who abuse the system. There are too many "what if's" to completely illegalize it. As for this lady and her hubby, from what I see on TV….he impregnates her, she has the kids and then her other children are put into the family workforce raising them. Though it is their choice, I do think there comes a time when you have to be sensible…unless of course you're counting on a TV show to fund the raising of your children. He may very well have a good job (obviously one that pays a hefty salary) but that's a lot of tuitions, marriages and medical bills . I don't care how loving they are, one or more of their children will feel the repercussions of this mass and still expanding family.

  42. 42

    I am amazed at all the people who are pro-choice bashing this woman. Choice. She choose to have that many kids. I don't agree with it but she is supporting them and seems to be giving them a stable, healthy life. Choice goes both ways. There are a lot of hypocrites posting right now.

  43. olivia says – reply to this


    It seems like most people here have no understand of basic science. And it makes me want to cry.

  44. 44

    This surprises people? The woman is ig'nant personified.

  45. kristin231 says – reply to this

  46. kristin231 says – reply to this


    Re: Default Setteen

    I was upset, but I also have come to terms with the fact that I will never see eye to eye with some people. Sorry if I offended anyone.

  47. snowwhiteginger says – reply to this


    A women's body/life, a women choice. Lads these days don't stick around for the bills. A girl with a kid is just a practice tramp for most lads who don't want to raise some other dick's kid.

  48. Karen says – reply to this


    Uhm hello people…what do you think abortion is ??? It's an act of killing a unborn human. I can totally see the comparison.

  49. operalady says – reply to this


    Re: I Choose Life – I totally agree with you!!! Perez- look at your son. Was he not your son 10 weeks before he was born? He was just a "thing'? I think not!

  50. Rherbeck says – reply to this


    Millions of babies are killed every year because they are not wanted. They are not being given a chance to live, a chance to contribute to society, a chance to choose for themselves. Unfortunately, Michelle's comment is a very accurate description of abortion in America today. It's not the comment that is too far, the reality of abortion is too far.

  51. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: kristin231 – No problem. It just gets under my skin that Perez is playing pattycakes with politics, with the pro Israeli commentary and that he won't allow people to think contrary to his opinion.

  52. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    When I was growing up, people had started making fun of people with big families. They were ostracized. It was suggested that we have 2.5 children. It became less and less fashionable. To have children I mean. I know more women who seem wholey committed to not having any children at all, and I can see an indoctrination that made them decide that way. So it seems to me, a lot of well educated aren't having children at all, or maybe one late baby. Career women, who have to 'do it all' are missing out, totally. Arent these the people we need to have children?

  53. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    We see more Andmore women renting out their wombs. What seemed a moral thing to do, seems to suddenly being overplayed and a device to save ones looks. I have news for a lot of people that don't get a mother baby bonding from womb to birth, is a union of spirit. This is not against adoption. But we sync, heartbeat, dreams, communion.

  54. 54

    Um, does no one here know the history of Planned Parenthood? It was created after the civil war to stop black babies from being born. They still target minorities, and minorities have MUCH higher abortion rates. It is based on a racial cleansing philosophy called Eugenics. Eugenics was Hitler's inspiration for "cleansing" out the Jews. So yes, calling it a "holocaust" is perfectly appropriate. Seriously, don't any of you (including Perez) have an education? Try as a first step. Knowledge is power!

  55. The Matrix says – reply to this


    If Perez's child's birth mother would have had her son suctioned and throw out in a trash bag behind an abortion mill prior to delivery, she would just have been exercising her right to choose.

  56. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: harrycontests – Yes and I know who Margaret Sanger is too thank you very much. You shouldn't go about thinking people are stupid, that you don't been know. Now Perez, he is stupid, but that is because I have studied him as a subject and can form an opinion in this regard.

  57. 57

    Yes instead of eliminating an entire race of people we've eliminated entire GENERATIONS of people. If those fetus' had been newborns and were taken by medical staff to a gas chamber or tossed into a fiery pit (as the Vikings did with children born with deformities) what would you say? So the wiping out of countless millions of potential lives that perhaps could have changed the world (how many presidents, brilliant scientists, musicians, actors, chemists, etc did we lose?) cannot be called a Holocaust. What do you call it?

  58. Michael Schwartz says – reply to this


    Holocaust: a group of people, Nazis, exterminating a certain other group of people, Jews. 6 million killed.
    Abortion: a group of people, everyone, exterminating a certain other group of people, unborn babies. 50 million killed.

    Seems reasonable to me.

  59. Just Saying says – reply to this


    I will not tell a woman that she can or can not have an abortion. But don't for one second think you have the right to MAKE me justify your act of murder. Do not ask me not to consider it murder because that is what is it, plain and simple. But you can deal with the decision on your own.
    One more thing, I can not stand the hypocrisy of people who are vegetarians and animal rights activist that then turn around and think it's okay to kill a baby. It boggles my mind.
    Anyway do what you will, it's your choice. Doesn't mean it's moral, ethical, or respectable.

  60. Just Saying says – reply to this


    P.S. Use protection people.

  61. 61

    I am pro-choice and here is what that means:
    1. I will fight for any women who chooses to have an abortion as it is HER BODY and HER LIFE and NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I will support her period!
    2. I will fight for any women who chooses to have as many children as she pleases as it is HER BODY and HER LIFE and NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I support her period!
    3. I will fight for all women to ensure that we all have the right to make choices about our bodies and our lives without any interference or pressure from religious entities, parents, neighbors, and government, as it is OUR BODIES, OUR LIVES and none of anybody else's business! I SUPPORT WOMEN…….do you?

  62. 62

    Re: Just Saying – here is the problem, Michelle Duggar doesn't believe in using protection, to her using a condom or the pill are just as sinfull as abortion because sex is only for making babies! Only abstinence is ok as a birth control measure!

  63. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: Clemy2009 – I know what she believes, and don't agree with her on that part. But birth control and condoms are different than killing a living thing… they should be used more often.

  64. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: AprilB – Well said.
    Re: kristin231 – I don't think so. No one event owns that word.

  65. 65

    Re: Just Saying – first i agree that birth control should be used more often. However, i disagree on abortion because your not killing anything, it's not alive yet! Its a cluster of cells that cannot survive on its own without it's host!

  66. kristin231 says – reply to this


    Re: @v@

    I was totally thinking about Genocide.. my bad!

    A 'holocaust' could never really happen with abortion anyways because getting rid of all the babies on earth is impossible.

  67. reader. says – reply to this


    @Kristin231 I assume that the fetus isn't being killed based on discrimination, right? I assume absolute evidence was found that the fetus is not a person beyond a reasonable doubt. I assume that people don't call a fetus a blob of cells or anything like that. Pro-choice people are for discrimination against the fetus.

  68. Prez says – reply to this


    She is absolutely right. Those who support abortion are murderers.

  69. 69

    Re: Ughhh – so true, people say that they can't see how the two compare…really? Millions of children have been killed.

  70. Jess says – reply to this


    I don't agree, I think it's a matter of choice and personal beliefs, bhut the same freedom that lets me believe what I think is right lets her believe. I don't think we should attack someone for that belief , she's not wrong to have a pro life mind set as I'm not wrong to have a pro choice one.

  71. truth says – reply to this


    You've never read a bible (CLEARLY). God sent the Jews into the holocaust! Jews killed the Lord Jesus and deny him to this day! God hates Jews! They have no lamb to atone for their sins, much like you Perez. And you say she's an awful woman for telling people the truth? God hates baby killers! God hates wicked people with a passion Psalms 11:5. God hates workers of iniquity Psalms 5:5. Both of these apply to u. God said he loved jacob and hated Esau!! Christ is Lord.

  72. 72

    Re: yup – so what, they like kids? And yeah a lot of religious people believe that abortion is wrong because thats what their religion teaches. But that's not just why people think its wrong. Abortion IS murder.

  73. truth says – reply to this


    clemy2009: You support murder. God hates everything about that. God hates baby killing whores. Sex is between HUSBAND AND WIFE ONLY! 1 man 1 woman 1 LIFETIME!

  74. chnty says – reply to this


    The truth hurts. Abortion is murder. More babies have been killed than in the Holocaust and every major US war combined. What else is there to call it? It is war against the unborn, plain and simple. Pretty pathetic to go after those that can't defend themselves.

  75. 75

    Re: LeighRe: Leigh – I think all women should try to understand this woman's views. If you had a born child, wouldn't you be upset if it was killed? It's the same when that happens to an unborn child. I don't think there is a good enough explanation to kill a child in the womb.

  76. Ohiogirl says – reply to this


    Woman's right to choose?? Women's right to abort?? Obviously the female babies being aborted aren't having their rights protected or having a choice. Murder is murder - as so many have posted - generations of people have been annihilated through abortions.

  77. La says – reply to this


    Hitler convinced people that Jews were not Human.. Planned parenthood/abortion drs.. Have convinced millions that an unborn baby is not human.

    Fact is it is death by the millions.

    In the past three years planned parenthood has stopped almost a million beating hearts, pulled the body out piece by piece and put it in solution to make it stop moving..

    We know better now that All people are equal. What happens if in 20 years from now we look back and see that these babies are indeed human? That they could thrive if given the chance that they deserve a chance to be adopted, to go to school, or to simply see the light of day. You would think with the amount of parents out there lining up for babies to love as their own that abortion wouldn't be so common. How many families do all of us know who can't physically conceive biological children.

  78. 78

    Re: truth – waw! Talk about dogma! Here is the thing about people like you, you believe you have the absolute truth because you have faith in the bible and god,but the fact is nobody knows the truth and knows what god wants absolutely and it is pure arrogance to believe you do. Instead of blindly following a book that was written by men hundreds of years ago, that has been translated from dozens of languages to hundreds more, maybe you should use the brain god gave you and go meet a rape victim who was forced to have a child from that rape and now has to deal with the rapist because he has parental right( or do you ignorantly believe you can't get pregnant from rape), maybe you should go talk to the women in a third world country who is forced by her priest to have her 20th child and will most likely die in childbirth leaving 20 children without a mother. How are you to know that god didn't want a women to live through an abortion so that she can grow, how are you to know that he wanted her to have that child, how can you be sure you know what god wants? The bible? The fact is you can't. I follow my heart and my heart tells me to respect other people's choices. whether i would make the same choices is another story.

  79. Rhyannon says – reply to this


    I think the most interesting part of this is that it's second-hand, and that everyone is ok with that. It's 100% a "OMG, did you hear what she SAID?"
    We all know she's pro-life, and that's ok. She's allowed to be. Why would you be surprised or horrified to hear that she (may have) said something inflammatory about a practice she clearly hates?

  80. 80

    Those 19 births she had must of cut off her oxygen supply. I've only watched this program a couple times and omg, what a fucked up brainwashed by daddy Duggar family this is

  81. 81

    and who listens to this idiot. she just can keep her legs crossed. religious no sex addict yes

  82. KItcat412 says – reply to this


    Is it so hard to use birth control??

  83. 83

    Puzzling how liberals defend and protect baby seals, etc., but do not defend baby humans.

  84. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    She's right. It is a baby holocaust. The act of getting pregnant can be almost 100% prevented. Birth control, not having sex with the wrong people, waiting until the right time. Nobody has that little self control that they can't plan. And yes, some woman get raped — that's not the same thing as the millions of babies getting aborted because it's just not convenient for the woman. Or it's easier than taking responsibility. Or they SUDDENLY decide at 20 weeks (5 months for God's sakes) to end the life of the "inconvenient" person inside their body. Yes, we should have the right to end an unwanted pregnancy once it is discovered before it becomes a complete human being. After a few months. no.

  85. 85

    I call having 21 kids Vagina Holocaust and irresponsible. What a kunt.

  86. 86

    She has a right to her opinion and I respect it. I just wish she would adopt in stead of having kids.

  87. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: kristin231 – Oh, no bad at all, just expressing my feelings about the word holocaust based on the definition of the word. Genocide, or 'the policy of deliberately killing a nationality or ethnic group'… OR holocaust…both terrible.

  88. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: Clemy2009 – I strongly disagree with the dehumanizing of the "fetus".
    Here is a little bit of perspective…
    week 5 - embryo is the size of a sesame seed
    week 6 - the baby's heart is beating almost twice as fast as the mothers, inside it's tiny mouth a tongue and vocal cords are developing, already has tiny feet and hands shaped like paddles, will start moving their legs this week
    week 7 - eyelid folds and intestines
    week 8 - nerve cells in the baby's brain are branching out to connect with one another forming primitive neural pathways, baby's hands are flexed at the wrist and meet over their heart, the baby now has knees
    week 9 - earlobes, fingers are developing touch pads, the baby can now move all his limbs; major joints are working, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

  89. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: Clemy2009
    week 10 - baby's fingers are now completely separated and tiny fingernails are growing in, forehead bulges out with her developing brain
    week 11- baby's bones are beginning to harden and tiny tooth buds are starting to appear under his gums.
    week 13 - urinary tract is now functioning; starting to urinate out the amniotic fluid he's been swallowing, now has unique set of fingerprints.
    week 14 - baby's brain impulses give their face muscles a workout as she squints, frowns, and grimaces.
    week 15 - baby busy inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, which helps the air sacs in his lungs develop, baby can now sense light and will move away from the beam of a flashlight
    week 16 - toenails are growing in, baby's circulatory system is now working, her heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day
    week 17 - baby's sense of hearing is developing
    week 18 - baby is busy flexing arm and legs, mothers notice kicking if they haven't already
    week 19 - hair is sprouting, crucial time for baby's sensory development, the baby's brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

  90. 90

    I think we all know that this woman is many bricks shy of a full load, and I have some shocking advice for her: If she doesn't believe in abortion, then she shouldn't have one. But it's not for her to say what other women should do.
    Re: Ali – Best comment of the day … vagina as a clown car.

  91. Mikayla says – reply to this


    I agree with her and it has absolutely nothing to do with religion. A life is a life no matter how much it would inconvenience you. To take away that life is murder. How can someone say that someone with a heartbeat isn't alive?

  92. Just Saying says – reply to this


    Re: Clemy2009
    One last thing, babies are born as helpless as they are in the womb. Would you disagree with "after birth abortion" or killing the baby once it's out of the womb? Why? It still can't survive on it's own. The only thing that has change is now the baby is visible and before it wasn't, and it was easier to ignore the reality of the situation, pretend it is just a cancerous growth or a parasitic entity, pretend it doesn't exist. Far too often people dismiss the gravity of the situation and the value a even the smallest human life…

  93. Lynn Thomas says – reply to this


    A woman's right to choose is a fallacious argument. What about the woman baby's right to not be exterminated

  94. whocares... says – reply to this


    Atleast the Duggars had children they could support, unlike all the welfare leeches in America!

  95. megan says – reply to this


    Well since a holocaust is killing on a mass scale, then she is correct……..

  96. 96

    Until they invent birth control that's 100% effective, and doesn't include abstaining from sex, there will be abortion. Men can have sex all the time with zero precautions, women cannot. Best birth control is 99%. people don't intentionally get preggers because they want abortions. it's usually an ACCIDENT. Do you tell a drowning victims parents "Well if you didn't want billy to drown he shouldn't have stepped in the water."
    No…so don't act like not having sex in a healthy relationship is the best birth control.
    God, you people are so stupid.

  97. 97

    Re: Just Saying – ok first of all you don't need to lecture me on what happens during pregnancy, i'm a mother i've been through it! Secondly, a baby can survive after birth without it's mother, i Think thats been proven by the countless women who have died giving birth and their child has been taken care of by others, an embryo cannot servive outside the womb even if taken care of by someone other then the mother, it is therefore not alive! And having fingernails does not make you alive, having a heartbeat that will stop the moment you are seperated from the mother, does not make you alive, as an example, there are embryos that have a heartbeat but don't develop a brain, the heartbeat stops once its out of the mothers womb. I am not saying that abortion is good or that i advocate it for anybody, from what i understand it has dificult consequences for all the parties involved. Plus i know what it means to hear that heartbeet for the first time, how it feels to have what will be a life grow inside you. What i am saying is that it is not my place or your place to take away a choice for someone else because of what you beleive, to force your beleif on others. In any case, you and i will never agree, I wish you all the best!

  98. wrong wording says – reply to this


    She used the wrong word. She should have said, abortion is a genocide. The most deadly genocide that has ever been.

  99. anna says – reply to this


    Well, I don't agree with killing any form of a living thing, which is exactly what a fetus is, it's a freaking baby. Don't care how far along, it's a baby! So I agree with her for the most part. It's really sad that some people don't even give abortion a second thought. Maybe some people could stop being filthy whores and then we wouldn't need all those abortions. Not meaning cases of rape and things like that… that's a much more complex issue.

  100. nobody says – reply to this


    Why does Michelle Duggar want to continue to be nothing more than a brood mare? Why didn't she stop cranking out babies after two or three and adopt the rest. She, her husband and kids are all blithering idiots. If they want to continue to breed like backwards/backwoods hillbillies, get them to move to another already overpopulated country and they can spread their retarded misery around. Do we really need this sort of behaviour out of these breeding rabbits?

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