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Kate Middleton In Labor!!! The Royal Baby Is Coming!!!!

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The day has finally arrived!!!!!

Kate Middleton has checked in to St. Mary's hospital in London to give birth to a little prince or princess! And, like a dutiful husband and father, Prince William is with her!

The royal palace released a statement just moments ago, confirming the news, saying:

"Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted this morning to St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London in the early stages of labour. The Duchess traveled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge."

Royal vehicles were seen at a back entrance to the hospital at about 06:00 BST, with the announcement coming from Kensington Palace an hour-and-a-half later.

Media from all over the world has been camped outside St. Mary's for close to two weeks now, in anticipation of the birth. The royal due date had never been officially announced but had widely been expected to be some time in mid-July.

Reporters outside the hospital said the royal couple slipped into the facility and hardly anyone even saw them!

Sneaky sneaky!

A spokesman for the couple said the Duke and Duchess traveled without a police escort, and that “things are progressing as normal.”

They don't know the gender of the prince or princess, who will be third in line for the throne.

Luckily, Kate will have her mother, Carole Middleton, and sister Pippa there to support her, along with William. This is very important especially since Prince Charles is carrying on with business by visiting a few different places in York, and Camilla will be joining him at Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

We're still waiting on the announcement of the baby's birth, which will be done by placing a bulletin outside of the palace, but only AFTER all members of the immediate royal family have been notified.

It's not known where Kate will go with the baby after the couple appears on the hospital steps in a few days, but many think she'll go to stay with her parents since William will go back to work after two weeks of paternity leave.

Stay tuned for all the latest details!!!

How Kate plans to give birth — CLICK HERE

The deets of Kate's birthing suite — CLICK HERE

See what the royal baby's title will be — CLICK HERE

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Kate Middleton In Labor!!! The Royal Baby Is Coming!!!!”

  1. 1

    Woot Woot!!! contrats will and kate!! hope baby is healthy!!!.. too bad kim will try to ruin it by posting pics of her bought baby.. still yay for will and kate!

  2. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    I think it's ridiculous to think this is a royal baby. It's just a baby. Your own are just as 'royal'

  3. 3

    Now Kim is going to conveniently release baby photos.

  4. Lizball says – reply to this


    as nice as it is,and it is lovely,coming from someone living in the UK maybe July 22 will be a public holiday!! that would be fantastic! all the best Kate and Will plus 1 ;)

  5. 5

    Re: sick_girl – I so agree with this!!!

  6. 6

    Now we will finally see Kim and baby North.

  7. you're a (lazy) fake says – reply to this


    much of "your" post is plagiarized directly from the CNN article

  8. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: Default Setteen – I'm pretty sure it IS a royal baby seeing as it's being born into the British ROYAL family.

  9. 9

    OMFG WHO CARES. She took a load and popped out a kid. 99.9% of the females on this planet can do the exact same thing, holy shit.

  10. Monkia says – reply to this


    Royal baby's arrival any time now. Watch live video from Kate's hospital.

  11. 11

    Oh my god, a baby is being born somewhere in the world. This has never happened before.

    Oh my god.

  12. 12

    So excited for William and Kate! Now this is a baby the whole world is waiting to look at. Unlike porn star Kim's baby.

  13. 13

    Re: NookiesWA – For reals.

  14. 14

    yes im ready with my charles and di engagement cup to celebrate … yes shes moving to her mums as its more private than the two bedroom apartment that she could be in later from paps etc the radio said…

    of course its a royal baby its the royal family . THE QUEENS great granchild

    ty perez for reporting on this

  15. 15

    I'm hoping the royal baby will be accompanied by increased media coverage of Uncle Harry:) We could use some good news.

  16. earn says – reply to this


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    I recommend also to you, it is not too complex, and you can earn good ;)

  17. 17

    Wish her all the best, although I don't believe in "Royalty" as a concept.

  18. m says – reply to this


    I still don't get why people get so excited about this. To me they are just another nice couple having a baby, good for them!

  19. Tatiana says – reply to this


    Live Feed right here:

  20. 20

    Re: NookiesWA – I know right, what's the huge deal.

  21. 21

    Who gives a F**k

    It's not baby Jesus.

  22. Maria A Christian says – reply to this


    Congratulations. It will be a boy, weighing 7ls 9oz….Hahahaha, just my guess. Watcha all think?

  23. 23

    I'm excited!

  24. 24

    As the world waits for that final royal push, Kate Middleton is reported to be keen on giving birth naturally, even considering hypnosis to deal with the pain of childbirth without drugs. How different this is from 50 years ago when most modern up to date mid-century Moms would never have dreamed of giving birth without the help of modern pain eliminating/ memory erasing drugs. For a humorous look at how the royal delivery might have been had it been mid century take a peek at an all American childbirth- fit for a Queen…or a King

  25. 25

    Don't get me wrong I am happy for them and hope everything goes well. I don't get the whole king/queen and royal thing..I'm assuming it's just because they are part of the blood line dating back that era and they are rich. I just think the whole thing is silly. They seem like nice people, but I'm not going to act like they are some high all mighty family. Good luck with the birth and baby though.

  26. 26


  27. Ast says – reply to this


    Kate Middleton is not her name anymore and it is considered rude to refer to her by her maiden name. Even though that's the name she became famous with, she's not a an actress, not a brand, she married into royalty and thus gets a new name and title. Duchess Kate is the informal, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is the formal.

  28. awesome says – reply to this


    SOOOOO exciting! Finally the epitomy of class producing the next heir! Kim K. is probably throwing a hissy fit right now wondering how she can try and insert herself in the spotlight (besides her babydaddy with his assault charges). Pictures of the compass baby are coming! She can try all she wants, she will NEVER be in the same league as Kate. If anything, she just looks more ridiculous in comparison. Not that I would ever compare the two, but its inevitable.

  29. awesome says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex – educate yourself, then you might understand why its such a big, awesome deal.

  30. SeoulShakin says – reply to this


    My take on the Royal Baby's pending arrival. Take a peek and have a laugh! :)

  31. Becca says – reply to this


    Re: Ast – oh fuck me. It's rude, who gives a crap. She's just a stupid social climbing leech. Her baby will be another leech. The fact that you used the phrase 'married into royalty' as if that is some great achievement just highlights how messed up the whole system of monarchy is…