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Perez Jr Turns 5 Months Old!

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Checking in with father and son!

So much new and awesomeness!!!

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62 comments to “Perez Jr Turns 5 Months Old!”

  1. Kc says – reply to this


    He's adorable!! Your a great daddy, keep up the good work!

  2. 2

    i would love to know his name tbh

  3. auj says – reply to this


    He is looking a little sleepy.
    I think it's super to learn Spanish, but maybe if you do
    not speak English at home too, it may be harder for baby when he starts school.
    Just a thought, of course. Two languages is wonderful!
    You do whatever is best for you and baby, Perez.
    Such a good daddy.

  4. 4

    This is so beautiful! You will cherish these videos when he is older. I think its FANTASTIC that he is learning 2 languages and it WILL give him an advantage. What a great dad you are, affectionate, sweet, uh! If only more men could be like you with their children. What a lucky little boy.

  5. NJ says – reply to this


    We spoke Spanish at home and English outside the home when I was growing up. We still do things that way. There was no confusion or concern about not knowing English when we started school.

  6. 6

    Your Mini Me is the cutest thing ever! And that head of hair is gorgeous. You have some amazing "maternal" reflexes. He's an information sponge right now. Bravo on the two languages. Sad that your haters never knew this kind of love.

  7. 7

    You're gross; take a fucking shower. It's bad enough that you're as ugly as you are, must you look like a greasy stinkball too? The kid you bought is not attractive, and I'd be worried about his apparently slow development. I don't care how many languages he learns or what your parenting style is; the truth is he'd be better off in a more stable household with a smarter parent.

  8. 8

    Re: GossipMama2 – Sad that your parents didn't teach you that hypocrisy is ugly; when you label others, you become the hater, you fucking retard. It's too bad your parents didn't go through with the abortion they thought about when they found out you were on the way; they must have had a premonition of what a loser you'd be. Asshole.

  9. *JEN* says – reply to this


    I applaud you for teaching your son to be bilingual. It's important that he retain his culture. Studies have shown that infants who have been talked to in various languages have an easier time learning each language. If they are not exposed during early childhood, it will be harder to learn a second or third language down the road. He's a cutie! Enjoy every moment with your son, they grow up so fast.

  10. Maxi Pad says – reply to this


    Perez, I just want you to know that I’ve been following your site since the beginning. I’m amazed at how you’ve UPGRADED yourself and your attitude. And your son is such a gift with gorgeous eyes!

  11. Perez the Missing Link says – reply to this


    Perez, you monkey-looking bastard, why don't you wait until he's old enough to decide if he wants to posted on this way-past-its-prime website, instead of showing him off like some baboon in a cage.

    Because if this html junkyard is still around in fifteen years, when you do these stupid posts, it will show you, all alone, with a meth pipe, AIDS medication, and maybe Mama Monkey, smiling like the clueless mutt she is, wasting away. With IM5 playing in the background.

    Three of the nine people visiting the site at that point will feel bad for you, you stupid ape.

  12. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot
    you're a homophobic dick. You wish you had the means to raise a child as well as he can. Go back to your trailer

  13. kwkefjekfj says – reply to this



  14. Tammy says – reply to this


    Thanks for posting the videos. I always look forward to them. It's nice to see him grow and learn. You are a great dad.

  15. jay says – reply to this


    You're baby is so ugly and I feel bad that he has you as a parent. I would shoot myself if I had to hear your annoying voice everyday of my life!

  16. Joanne McDonald says – reply to this


    Wow… he's getting so big Perez!! And look at the hair on him!!! I'm so happy for you and where you are in your life :) I have a son too, who is 3 now, and my advice is to cherish it while you can because it really does seem to go fast!! Soon enough your little boy will be taking tantrums in 2 languages!! haha. Thanks for postingm even us in Canada love to see the videos!!

  17. Naya says – reply to this


    You are soooooo stupid!!!!!!

  18. 18

    That's the best most huggable/kissable age. Five and six months are when they get plump and yummy and you want to hug them and kiss them all day. Can't you teach him both, or will
    That be difdifficult for him?

  19. Tatiana says – reply to this


    He is so cute. My sons a month old and looks about the same size.lol. He has the chubby little legs Perez. :)

  20. marythemerfairy says – reply to this


    Thank you for including us the fans of this site in your precious moments. Your son will learn from you to be generous and share his love and joy!
    You are a true love child hippie! I thing its funny how guys are with kids, sooo cute don't ever loose your uniqueness its a cure for all the up-tightness in parenting today.

  21. mary and Louis 24 says – reply to this


    He is just darling and you are doing a great job! So proud of you!

  22. BabyPig says – reply to this


    Congrats to you Perez. He is so cute and has your hair. What a chunk! I'm so glad you're teaching your child Spanish, I wish I could do the same for my 2 year old and wish every day at work that I could REALLY connect with the spanish speaking families (I'm a nurse). It's part of his culture and part of America and will stimulate his development. Research shows that bilingual kids learn to speak later than uni-lingual kids but it's just because they're processing 2 languages and catch up quickly. Good luck!

  23. Amber says – reply to this


    He is gorgeous! Great job Dad!

  24. 24

    Ohhhhhh! I love this healthy little guy! So smart of you to stay home with him. We speak Italian at home and English outside……….our kids never had a problem. They even used Italian as a secret language at school when necessary..HA! Keep the videos coming and delete those haters…..they could not possibly be parents!

  25. rajae diva says – reply to this


    awww perez jr is suuupeer adorable i'de like to eat him awww so cuuuute

  26. jack says – reply to this


    Maybe reconsider saying f-cking in front of him. : ) Just a suggestion.
    He's adorable… and so are you.

  27. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Does Mario take showers? Oh my God and the baby doesn't take showers either. This is disgusting. Why did people let you have a baby.
    The baby would be cuter with someone else. It isn't cute with you. Babies are usually really cute.
    I'm sorry but people are not suppose to be gay and you sure are not suppose to bring an innocent child into that lifestyle.
    I think some people who are gay are really nice people but you should stop and wonder where do you think you'll find yourself when you've passed away.
    You will not make it to heaven. You will go to hell.
    God has standards. He's the one that calls the shots, not you and that goes for any sin not just homosexuality.
    Someone said the baby seems developmentally slow. I think it's traumatized from living with him.
    Take a fricken shower.
    And by the way let's just say I'm admonishing and rebuking and preaching and speaking the truth not judging.

  28. Casey says – reply to this


    Aww he is soooo cute! He's like a little baby doll. ^^

  29. Julie says – reply to this


    Re: auj – Nah, it totally cool. My sister didn't learn English until she went to school. My mom only teach her Spanish.

  30. 30

    He is too precious!! Xoxo

  31. 31

    So how long before you put him up for adoption when you realize you have milked this poor kid for all the attention you can get?

  32. ESL Teacher says – reply to this


    Re: auj
    First of all, learning two languages from birth is the BEST way to be bilingual, and to be blunt, why would he teach the child Spanish over English? He lives in California, not a Spanish speaking country, he would be doing the child an injustice. Trust me, not teaching the child English from birth is the worst thing he could do. It could take the child up to ten years to learn English and catch up to his peers academically.

  33. Celeste says – reply to this


    Que Hermoso está!! Bendiciones Perez :D

  34. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: ESL Teacher – As someone who was laid off 3 years ago, almost 50% of the jobs I applied for (especially customer service jobs) had a mandatory bilingual requirement, which eliminated me from even applying.
    Perez your baby is so cute.

  35. 35

    So sweet!!!

  36. gross baby says – reply to this


    publicity stuuuunt!

  37. ugly baby says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – agreed!!!! baby looks developmentally delayed

  38. 38

    Such a cutie! :)

  39. tracy gartshore says – reply to this


    oh my god that child is adorable!! I think the whole Spanish thing is fantastic! I wish my kids had a second language. good for perez having the intelligence to learn a second language and then have the good sense to pass it on. don't know the ins and outs of how perez managed to father a child as I thought he was gay…? but not being a huge perez follower, I wouldn't know would I?! but I think fatherhood couldn't of happened to a better guy, such a good daddy if this video is anything to go by. just getting into all this perez obsession, and loving the website!

  40. mrs right says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – that's so weird that someone who clearly hates perez, is on his site. maybe YOU are secretly obsessed with perez and like him…? I think the babies cute. lots of gorgeous thick hair and a little cheeky face. and perez makes a good daddy. im not a crazy perez fan. just someone who likes to read entertainment news from several diff sites. so I aint defending perez…just pointing out that your comments , which you have went out of ur way to make , are incredibly nasty and ridiculous. uncalled for…

  41. Special Effects says – reply to this


    "that's so weird that someone who clearly hates perez, is on his site. maybe YOU are secretly obsessed with perez and like him…? I think the babies cute. lots of gorgeous thick hair and a little cheeky face. and perez makes a good daddy. im not a crazy perez fan. just someone who likes to read entertainment news from several diff sites. so I aint defending perez…just pointing out that your comments , which you have went out of ur way to make , are incredibly nasty and ridiculous. uncalled for…"
    Um, do you like people who don't take showers and don't have babies that take showers (or brush their hair, that's Mario brushing the baby's hair not the baby. The baby's kind of young) and people who are gay and are going to hell and bringing an innocent child with them?
    If you "cared" about Mario then you would care about where he would go when he passed away.

  42. mrs right says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – I don't really see the issue with being gay? is it considered wrong where you are from or perhaps in your religion? because although I personally am not gay, I do not have a problem with it. its not really my concern. as long as no laws are being broken, love can be what ever makes you happy. being gay also doesn't make you a bad person. but we all have our own beliefs. most people keep them to their own households as its respectful not to force your beliefs upon others. as for the showering part, im not really sure what you mean? the baby looks very heatlthy and clean to me. babys hair is generally messy, and because the baby has a lot of it…its hard to maintain as you cannot put styling products in it… if perez wants his baby to have the indie shaggy hair look then that's his choice. I personally think the child is too young for a haircut anyway so the thick hair is unavoidable till he is one year old. then maybe able to sit still for haircut… I don't know how anyone could be so vicious about a child. but ok….that's the world we live in I guess….

  43. mrs right says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – id also like to point out before I leave to….em….have a life outwith silly back and forth comments… that as a parent myself, your comments are quite immature and perhaps written by someone who either is in their teens thinking this is funny, or an older person who was raised in a very aggressive environment. you shouldnt treat people with disregard because they don't have the same beliefs as you. I don't defend people easily but I think things like sexism, racism and homophobia are just 3 things that are unacceptable. this is 2013.

  44. LydiaAidyl says – reply to this


    My baby boy was born Feb 17th so he's just turned 5 months too :) my baby is doing the wobbly sitting up thing! He is absolutely gorgeous and so lucky to have a dad as caring and loving as you. Good for you teaching him two languages, I try to teach my boy Spanish words here and there! All the best to you and your beautiful little guy :) xx

  45. LydiaAidyl says – reply to this


    Re: mrs right – well said.

  46. Tdare says – reply to this


    Re: Special Effects – If you hate him and his sight so much, why are you reading it. And if you're offended by the gay lifestyle, this is definitely not the site to be reading. Go back to your trailer park, sit on your bible, and maybe consider grabbing a brain next time you go shopping for your $5 wardrobe at Walmart you bigoted piece of trash.

  47. mspitstop says – reply to this


    The amount of hair on that baby ain't natural. Is it one of those baby rugs? LOL.

  48. 48

    hes so adorable hes a real cute kid

    hell be able to say fuck in english and spanish…


  49. Kristen says – reply to this


    I stumbled on this site and then when I saw a baby video I had to watch…Prior I had not been a Perez "fan" but after watching this man with his son I was so proud. In our society today so many people get pregnant and never really get the true meaning of parenting or just being thankful every second of every day for that child. Its extremely nice to see any parent take such joy in a 5 month old child. With a little smile or sound that child can make your day :) my girls are 24 and 21 and my son 14 it goes so fast enjoy this little guy he is amazing

  50. nikkie says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – wow… get a life

  51. Cam says – reply to this


    He is cute! But you say its no big desl tht he learns the F word, ummm you are going to be eating those words Perez. Believe me when starts saying the f word in public and at preschool, your going to be mortified! And speaking from experience, once they know its a bad word and they arent supposed to do it, they will DO IT and they wont stop! Good luck with that……

  52. 52

    drown that rat bastard baby. he looks like a fat retarded ape like his father! so precious! he will be a suicidal drug addict by age 13 so maybe just let nature take its course

  53. saundra says – reply to this


    Perez, thank you for the 5 month old celebration of your baby! He is SOOO adorable. I love him and I am so glad you are kind enough to share him with us! That video of the two of you was THE BEST! I love the fact that you are encouraging Spanish language in his life. You Are A Smart & Loving Dad!! Have a wonderful day!!

  54. Rebecca says – reply to this


    Perez, I can't believe how rude some of the people are who leave comments. I visit your webpage every day and it is the only celebrity blog that I take the time to look at. I smiled the whole time while watching this video, I really enjoy your sense of humor here and in all of your stories. Your son is super cute too by the way and shares the same birthday as my son. :) Rock on and screw all of those rude people who should not even be on your webpage if they don't like you! It doesn't make any sense!

  55. Perez the Missing Link says – reply to this


    Re: saundra – That's hilarious. I like how you mocked him with sarcasm.

  56. jess says – reply to this


    your kid resembles your mom a lot, Gob bless your family

  57. 57

    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot

    ^ You twat. This is what you write in response to someone: "Sad that your parents didn't teach you that hypocrisy is ugly; when you label others, you become the hater, you fucking retard."

    ^ And look at you, judging someone and then doing exactly what YOU judged them for. Moron.

  58. 58

    What I love are all the fake comments on here by Perez using one of his aliases.

  59. Nmc says – reply to this


    Your son is adorable, precioso! Kuddos for teaching him spanish i was raised that way and had no problem at school or with anything, congratulations on your bundle of joy :)

  60. 60

    Hey Perez, your son is 2 days younger than my daughter! (who does not know Spanish, but will probably know the F-word as well)

  61. alicia says – reply to this


    i love both of you guys!!

  62. Richard says – reply to this


    I already feel bad for your son. such a shame. you use him so that people can be supportive and adore you. glad I was able to find a blog that shows your true agenda and hope one your son finds it and realizes the type of person you truly are. it makes us sick. how could you use your son to turn negative press into a positive spin, truly disgusting!