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Simon Cowell Thought His Baby Mama Was On Birth Control!

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simon cowell thought lauren silverman was on birth control friends with benefits 2

What should be a joyous occasion is turning out to be not that way at all.

We previously reported that Simon Cowell is having a love child with his best friend’s wife Lauren Silverman, but it seems that Simon had the wrong impression about their arrangement.

Apparently the X Factor judge thought they were just friends with benefits and that she was making sure there would be no baby Cowells. A source said:

“The pregnancy has taken him by surprise. He assumed she was using birth control. Simon thought this was a casual relationship — friends with benefits… The pregnancy was not planned. He is feeling tricked… No question that Simon will want to be part of the baby’s life, but I’m not so sure he wants to be part of Lauren’s… She told him around [July 10th]. He didn’t have a clue before then and it has come as a complete surprise. . . . Simon has repeatedly said he doesn’t want kids… He feels let down by Lauren… They were friends first and foremost. This could be a ‘spite my husband’ sort of thing. Simon is convinced it was her friends who leaked the story.”

Well, this doesn’t sound good for anyone involved!

And we’re really disappointed in Simon, because if he’s going to sleep with his friend’s wife, at least be safe about it!

Or just do the right thing and leave her alone until they're officially divorced.

There has also already been news about Lauren’s husband Andrew Silverman filing for divorce on July 15th because he didn’t even know his wife was having an affair.

They apparently weren’t as estranged as people have been led to believe either.

Which we’re guessing Simon knew since he was such good friends with them.

He’s reportedly contacted PR man to the stars, Max Clifford, to “plan a strategy to deal with it.”

Divorces and affairs are bad enough as it is, but to involve a baby in it is just the worst.

We know this has to be an incredibly stressful time for Lauren, so hopefully she takes some yoga classes to calm her nerves and grow a healthy child.

[Image via TFlash/WENN and AP Images.]

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17 comments to “Simon Cowell Thought His Baby Mama Was On Birth Control!”

  1. 1

    Simon could just pay for the abortion…Or just sign away his parental rights. There are solutions for every problem.

  2. linc says – reply to this


    how does she know it's simon's if she and her husband weren't estranged?

  3. Wow says – reply to this


    So he's a 15y/o boy who doesn't know how babies suddenly appear in a 15y/o girl uterus… Men that asume that the woman is on birth control DESERVE to be parents. Stoooooopid!

  4. Emma88 says – reply to this


    Non of theme should had cheated. They had a affair, and now her husband is blaming Simon for there devorce, so they had an affair and she got pregnant. How can you treat someone like that, and simon did this to his best friend. And now she is pregnant, poor, poor baby

    Talk about dubble stander, when a woman does this she is homewrecker, whore and cheater, like you always write perez, when a man does it Perez is " disapointed", what the hell!!!

  5. blueness says – reply to this


    Men who ASSUME the woman is on birth control should not be shocked when a pregnancy happens. Take control of your own reproductive destiny men! Sheesh.

  6. Peeps says – reply to this


    Simon, what an after school special sometime it called "BEING TRAPPED"

  7. MichJB says – reply to this


    She had a wedding ring - that should have been all the birth control she needed from someone that wasn't her husband. Now Cowell can put his dick in a wringer were it belongs.

  8. auj says – reply to this


    Simon, have you ever heard the word "condom"?
    It's YOU who failed here, bubba.
    I fear that child will not be loved like Perez's baby.
    Too sad.

  9. Twilight says – reply to this


    She might have BEEN on BCPs–they are NOT 100%. So word to the wise, men need to take responsibility for their OWN reproductive lives. You don't want a baby? Put a condom on, better yet, don't have sex. Obviously he wasn't concerned about STDs either since he didn't put a wrap on it. So COP OUT, Simon. MEN—do not EVER rely upon someone else to control whether you have or don't have a baby.

  10. 10

    What a douche. Even if she was on the pill, its not 100%…and its not entirely her responsibility. He deserves what he gets. But poor baby…

  11. Spell check says – reply to this


    Re: Emma88 – …spellcheck is always fun BTW…..it's not a double standard…men are usually the ones running around on their wives. This is just karma kicking them all in the assess. He has an affair with a married woman, his best friends wife! Gets her knocked up….oh well…shouldn't be sluts.

  12. 12

    Re: Wow – Or you know..the bitch could have lied about being on birth control..No one likes wearing condoms, that's why guys ask if they are on BC, when they say yes, and we ask if we can skip the condoms and she says yes we are assuming she is telling the truth. Not entrapping us forcing us to pay child support for 18 years. If women refuse to get abortions, we should be able to refuse all financial obligations.

  13. 13

    Oldest trick in the book, maybe her husband was even in on it?

  14. 14

    I mean I don't know the whole story here (none of us do) I'm just speculating, but trapping a guy into either financially supporting you or staying with you out of pregnancy is truly the oldest trick in the book!

  15. felicia says – reply to this


    You can still get pregnant on the pill

    Why do men always feel "tricked" when they get somoen preggers… You whiped ur dick out and didn't use a condom except some responsibility lol

    Just goes to show ya though… You can't trus ur friends not to bang ur wife (or husband)

    Sad… Wish them luck with the baby though.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, for gawd's sake, man up. It takes two, and he was one of the two. There is always the possibility of a child even WITH birth control. This child was meant to be, because it's here. Now we'll see what Simon's made of. If he distances himself, his own child will pay the price, and that's not what an adult with character would do. Simon should jump in with both feet first, or he'll miss the very best part of living.

  17. 17

    its ok simon its still 'friends' just friends with 20 yrs of benefits … the $$$ kind…