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Ex-Stepmom Ellen Kardashian Suing Kris Jenner & Kardashian Family For Defamation!

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Kris Jenner must not be happy about this!

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian may have thought they were off the hook when ex-stepmom Ellen Kardashian dropped her lawsuit against the family.

But their feelings of relief just went right out the window!

Because their ex step-mom is now suing all of the sisters plus bro Rob Kardashian for defamation - claiming the family is out to make her look like a bitter woman who just wants their money!

Ellen's even suing Ryan Seacrest and his production company that produces Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

The lawsuit alleges that the Kardashian family hired a private investigator to try and sell information to Ellen in order to make it look like the ex-stepmom wanted to blackmail the Kardashians.

This was also apparently featured as a storyline on the show which is why her lawsuit also involves Ryan Seacrest who definitely must NOT be happy about getting thrust into this legal dilemma!

The lawsuit also says about Kris:

"[She's a] manipulative and devious mother and ex-wife who simply used and exploited her children."

Wow! Harsh words!!!

It isn't clear what the ex-stepmom wants to gain in this lawsuit, but we're sure she definitely has this celebrity family's attention!

At the very least - she has ours!

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10 comments to “Ex-Stepmom Ellen Kardashian Suing Kris Jenner & Kardashian Family For Defamation!”

  1. mr pete says – reply to this


    Sue the sluts for every penny they have
    than go back and get them for the $$$$ they collected for their FAKE charity
    I think the message they send to young people is just so bad
    And I have lost all respect fro Bruce Jenner, who has stood by while his wife in now pimping of their two daughters

  2. Sam says – reply to this


    Well…. isn't she just a bitter woman who's only out for money? I mean really what kind of woman would sell her dead husband's journal? She's a nutcase and yes obviously a bitter woman who is out to get money.

  3. yeah finally says – reply to this


    finally! sue the kartrashians and put them in their place. they want to use their fame whore status to defame someone, well expect to pay up bitches!!!!!! seacrest gets to go down for bringing that shit on air- you want to be the public soap box for this fu*ked up family than get ready to pay for unleashing this trash on the public. they are a disgusting virus infecting the minds of the public. ughhh!

  4. 4

    get em, Ellen! get every penny you can get from those whores.

  5. Matt Dawson says – reply to this


    Everyone slagging off the Kardashian's need to just leave - like seriously if you don't like them then fair enough but they're nothing to do with you, so when they want you - they'll send for you.

  6. 6

    Hope Ellen is successful. The TrashKanIans are a nasty scourge on the US.

  7. 7

    Re: Matt Dawson – Really? When you are famous you represent a country, and they are low life trash!

  8. kkkkkkkk says – reply to this


    haters are gonna hateeeeeee! fuck this bitch ellen all she's gonna get is major legal bills! crazy what ppl will do for money and all of you hating on the kardashians, well jealousy is a very very filthy flaw…

  9. carina says – reply to this


    Just when we were getting some much wanted relief from Kim being in hiding, more krap comes out every 2 minutes about this family .Please , make it go away!!!!

  10. Nwankwo kelvin says – reply to this


    Is not good!