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EXCLUSIVE! Honest Toddler Blogger Talks About Her Trademark Feud With Jessica Alba!

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honest toddler blogger bunmi laditan exclusive interview about trademark battle with jessica alba the honest company

Remember when Jessica Alba's organization The Honest Company decided to go after the hilarious mommy blog Honest Toddler because their names were too similar??

Well unfortunately, they haven't let up as the actress's company is STILL claiming that the use of the word "Honest" in both of their names can cause marketplace confusion!

We got a chance to chat with Bunmi Laditan, the mastermind behind Honest Toddler for an EXCLUSIVE interview, and sadly she says it doesn't look like the trademark battle is coming to an end any time soon:

"My trademark for Honest Toddler is still being opposed by The Honest Company. It's a length process and we may have to appear in trademark court. It's really sad that it has had to go this far when just last fall The Honest Company interviewed me for their website saying I am hilarious. Now their opposition is based on me bringing "confusion to the marketplace." I run a humor blog for parents, they have an eco-friendly company selling diapers and lotions. I've already agreed to sign something stating that I won't create competing products but that doesn't seem to be enough."

How ridiculous!!!

Bunmi was also quick to point out that there are plenty of other companies that use the word "Honest" in their titles, yet for some reason, Jessica's organization seems to be singling her out.

However, she goes on to say that she wouldn't be surprised if they started going after similar websites in the future:

"I do feel singled out though. I'm friends with the mom behind HonestMom.com. She writes about moms and mental health issues and is worried about them coming to her next."

Bunmi says she has yet to hear from Jessica personally, however, she has been interviewed by The Honest Company in the past for their website.

The two sides appeared to be on good terms and at one point it even seemed like it would be possible for them to work together. But now Bunmi believes things have gone waaaay too far:

"I believe that partnerships and cooperation are an important part of everyday life and business but I can't work with people I don't trust. When The Honest Company painted me as someone who went back on their word (via their newly launched microsite) and their CEO Chris Gavigan went on record with The Huffington Post and other media sites saying they'd offered me coexistence agreements that they hadn't, the possibility of us working together went out the window."

Bunmi says she has no plans of withdrawing her trademark application for Honest Toddler, and while we're disappointed things had to go so far, we're glad to hear she's standing her ground!

And it's not all bad news! Sex And The City creator Darren Star expressed interest in teaming up with the mommy blog for a new series, and hopefully that will still be a possibility in the near future:

"Darren Star and his team are fantastic people. I had been approached by other production companies interested in optioning the rights to Honest Toddler but was hesitant because I didn't know how my little blog would translate into a series. Darren's excitement was just infectious. He and his producers have such wonderful vision. Two of his producers have small children and we bonded over life in the proverbial trenches. It's moving forward and we're looking for a writer to attach to it."

How exciting! We're definitely keeping our fingers crossed!!

It's definitely understandable that Bunmi would work so hard to protect something that has brought her and so many other joy, and we're glad to hear that she's managing to stay strong!

Of course, we're STILL hoping Jessica will come to her senses and call off the hounds before things get even more out of hand! Besides, this can't be good PR for a company named The Honest Company!

[Image via Katinka Rubin Michaud.]

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6 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Honest Toddler Blogger Talks About Her Trademark Feud With Jessica Alba!”

  1. Catherine says – reply to this


    Glad to see Honest Toddler is not giving into Alba and her company. It's sickening that they would go after a mom with a blog for the reasons they're saying. Something doesn't compute here. I can't see Honest Tea letting Alba away with her bullying should she go after them for the same reason. Honest Toddler is an easy target for Alba because she doesn't have lawyers on retainer to fight some nonsense accusations.

  2. Michelle says – reply to this


    I found Honest Toddler through a tweet Jessica Alba retweeted! So dumb.

  3. Nicole says – reply to this


    The Honest Company sells exactly the types of products I would usually buy for my family. I had not heard of them before all this but am a big fan of Mrs. Laditan's honest little guy and I have to say their bullying has I fluenced me to never try a single one of their products.

  4. Cy says – reply to this


    The Honest Company must be honestly outta their minds to go after her like this. Obviously they have a lot of money to blow. Or are super bored. Whatever it is, get over it HONEST COMPANY.

  5. MaMaWheats says – reply to this


    Honest Toddler is the funniest thing I have ever read. I think Jessica Alba is nothing but a bully and should have a good spanking for not playing nice!

  6. ilikebeerandbabies.com says – reply to this


    they will never give up. this is the best free press they could ever hope for, all at HT's expense. assholes.