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Justin Bieber Breaks The Make-A-Wish Record! Grants 200 Wishes!

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justin bieber grants his 200th make a wish

We already know the bad.

Lets take a moment to appreciate the good!

Justin Bieber has just broken another record! But this record breaking moment didn't come from his music or his bodily fluids - it came from his charity!!

The pop star recently granted his 200th wish for the Make-A-Wish foundation which Make-A-Wish have confirmed is a NEW record!

No other recording artist has ever granted that many wishes!

Here's what Justin's manager Scooter Braun tweeted:

His 200th Make-A-Wish recipient was 8-year-old Annalysha Brown-Rafanan from Atlanta who's suffering from a life threatening liver condition.

The lil' cutie asked Justin some brilliant questions before he got down on his knee and proposed to her with a Ring Pop!


Later, Justin tweeted this:

And this:

Now this is the Justin we love!!

Can't he dump the Mr. Hyde act, and just act like the Dr. Jekyll we all know and love???

That side of his personality is so much better!!

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[Image via Instagram.]

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40 comments to “Justin Bieber Breaks The Make-A-Wish Record! Grants 200 Wishes!”

  1. Ugh223 says – reply to this


    Perez can't even say something good about Justin Bieber without starting with the bad. Deplorable.

  2. BAN THE BEIBS says – reply to this


    hey justin, how about you grant my wish and make yourself disappear from the face of our earth! fkn spoiled & talentless douchey non-artist KID! NO ONE LIKES YOU UNLESS THEY HAVEN't HIT PUBERTY! GO AWAY!

  3. danielle says – reply to this


    at least he's good for something… besides being an idiot…

  4. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: BAN THE BEIBS – How about you shut the fuck up cocksucker and stop jerking off to Bieber pictures get out of your basement and go get a life :) Little brainwashed empty headed moron. Milions of people adore him , while no one gives a SHIT about you lol, have a good day idiot.

  5. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: danielle – You're good at being one as well. Appreciate someone with a good heart and stop trashing them for everything, you haven't done anything this good in your entire life while he is only 19 and actually doing it. Make your parents proud and do it stop trashing people who already did it :)

  6. danielle says – reply to this


    Re: gogo – u burn!! he's still a douche but im happy for all the people he helped…

  7. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: danielle – You're the only douche here. I guess calling him a douche is a new nickname his haters gave him after they saw it's embarrassing to still call him gay after all those girls ? I guess you ran out of insults ? Douche's don't build schools and donate hair and their pets for charity all money from his perfumes went to charity as well, and a douche doesn't really bother with making anyone happy, which he does everyday. So have a seat and stop criticizing based on your pathetic opinion of him, and maybe see the good for once :D

  8. BAN THE BEIBS says – reply to this


    Re: Patrick – yea, i bet you would adore justin beliebing all in your mouth and on your face you tweenage humpin pedofile SOB! justin lacks talent, manners and common sense! that fucktard needs to disappear along with you and the bitch that didn't abort you when she had the chance! dont care if you or your other belieber dick chasers like me. im here solely to talk shit about your teenage lack luster douche bag pop artist who IS NOT A FUCKING ARTIST!

  9. danielle says – reply to this


    Re: gogo – aaaaaand… still a douche

  10. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: BAN THE BEIBS – HAHAH you're so mad and pressed, chill out man. He's all you will never be, all that money girls and everything you don't have LMAO. Your little basement got too boring so you're embarrassing yourself on internet? Too bad you're retarded :( Go make your mother proud . Wow, that comment gave me cancer, your mentality is a 4'th grader, are you ok or you're just plain dumb? Yes he is one very talented young artist who just god the Diamond award, maybe google it and see who got that award as well. Cocksucker lol stop jerking off to his pictures man

  11. sofia says – reply to this


    Perez can't even say something good about Justin Bieber without starting with the bad. Deplorable.Well perez go kill yourselfe JUSTIN IS A GOOD MAN

  12. RVonD says – reply to this


    Not a record…John Cena has done over 300. Well done though.

  13. RVonD says – reply to this


    Yeah…about that…

  14. Bongo says – reply to this


    Great that he's doing this but simply meeting fans is probably the easiest thing he can do. Really get involved and make a genuine contribution to causes like so many others. And why the need to make it all public! Just makes it very clear what his true intentions are, mere publicity. He's in a position to do so so much more.

  15. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: gogo – Donate pets to charity!?! You mean abandon dear.

  16. Pookisama says – reply to this


    WWE Superstar John Cena granted his 300th wish for Make A Wish in July 2012. To date he's granted over 400 wishes and grants multiple wishes every single event, every single week. He holds the record for the most wishes granted, check with Make A Wish

  17. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – His snake was sold to charity dumb moron and his hair as well. He never abandoned the monkey, he simply didn't have the right paperwork his friend who gave him the monkey didn't give it to him so it was taken away from him. I love how out of all you bring out something false as well and focus on it like it's the only thing I've mentioned. But hey believe what you want, become just another by the media brainwashed moron.

  18. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: Pookisama – So what? LOL. This is by a recording artist dumbass can't you read ? Bieber is 19, he is in the business since 2009, and by far he made 200, well done and Cena is since 2002 and if Bieber moves on like this he will easily break his record trust me. Accept the fact Bieber does good but people ignore it and only expose the bad.

  19. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – This is why his critics are never thinking positive and hate the kid because they're not EDUCATED about all he does. So it's for publicity ? Lol, alright stay in denial. Bieber's all money from his perfumes went to charity and his perfumes are one of the best selling ones ever. Money from the tickets of his shows go straight to Pencils Of Promise who build schools for children around the world, and by one night he makes enough money for one school to be build. His pet and snake was also sold for charity. He is involved with over 30 charities and isn't only meeting sick children is also donating money to over 15 hospitals for sick children also through his foundation.

  20. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: gogo – Your an angry child aren't you! Monkey was abandoned by a twat who thought he could bring him overseas, also makes him and his team extremely dumb for not thinking that might be a problem. Regular people don't sell their pets, which is why Im bringig up that comment, they stick with the commitment they made to them. And so what was the deal with the hamster being randomly given away then? This dumb kid is not responsible enough for a pet, end of.

  21. puffs says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – All of his meetings and charity are done off the cameras by HIS request. This is recorded because he broke the record, all 199 kids weren't filmed, he simply met them and hang out with them. Other charity work is barely ever publicized and it's too bad since he is doing a lot and people don't know it and judge him over his small mistakes. Too bad for them, but many know the truth and know he is a good kid. Every person his age goes through a period and he is going through it in front of milions of people. It's not the easiest thing to do ya know!! :)

  22. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: gogo – Posting a picture online of him handing money to a pan handler isn't for publicity then? Donating money is great, but he's loaded so I doubt it affects him. He could be doing so much more. And this is his nice guy fall back, no matter what douchey thing he does, his camp or family like to name drop Make a Wish. Like a said great that he does it and keep it up, but its a fraction of what others do or could be done. I do more.

  23. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Patrick – you were right; justin really does suck. he really isn't talented at all and is only a huge cry baby & bad influence for today's youth. i'm sorry for insulting you. you are truly wise and i should follow your example. i'm the true cock sucker who googles justin's images all day to jerk off with while in my basement. gotta go, my mom is calling me upstairs. that bitch always ruins my justin bieber wet dreams. i would be proud to have her as a mother if her attempt to abort me hadn't failed. i'm a loser and i'm sorry to everyone about it. justin bieber is my baby daddy

  24. Patrick says – reply to this


    Re: Patrick – Is this really the same retard that keeps changing people's names who defend Bieber and support him for a change and then writes those retarded idiotic comments? I am surrounded by idiots. Please don't embarrass my beautiful name by posting a retarded comment like that and people will think it's me lol. I think I remember you Andrew? Little cock sucker kept changing everyone's name and thinks he looks cool just because someone backfired at his idiotic comments LMAO stay living in your basement and jerking off to Bieber posts lol

  25. Brooksie says – reply to this


    Justin's people set up his 1/2 hr with these kids. I'm sure they make it very convenient for him too by setting visits up in the same city he's performing in. It's all about public relations - doesn't mean he gives a crap about any of them. It's all smoke and mirrors folks!

  26. lololol says – reply to this


    Re: Patrick – @Ban The Biebs I wish someone will report you and visit your house or basement you actually live in and beat the shit out of you for being so damn dumb….but I guess it's bad to know your life sucks and you actually don't have it at all so only way of getting attention is embarrassing yourself on internet :( ( poor little kid man, go make your mother proud and do something stop being a immature third grader and move on

  27. Brooksie says – reply to this


    Oh…and….all those donations? Tax write-offs. Get real folks!

  28. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: Brooksie – Exactly to both comments! It's still good that it's done but let's be aware of the intentions.

  29. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: Brooksie – People like you disgust me. You're the one sitting here criticizing someone who is doing so much good yet you never helped out someone in that way or did something good as big as Bieber did. If you really think it's all for publicity even though Bieber doesn't report it, people don't hear about it at all but you can google it and see it, you really are so disgusting and delusional into thinking all celebrities do it only as a joke? You're the biggest joke here my friend. Can Bieber do anything without you people trashing him or claiming he is fake? Wow I'm amazed by your ignorance. Next time you do anything like stuff he does let me know.

  30. gogo says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – And you're in his head and know him personally and know his real intentions ? You people should start to appreciate someone with a good heart. If he did it only for publicity he would report it everyday and take cameras every day, while he requests no cameras. His charity doesn't get reported because he doesn't want it, if he does a huge donation the foundation does publish it. You really amaze me, while you as I repeat will never do anything big as half of he does. I can't believe people can actually criticize someone doing good and being kind and still bring up the bad? SO sad.

  31. zayn says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – for people like you no one can do good it's all for publicity and it's all fake congratulations you are officially ignorant and very sad to be in your place my friend. i don't like his music but i appreciate all he does, no one is making him do it, many celebrities never do it, he doesn't have to do it, he is doing his job and making good money no one needs to donate it but he is and start appreciating people who actually do good! he was never greedy, and he's still a good kid, media is trying to mock him down but he is standing on his foot, strong kid !

  32. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: gogo – Yes I am just as you are apparently in mine and know what I do!? Re: zayn – Actually read my comments first. Your both children Im sure and have a lot to learn as you go through life, manners gogo being one of them.

  33. John Baxter says – reply to this


    John Cena hit 300… that terd bieber has work to do to make up for the embarrassment he's brought Canada

  34. BAN THE HATERS says – reply to this


    Re: John Baxter – re-read the article you idiot. Perez clearly said 'recording artist'. Last time I check John Cena was a wrestler. Can't all you haters just be proud of all the good he has done for this world unlike u pathetic loser who are nothing to no one. And here, representing Canada, hes made all of us damn proud. Finallyy shown up all the useless untalented artist America tries to bring up.

  35. 35

    I sure wish I had the money to make even one of those child's dreams come true. I would take them to Disneyland but hey, that is just me.

  36. 36

    This is why Justin Bieber's fans defend him so passionately against his haters. Because we know the good that is in Justin and he has been doing these visits with sick kids since 2009 when he was only 15. He has donated his time and energy as well raising millions for Make A Wish Foundation for years. Yet his rabies infected haters slobber on yet again. All the good things he does for the less unfortunate does not get the publicity it deserves.

  37. 37

    Re: BAN THE BEIBS – You are sick twit who needs to either see a head shrink or be locked up in a nut house for the sake of all in your community. You are way beyond the usual middle aged haters of Justin Bieber who resent a teenager who has the whole world at his feet. Borderline insane is giving you a compliment you don't deserve.

  38. 38

    Re: Bongo – He does and attitudes like yours is what gets Justin Bieber's fans so furious. Justin lends his name and donates time and millions of dollars to charities every year! Besides Make A Wish Foundation, he also donated millions to Pencils Of Promise since it's first days, he has been involved because his manager Scooter Braun is the brother of one of the founders. This charity that Justin is involved in since it's first days have built 150 schools in 3rd world countries. I wish people like you would Google his charity work for your self before you call him down. Portions of his merchandise sales, concert sales, and 100% of the net proceeds from his 2 best selling perfumes go to his 2 favorite charities and that act alone is in the millions! If putting money towards building 150 schools in 3rd world countries is not good enough for you, then it is you that has a problem not Justin Bieber!

  39. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Brooksie – Donations to charities usually are tax write offs, this encourages people to donate. IF there was no tax write offs then charities would go out of business and couldn't help those in need. Think before you speak idiot~! If you got a problem with all the time and energy not to mention all the millions every year Justin fund raises and donates to charities then you are the one with a serious problem.

  40. siesagen says – reply to this


    John Cena has 300+ wishes granted and before you say Bieber's 200 is for a recording artist then i have 2 reasons why its not true…1.) Justin Bieber is not an artist…2.) John Cena is also a recording artist he has a few cds out…so why make a big deal about a punk kid