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Usher's Ex Tameka Foster Was Angry Their Son Nearly Drowned On Singer's Watch!!

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tameka foster on custody battle

The range of emotions this woman must be going through!

Tameka Foster doesn't blame her ex Usher for their son Usher Raymond V's near drowning incident, but she strongly believes that there wouldn't have been an accident if she was the one watching the kids!

Here's what she said:

"I was mad because I was like, 'How did this happen? Who was watching him? Why was my son under water for nearly 3 minutes? I didn't blame [Usher] for it, I just was angry that it happened on his watch. Because, while accidents happen, never have my children been injured on my watch."

That's not totally fair since accidents can happen at anytime, we totally understand why she was so upset - after all she's already lost one child. A type of loss that no parent should have to go through ever!

Tameka admits she relived that past trauma when she first heard about the pool accident from Usher. She said:

"I was at a dental appointment and [Usher] doesn't call me regularly, so when I saw his number come up I immediately jumped up, I figured he had the boys . . I need to get this. It was like I relived [losing my son]. My brain went into all those modes. I even said on the phone, 'I've had this call before.'"

Ugh! We can't even imagine how this poor woman was feeling!

Tameka recently lost an emergency custody hearing, but she still wishes there could be some sort of agreement her and Usher could work out. An agreement where she'd be able to look after the boys when Usher is away.

Here's what she said:

"I'd like to have my first right of refusal, which means when he is not present, the kids come home to their mom. They don't stay home with the nanny and watch whatever show he's on. They come home to their mother."

In the meanwhile Tameka explains that she harbors no ill will towards her ex husband, saying:

"Absolutely not, no. He is the father of my children, and I love my kids more than life itself."

We don't think anyone could argue that she loves her kids a lot!

In the end though we're just happy their son is safe and sound! That's really all that matters!

P.S. Check out a recent picture of Usher and his son (below) that will definitely melt your heart!

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Usher's Ex Tameka Foster Was Angry Their Son Nearly Drowned On Singer's Watch!!”

  1. 1

    Home gurl just wants full custody so she gets more money, when will these guys learn….just because gurlfriend is wearing Louboutin, she's still ghetto.

  2. 2

    So she is saying her kids have NEVER been hurts when they are with her? So they haven't fallen and scraped their knee? Tripped over and banged their heads? What does she do, wrap up her kids in cotton wool? I call bullshit! I also understand that losing a child will also make you more cautious, but what happened to the kids was horrible, but it was an accident that could have happened whether the kids were with her, or not.

  3. what a joke says – reply to this


    Wait, didn't one of her older kids just die last year? Whose watch was he under? Can't really blame accidents on anyone, stupid money-grubbing, bitter-coz-usher-left-her-aging-a$$ idiot.

  4. 4

    Old story, the son is out of the hospital and back home now. The aunt was watching the son and dived right in as did another person, but they could not get his hand out of the drain. A worker at the house did so.

  5. Sonya says – reply to this


    Re: pmpk4757Re: pmpk4757 – Only thing I could say to that would be, she must not have the kids very much. Kid have accidents and it was not one's fault he got his arm hung up in the drain. Aunt was there and acted on it as did the two men. Sure, the drain should have had a cover but it didn't. It's a shame we can't all be on top of everything going on. If anyone would have thought or had any idea something like this would happen, I'm sure there would have been a cover on the drain. It was an accident and for her to go for custody over an accident is just dumb.