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American Idol's Justin Guarini Is So Broke He Skips Meals To Feed His Wife & Kids!

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american idol runner up justin guarini is totes broke

Oh no!

American Idol runner up Justin Guarini remembers the days when he couldn't walk down the street without being mobbed by fans.

But the man who lost to Kelly Clarkson has fallen on some rough times lately!

So rough that there are days when he's purposely not eating just so his kids can!

Hear his heartbreaking story:

"[I spend] days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough. To make sure my children and my wife have enough. I'm unafraid to say that I am terrified, I am struggling to make each day meet the next without breaking down and curling up."

Wow that's so sad!

But Justin, who has a wife and two sons, is able to find solace in his precious family.

He said:

"I have a wife whom I love and who loves me (me!) and who lifts me up. Children who give me cherubic-lipped kisses before I leave for work and who are the most delicious morsels of joy and peace and prosperity."


Still it's hard to believe that this man with such a promising future has to skip meals for his kids.

HOWEVER, things seem to be on the upswing for Justin as he's set to appear on Broadway in Romeo & Juliet with Orlando Bloom!

That should help, right???

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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23 comments to “American Idol's Justin Guarini Is So Broke He Skips Meals To Feed His Wife & Kids!”

  1. 1

    Sometimes you have to give up the dream and get a steady job.

  2. Whitney says – reply to this


    What would actually help is he got a real job. Nothing wrong will pursuing a dream, but sometimes you have to realize that it isn't going to happen.

  3. ann grant says – reply to this


    get a job

  4. fid says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Agreed. Especially once you make the choice to have a family, there are other things to consider. If you want to pursue your dreams that's great, but perhaps don't involve other people that depend on you financially.

  5. 5

    Re: rosebud99Re: Whitney – Agreed; when he got married and decided to spawn, he had a responsibility to get a real job. I don't feel sorry for him, and I don't see him as some kind of selfless saint, going without food for his family, because he's still selfishly pursuing a career in entertainment. So he gives up a few meals. You can bet his family is going without a lot of other things because he can't get over himself.

  6. 6

    I think he has had his chance and it's time to put his family first. Time to get a steady job and put the singing on the side. No one says he has to give it up, but the time has come where it cannot be first.

  7. Renee Reynolds says – reply to this


    Maybe he should've saved some of those mega bucks that were rolling in during his hay-day. Buying a huge house, fancy car, fancy clothes, etc. sure didn't get him far. Buy a decent house you can buy in-full, a car you can buy-in full, and put the rest in savings. Then they would all be able to eat. Also, not getting a real job could be hindering them. So what, you're not a superstar. That's okay. I go to work sit at my desk every day because IT BRINGS HOME MONEY. I would LOVE to be out trying to make it big, but I have responsibilities at home.

  8. 8

    Of course GETTING A JOB is out of the question!

  9. Orlando says – reply to this


    It's all bullshit. Leave the poor guy alone. Justin benand his family are doing just fine. What a joke. Do you believe everything that you read.

  10. 10

    I know what will save his family….A SCRIPTED "REALITY" SHOW….

  11. MB says – reply to this


    yeah, OR, and I hate to say it, but if you know you're not doing the greatest and can't see yourself improving in the near future, why are you having kids? and what is this guys wife doing? Is she working?

    It's a little late but sometimes you need to be selfish, for the sake of other people, who may not even exist yet, or be prepared before you pop the kids out.

    I love my freedom, and I feel bad for guys I know, who are doing what I do, but twice as much, and with hardly anything to show for it, because they have 3 kids and a divorce going on.

  12. 12

    I saw him on Oprah's where are they now and he put on a happy face I hope he's ok though but he and his wife need to get a job so I'm glad he got the Broadway gig. Good luck Justin and family.

  13. danalavoe says – reply to this


    Has he tried looking for a job?

  14. 14

    Re: Renee Reynolds – well said!!!

  15. 15

    But, he has a job. He was just in OWN's Where Are They Now. I don't believe it.

  16. 16

    If you can't afford kids don't have them. Oh wait he black…

  17. 17

    Re: trinigirl123 – Yes but how many people get or watch OWN? I cannot afford it on my Directv package. I agree, he now has responnsibilities and needs to get a full time paying job. Good news (too late for me) is I hear the job market is improving.

  18. Katie says – reply to this


    How about you update your site to include the part where he said this is bullshit, hes nowhere near poverty, and that these are twisted words? And do the people reading this even read the whole thing? He's on Broadway. Chances that that pays higher than any of your jobs are pretty high, unless you have some sort of amazing, high-paying job. He lives in a beautiful home with a beautiful, well-provided for family. Bye.

  19. Irene says – reply to this


    Has he thought about working for a living like we all have to do?? What is he doing to make money that he has no food? Go work at McD's or somewhere.

  20. lulu banks says – reply to this


    I dont believe this for a second, He has appeared in quite a few broadway shows and will be in the upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet starring Orlando Bloom. Being somewhat famous Im sure he gets paid fairly well to appear in the show.

  21. Denis says – reply to this


    broadway doesn't pay much

  22. 22

    Justin, it's over son! If you didn't hit it big when everyone knew you, you won't now. Move on and go teach or get another job. If I was his wife I would be pissed. Why do ppl make babies when they can't afford them? So stupid.

  23. alexa says – reply to this


    heres a suggestion..DONT REPRODUCE ASS HOLE