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We can NOT believe that intolerance like this exists, and this whole story makes us so sad and sick to our stomachs! We can't believe there are people out t… Read more…

163 comments to “UGH! Mother Of Handicapped Son Gets One Of The Most Offensive Letters EVER — From A Neighbor!”

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  1. 1

    Karma is an EPIC BITCH, and I would not be surprised if it got this woman back by having her child involved in an epic car accident that leaves her "NORMAL" child with a traumatic brain injury that leaves them to be little more than a vegetable, so that she will forever know what it is like to have to car for someone that did not choose to be handicapped. That is what this woman deserves, that is what I hope this woman gets.

  2. 2

    Although this letter was cruel and I do not in any way shape or form agree with it, I think if a kid is making noise outside, handicapped or not needs to be nipped in the bud. The mom of this kid must be an idiot if she lets her kids outside making noise the way the person is describing. I effin hate noisy neighbors more than anything on earth.

  3. 3

    I love how they didnt have the balls to sign it.

  4. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but this is the most disgusting letter you could write to someone. Just when you thought it couldnt get worse….it did. Telling a mother she should euthinize her child? Can't even believe someone even thinks like this. Hope they find the neighbor who typed this up, and has some hate coming their way. Not cool.

  5. 5

    I doubt if her "normal" children will stay that way having such a bitter, hateful, evil mother.

  6. Nm says – reply to this


    Im sorry, This just broke my heart, I can't believe how people are able to say such word, truly heartbreaking.

    I really hope people would be able to understand what they are saying and the damage they do with words.

    Much love to the kids family nd to you Perez :)

  7. JM says – reply to this


    This is horrible. I don't have children but I also have a special needs child who lives next door to me who always makes a ton of noise but to me it makes me smile! It is good noise, every child is loud, you embrace it! I cried reading this letter, every child is different and unique and even though I do not have children but plan on it with in the year, I wonder if special needs children will finally be accepted by the world. They are normal people, that have a hard time expressing their feelings….but aren't we all?

  8. Please don't reproduc says – reply to this


    Please track this person down so we can do the world a favor and "euthanize" them. Are you serious? kill yourself please.

  9. 9

    This is such truly disgusting things to say to anyone about their child. Many assholes, but this one really is horrible.

  10. 10

    That will be the same note that Mario sends to himself when his kid gets older. And then claim someone else sent it.

  11. MsKush says – reply to this


    Whoever wrote this letter needs to die, point blank… i hope they catch them…

  12. 12

    it's seriously sickening there are people out there that think this way. she needs to pull the stick out of her ass, and keep her goddamned mouth shut. and i love how she couldn't even sign her fucking name……

  13. Black and Purple says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – nip the noise in the bud? Kids make noise, that's what kids do! It's not like these kids are going in her yard or in her living room making noise…they are OUTSIDE! We cannot control what others do, most cities/villages/towns, have noise ordinances and if no one with breaking those ordinances, the you just have to deal

  14. Katelyn says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    You are an ignorant idiot. My brother had cerebal palsy, was wheelchair bound. He could not form words but could express himself through noises. First of all you can not control a child that has mental or physical illnesses. Our whole neighborhood knew about my brothers disorder and illnesses and were very welcome of everything. They never complained of all the times the ambulance was rushing into our neighborhood, sirens blaring in the middle of the night or early morning for him. Instead they would come over to make sure my parents had someone to watch us other kids while they went to the hospital. Or they would sit there and TALK to my brother. Yes he was noisy and loud, but he could not necessarily control that. That was his way of talking/expressing himself to everyone! That is a little different than your neighbors being noisy having a party or cutting the lawn.

    If you hate it so much fucking move because there is nothing the mother can do. And she should not have to force her children to stay inside at all times out of fear that her neighbors are going to do something like this or complain.

  15. 15

    The only one that needs to be euthanized in this situation is the person who wrote the letter. They're the one the world would be better off without. She didn't even have the balls to sing it, which means she obviously knew she was doing something wrong and didn't want to face the backlash she'd get. Girl better look out for the karma that's clearly going to be heading her way.

  16. Katie says – reply to this


    @pollopicu… Austism is a NEUORLOGICAL disorder go look it up if you are not familiar with it. There is no cure for, no for sure treatment, no medications, NOTHING! When a person with this disorder is making these "noises" as this asshole described, they are "stimming", it is their way of communication if they are non-verbal, which in this case this child is. When they are making these noises they are letting you know they are happy, frustrated, sad, mad etc like people without this terrible disorder do, but we do it words. People with this disorder are severely handicapped in communication. There is no reason this child should be cooped up because he is making noises. If these neighbors have such a terrible time living by this child, then they should move. I work with autistic children and I am sure this mother is doing the best she can with the cards she has been dealt. This sort of hatred is so unnecessary. 1 in 50 children will be diagnosed with autism this year. So before ANYONE goes judging this woman and her child, do your research about the disease process and learn about how hard it is to raise someone with it.

  17. 17

    While most of this letter is hideous and mean, it sounds like the autistic child is being left outside on purpose when he is making noise to give his mother "me time." I know it is so tough to have a difficult child to raise, but why make all of your neighbor's suffer. My family friend's daughter is severely disabled and her tantrums are very terrifying even as an adult. She sounds like she's being tortured. The mother should supervise her child when he's outside.

    The other mother should be ashamed of herself though for letting her anger over the noise nuisance to cause such an outburst of horrible things. The autistic child shouldn't be murdered and donated to science because his mother puts him outside when he's in the middle of a tantrum.

  18. Dan says – reply to this


    I understand where the woman's coming from, but she should have been more tactful. The reason I understand is because after I moved into my house, there was a young person that would go by in an electric wheelchair. I had no idea what kind of handicap the person had, but he would stop ever few houses on the sidewalk and bellow really loud. It scared the hell out of me. At first I thought he'd been hit by a car, but as I observed him, I figured he had palsy. Everyone in the neighborhood accepted that he was handicapped and no one complained.

  19. 19

    Re: Katelyn – While I TOTALLY agree that this is a horrible letter, the difference between your story and the one described in the letter, is that from the "pissed off mother" description - the autistic child is put outside of the home when he is making noise/having a fit. While it is totally unavoidable to have a special needs child make noise, the mother doesn't have to purposely put the child outside of her home in order to not have the noise in her home. Either way, the pissed off mother is in the wrong completely. I am a "normal" child and I used to make a hell of a noise playing with my friends.

  20. Alex says – reply to this


    I can't believe this, this is just sick. I don't have children but I could not be her because if I were I would knock on everybody's door in my neighborhood and demand who wrote this. Yes, I know that is the wrong way to come about this situation but I just can't believe who would ever have enough guts.. Well she didn't because she didn't sign but really you feel that way? Keep your feelings to yourself asshole.

  21. Just me says – reply to this


    What a total bitch! What horrible things to say about an innocent child! I am just disgusted.

  22. 22

    I'm well aware what autism is, but people need to respect other people's quality of life. Can you imagine hearing noises like that all day outside? why do others have to be subjected to that. Trust me, having endured neighbors from hell I can relate to the outdoor noise factor, and there's no reason why people shouldn't respect that for one another. When you make noise outside everyone hears you. Why does the world have to be polluted with noise all the time. What if I blasted my stereo out loud, would you like that? I feel really bad for people with special needs, but parents need to be more responsible about their kids, and if they're making noise, remove them from the situation. That is YOUR life, you should'nt have to force it on everyone else. ykwim?

  23. christa says – reply to this


    abit rich coming from you, eh? you are even worse

  24. Lonna says – reply to this


    I'm absolutely speechless by the lack of respect for a human life. Who does this lady think she is to speak in such a way about this family this child? I work with special needs adults and personally I love this population because regardless of their "afflictions" they are probably the most genuine people you will ever meet and in my experience usually the happiest. I'm so happy they are considering suing them I hope they follow through, despite what that awfully moronic person thinks she doesn't speak for the world and her actions will be dealt with and her judgment will be so much worse than that letter. The lord put all of us here to live and coexist it's about time we did so.

  25. 25

    Re: Katelyn – Gotta love that piece of trahs mentality of "if you don't like it move" why is it all trashy people say the same thing?

    I did move. I had to because people like you and your fucking noise.

  26. maggie says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492 – The mother of the autistic child has MS which is why she can't take him out to parks or to a trail like this idiot psychopath sick mother suggested. she is actually a nice lovey caring mother. Please don't judge her without knowing all the facts. She was very upset and hurt by this.

  27. Zoe says – reply to this


    This letter has really pissed me off, I have an autistic brother and I know that he cannot help it when he screams or makes noises because he doesn't understand that he shouldn't be so loud. The woman who wrote this letter is a prime example of whats wrong in the world, people who are intolerant and only think of themselves. It's incredibly hard to live with a disabled person in the family and no one needs people like that making it worse. If someone posted that through my door it wouldn't be karma getting them back it would be me..

  28. kara wilson says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    What do you suggest? The mother has Progressive MS (from the news reel,) so she can't take him out to exercise him. Should he locked inside 24/7? I'd feel sorry for someone's dog if that were what his or her life were like.

  29. Ashamedofhumans says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu

    Please don't breed, people like you are why there is so much hate in the world.
    Kids play outside and guess what? They make noise. I am sure you made plenty of noise as a child. It is what children do when they play outside. Clearly you have no children yet so again I ask that you keep it that way.

  30. Wowpeoplearestupid says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492

    You clearly don't know how to read. The letter doesn't say that the mother puts her child outside when said child is throwing a fit. The idiot who wrote the letter just says the noise the child makes when outside…most likely PLAYING. So before you comment you might want to actually READ and properly understand what it is you're reading.

  31. 31

    I love lennon and maisy they are the sweetest girls. as for the writer of this letter, KARMA is a bitch.

  32. 32

    But how is that anybody's else's fucking problem? So everyone in the neighborhood has to be miserable because she has issues. We all have issues. Every single person has issues, doesn't mean we have to subject everyone to our issues. We try to keep our issues private, no?

  33. 33

    whomever wrote this is truly sick in the head. i feel sorry her kids have to be raised by such an intolerant, tactless, rude woman.


  34. 34

    wow thats the sort of note a GAGA FAN would write

  35. KG says – reply to this


    The parent probably just jinxed her "perfect" kids

  36. mmlm says – reply to this


    so what do you suggest she do you idiot? gag him just so his neighbors wont complain, and make their lives more normal, while her child suffers, I would like to see what you did if you had children that were special needs, they are still people and deserve respect

  37. 37

    But I'm not saying that they don't deserve respect, of course they do, but you just can't let a kid outside to make noise every time he's out. You people are hypocrites because if there was a kid outside making noise all the time, and that became part of YOUR everyday life, it would bother you. How can it not. You get home tired from work you want peace and quiet and you never get it. that's impossible to live with.

  38. dillo says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – then u move people make noise and have the right to be as loud as the want during the day bitch

  39. PM2901 says – reply to this


    I balled reading that despicable letter. Being on gossip sites, I know that people like that exist. However, this went beyond disgusting. An innocent child. My heart hurts.

  40. Sara says – reply to this


    I live only 10 minutes away from where this happened, and when I heard it, I think just thinking of these horrible things is bad enough. Some people in this world need a reality check and a jail sentence.

  41. Kimberly says – reply to this


    This letter is disgusting and inhumane. Sure, noisy neighbors are a pest, and I know this from experience. BUT how could anyone sit down and write a hateful letter and not feel any remorse? Seriously, this letter must have taken at least 15 minutes to write, then you printed it out, and walked it over to your neighbor's house. And not once, did you consider the other people's feelings? Not only did you not have the "guts" to confront them in person, but you couldn't even sign the letter. You are a bad neighbor, person, and mother. Knowing that you are raising humans, that will one day venture out into the world, makes me feel uneasy. I hope they take your children away. I hope you get charged with whatever charges possible. And I hope you change your evil ways.

  42. 42

    Alright well I just watched the news story on this. They live in a " green " neighborhood complex where everyone in living on top of one another, The mom claims she has " stage 2 MS" and cant walk with him or play with him so she sends him outside. This is taking pace at grandma's. The dad looks like a douchebag and is playing the victim card.Kids not being watched and being loud and disrespectful is nothing new, but its also real rude and can destroy your home life pretty quickly, especially is this is going on at all hours of the night. I think this was written by a teenager of someone in Junior high that cant do their work , sleep or let alone watch a TV anymore in peace. Not the way to go about things buts its clear these "parents" have basically given up and should probably have their kid taken away from them.

  43. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    I laughed because that's the most retarded (pun intended) letter I've ever read, and can't believe someone actually wrote it. It was probably the old bag in every neighbourhood that has a pole shoved up her ass.

  44. dillo says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – yes he should be locked up inside all day how dare she let her son out in the sunshine are u fucking serious dickhead he has much right to be outside and to be as loud as he wants to u are a loser these AWFUL sounds are sometimes the only way disabled people can communicate shame on u

  45. 45

    Re: dillo – No they don't have a right to be as loud you piece of shit redneck. Only trash people think and say such things. Maybe if i went beside your pigsty of a house and made noise all day and night you wouldn't mind? let me know, bitch.

  46. 46

    Re: pollopicu – It figures a dumb ass like YOU would side in some way with the messed up bitch who wrote that drivel.

  47. 47

    another , thing, the parents seem VERY manipulative and unbelievable. After the watching the video it sort of reminded me of seeing scott peterson fake grieving over his missing pregnant wife. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they created the letter after receiving some complaints. there is more to this story

  48. ashley says – reply to this


    This is literally the worst thing I have ever read!!!! I hope to GOD that karma kicks this devil women in the ass someday! She should burn in hell for this! If she is bothered by a child who cannot help genetics she needs to move away because clearly she is the one who belongs in a trailer in the woods by herself!

  49. 49

    Re: dillo – But why should other people suffer? it's not fair, and it's selfish of the parent, any parent, of any child to allow kids to make noise like that. We're trying to live in a civilized society. So many parents have way too many excuses, and I do feel bad that she has a life with a disabled kid, but everyone on the block doesn't have a disabled kid, and you force that misfortune on strangers.

  50. Samantha says – reply to this


    I have an autistic brother who is my entire world, & so this letter REALLY strikes home for me, and This letter literally brought tears to my eyes. The fact that this anonymous mother had the nerve to tell another mother everything she feels is wrong with her son is just beyond me. I can't grasp it - I mean she is just so disrespectful.( this anonymous woman reminds me of PROF. UMBRIDGE ) I sincerely hope that the mother to the autistic boy Maxx can infact prove this letter to that awful woman and take her ass to jail and court for being 100% cruel and mean and unjust ! I truly hope that Max and his mother can overcome this obstacle and smile again, and Perez PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!

  51. yelloweye27 says – reply to this


    What an ugly letter from a miserable misguided person. Love to the child and family.

  52. TM says – reply to this


    parents of mentally challenged children don't want them to be treated differently, yet everyone is outraged by this. If your stupid kid is making annoying noises and disturbing the neighbours then they're going to complain whether the kid is handicapped or not. But oh no let's have a double standard because the kid is mental. You either want them to be treated the same or you don't, so make up your mind.

  53. lulu banks says – reply to this


    the woman who wrote this letter is nothing but an ignorant, pathetic coward who wrote a disgusting letter but did not have to courage to attach her name to the letter. Good on the parents who are deciding to press charges.

  54. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: JadedGem – …. But does her kid deserve that? What you just wrote is nearly as offensive and as hateful as what she wrote. Both of you are wishing bad things on innocent children. I think this woman is horrible and will get what's coming to her too…. but I don't wish that a child gets a traumatic brain injury in the process….

    Either a teenager wrote this as a "joke," or the woman who wrote this is both incredibly stupid and mentally ill.

  55. nono says – reply to this


    Re: MVPnis
    You'er not just handsome but smart too ..This clearly is a hoax letter with a motive to gain sympathy for the parents ……

  56. 56

    Though the letter is horrid, you can hear the woman's frustration. Everyone jumps on the wagon that the neighbor is evil. Well if you had this noise outside (no matter where it comes from) daily it would make you nuts. It could make a sane person have a mini breakdown and that's what probably happened with the letter.

    I have these kids that play right outside my apartment door after school. They are so loud and they bang against the door while playing and running around, they are happy and laughing and having fun. I don't begrudge them that and say nothing but it makes me crazy. It puts me on edge. There is no peace for those two hours. AND what's worse, is I have no doubt that the mother told them to get away from HER front door area because they were making so noise. It is so frustrating.

  57. Melissa says – reply to this


    Omigod, this is a HORRIBLE letter!! I wanted to sympathize with this neighbor, but paragraph 2 is so heartless. This person's a mother? And they say no other neighbor has the guts to tell them? It takes a lot of courage to slip a letter under a door, UNSIGNED. True courage. Disgusting!

  58. Jenny says – reply to this


    I am the VERY proud Moher of a Son with Autism. Yes he is loud and yes he makes noises called Stimming. None of them have understanding of the volumes of their voices. My child did not ask for this. He deserves to be outside, enjoy himself and express himself.
    If we, the parents of Special needs Children are forced to have our kids subject to the ignorance most people are instiling into their kids and are forced to have our children hear said ignorance and profanities then you better believe that the "normal" kids will be subject in hearing our innocent kids express them selfs in a non-hate filled, profanity free loud manner.
    If I were this Mother I'd enlarge the letter, post in my yard for my neighbors to read and have my rebuttal right next to it for all to read! There is no hope for the human race. 1 in 3 boys will be diagnosed, watch your youngest or you may/will eventually eat your words!

  59. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Re: AussieGirl – I wish YOU were euthanized, fucking inbred slut.

  60. Laurie MacLellan says – reply to this


    This is my neighbour and this breaks my heart to see such an uneducated and hateful person lives amoungst us. I will NOT tolerate such ignorance, what does that teach our children ??? We must love and accept all, we are all beautiful and unique in our own special way. Makes me sad to think this person lives such a sheltered, narrow minded existence. Special needs children teach us so much and contribute to our lives in such an incredible way.I take so much pride in where I live because we are a very close community. We stand strong for one another and know we have someone to always help us in any situation. I am so proud that we were able to show this support to this famly… Damn proud of The Port of Newcastle !

  61. Halls says – reply to this


    This is bull crap! Really, someone would have the heart to say something like this about a child? The mother cannot help how her child was born and people should not disclude or make fun of him for him being different. He is still a kid with a heart. Like they always say, what goes around comes around and I tell you what, KARMA is a freaking b**ch. What if this situation was the opposite way around? I bet you this mother that had to be ignorant would not like how others would be treating her child. Hopefully she has a kid that is a little different and she gets to bare what she has put this poor mother through.

  62. Jenny says – reply to this


    * that should have read "watch your tongues" not "watch your youngest"

  63. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – I completely agree. This letter was incredibly heartless but people have a right to privacy, including a peaceful environment, in every neighbourhood and if someone isn't acting accordingly then they deserve punishment. The other residents shouldn't tolerate misery just because one unfortunate is living in it.

  64. Chibey says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – You're a fucking idiot. Seriously. Children, pets, nature, even adults make noise outside. As long as it's between 7am-11pm people can make as much noise as they want (to a certain extent). Kindly do society a favor, and move to a cabin in the woods if you have such a problem with others.

  65. hooligan21 says – reply to this


    This is completely disgusting, but not totally surprising because it was written by someone in Newcastle, Ontario. Town of inbreds and rednecks. Doesn't excuse the level of stupidity from this woman though.

  66. momma2eight says – reply to this


    I live in the next town over from the mom and have friends who are close to her. The mom is disabled now due to having progressive multiple sclerosis and can no longer chase after Max. He is a runner as many ASD kids are. She is now using a wheelchair so he goes to his grandma's house when dad is at work in the summer (no school program). It was the grandma;s neighbor who sent the letter and I hope they are caught. It was a vile and revolting thing to do. Karma will catch up to this person and I hope it is not a child of hers who bears the brunt of the karma. As a mother of special needs children myself you cannot understand the fatigue, frustration, worry and expense parents face. Max's saving grace is that he has a family that loves him and does their best. If this neighbour was the parent of a special needs child I would fear for her child's safety.

  67. mmlm says – reply to this


    For your information, I am in this situation, I live next door to a child with autism, and hear him every day, and guess what I do not mind at all, he is a sweet child, and believe that he deserves to be out in the world expressing himself in whatever way he can. So I guess it's just the assholes who have a problem with this.

  68. charles says – reply to this


    plz tell me where this person lives i gotta have a talk with them

  69. bridget says – reply to this


    God bless that poor mother. My heart bleeds for her and her child. What an ugly, hurtful, awful letter. That is NOT how the world feels about special needs children! I am so sorry that you had to be subjected to something so disgusting. My heart goes out to her.

  70. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Re: mmlm – Stupid bitch. Why should others have to be subjected to unnecessary noise at all hours just because someone is mentally challenged? Having a disability is not a free pass to bother others you moron.

  71. AshliMUA11 says – reply to this


    I hope this stupid bitch gets her ass handed to her one day. Karma is a bitch and I doubt it's going to slip past this stupid dumb ass. First off… if she is going to write a letter as if she is "NORMAL;" normal people know better grammar and re-read their letters so that they don't sound like fucking idiots. I seriously wish this stupid mother fucker would have posted her name. I would GLADLY send them a letter to let them know how horrible of a person they are. I hope their family members disown them for their own retarded comments to someone who can't even help being the way they are. Poor child… I hope they grow up to be big and beat this morons ass to death.

  72. Hanna says – reply to this


    Amazed she signed of "one pissed of mother"….if ever there was candidate for selective sterilization it's her…women like her should not be allowed to raise children

  73. someone says – reply to this


    that stupid bitch I cant believe she wold write such a horrible letter like that if her kids can go out and play her little boy can no matter wat is wrong wit him he is allowed to do anything a lil kid can do its bein outside and bein able to b loud its doesn't matter that bitch if she got a problem she shold move since she thinks she so big and bad not if she had a problem don't write a letter u need to go to that lady personally so she needs to fuk off and bother somebody else

  74. tacogirls says – reply to this


    A bit Over the top. NOT to defend this person. But if this kid is loudly making noises outside
    that other neighbors have to listen to, The mother or whomever should do something about
    it!! If this is the first time she's complained, she certainly held it in for a while and said some mean things. But to have to listen to someone's kid yelling constantly and not having
    quiet in your own home is Awful

  75. ivyivy says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – did you play outside as a child? I know i did…in fact i grew up in this neighborhood….it's a small community with lots of small children who are running around doing what children do….Max can't go to the park with the rest of the kids in the area because his grandmother isn't up to chasing an autistic child that tends to wander, nor can his mother because she's in a goddamned WHEELCHAIR you idiot. He goes outside to play, in the backyard, where he's SAFE ffs….. He makes happy noises, he bounces a ball..his favorite thing in the world to do..and he has as typical of a childhood as he is capable of having. I suggest if you dislike children, or have an issue with children doing what they do in the summer months, like PLAY OUTDOORS…maybe an adult living community or the like would suit you better. I have 3 children, one on the autism spectrum, and they play outdoors simply because i don't believe that sitting in front of the idiot box all day, nor playing video games is something they need to be doing. My kids are also well rounded, well socialized and very well liked within our neighbourhood….even if they do tend to be a little loud at times….. You're obviously not a parent…you come across as someone who just needs something to bitch about to be perfectly honest !

  76. 76

    Re: pollopicu – I get where you are coming from, since you were in a similar situation and had to move. This reminded you of that, so you just went there with your comment. I think that letter, was disgusting, disturbing, and downright evil. I also think it wasn't written by a mom. I hope they find this person and they are put to shame. HOWEVER, I love living in quite neighbourhoods, and as quiet and nice as I am, if I was disturbed every single day and was made to feel uncomfortable, I would hate it. I don't care WHAT you're going through, I am going to dislike your ass. People need to communicate better. A simple, 'my son has a disability….he goes outside at 3pm to play and can be very loud' or 'my son gets very upset at night when it's time for bed at 8pm' can really soften someone's heart and have them not only understand it, but work around the situation. I want to strangle some folks sometimes because I just assume the worst in my mind. As soon as I have a talk with them, problem solved. Communicate people.

  77. trey says – reply to this


    i sincerly wish death over this woman! Disgusting

  78. 78

    They should ask around the neighborhood and find out who this horrible woman is. Whoever sent this letter is a sick person. This is so sad and I know if this letter made me cry I can imagine what it did to the mother who received it.

  79. bella says – reply to this


    My autistic child LOVES to play outside, I can hardly keep him away from the backdoor, he is always grabbing my hand and dragging me to the door and pointing to outside. When outside, he makes noise, its loud, but he laughs and jumps up and down, he is telling me he is HAPPY! and if any of my neighbors had a problem with that, I would respect it, but not if they told me in an awful way like that! Last week, I knew my neighbors had relatives visiting from out of country, and they were so stressed about getting their yard ready for them, so I made sure to take him out to more parks instead of the yard, its a respect thing. I donno, this is just horrible, I hope who wrote this is feeling really bad right now.

  80. bella says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – wow.

  81. jackie r says – reply to this


    disgustingggggggggg!!! cant believe there exist people like these!

  82. Eye of the Storm says – reply to this


    I enjoy a peaceful neighborhood myself but would never write such an evil letter. It doesn't matter whether a child is handicapped or not that is making the noise. The point here is the evil writings of whomever wrote it that came from a demented mind. The things in the letter should scare the hell out of a parent that has a child that is making too much noise for any particular neighbor. Really? Stating harm on a child making noise? Not on my watch.

  83. Ball State 2013 says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Apparently you don't understand that the parents aren't "allowing" their child to make the noises, this is how the child communicates. All neighbors make noise, whether it's loud music, a loud motorcycles, parties, fighting, etc. This child is in their own yard and is no different then "normal" children who tend to be louder (at least on my street). And the fact that you say it's selfish of the parents is ridiculous. Every child deserves the opportunity to play outside. I'm sure the parents want the child to have a good time and have fun. I would not call that selfish, I would call that loving. I'm guessing you live by yourself because typically if more than one person lives in a home there is going to be noise and to say otherwise is ridiculous.

  84. Ball State 2013 says – reply to this


    Re: TM – Parents of children with disabilities do want to be treated the same but this is beyond. I'm sure if a parent of "normal" child received this letter they would be outraged as well.

  85. Ewwww says – reply to this


    I cannot believe this horrible woman wrote this letter. I love how she couldn't sign the letter either. Seriously, what is wrong with the world? Does the kid have no right to play outside in his yard? I have a sneaking suspicion that the mother of the child does not leave her kid out in the yard all day. Eww What a nasty human being. I hope the family presses charges. Unfortunately, I doubt anything will come of it unless this letter gets more media attention. It's one of the few times, the media can help with a problem.

  86. Rally says – reply to this


    If the letter were addressing the issue of the child being noisy and disruptive then that would be fine. In fact, she would have my sympathies for having to deal with a disruptive neighborhood boy, BUT she took this too far. I think this woman did herself a favor, because she cannot harm this boy now, the spotlight is on the letter she wrote and she is now under public scrutiny. She clearly was fed up and was making it pretty clear that he is better off dead, and who knows, she might have snapped and killed him. This letter may be a blessing in disguise, as she can't snap and kill him under the spotlight.

  87. Rozzi says – reply to this


    Is there any way I can protest this letter? support this mother? this is disgusting. I wish there was something I could do….

  88. anna says – reply to this


    I saw the interview….
    Really, i felt like there was some kind of act going on…
    Whoever wrote this letter, must be more mental disabled as anyone i've ever known in my entire life, and i really hope that she'll get what she deserves.
    Karma is a bitch, what you do to others will come back at you.

  89. nikki says – reply to this


    Re: JadedGem
    The unfortunate part Jadedgem is that i am sure she is such a disaster she would put her "normal" kids in a facility i highly doubt that she would actually care for anyone that is anything less than healthy

  90. Sadie G says – reply to this


    Re: MVPnis – What's the link? I'd like to see this news report.

  91. knowitallq says – reply to this



  92. knowitallq says – reply to this



  93. ONIT says – reply to this


    The police is investigating and trying to find this neighbor! I hope they succeed!

  94. 94

    Holy mackerel. The yelping, screaming, and hollering is indeed very disturbing (I have experienced this). Slipping a letter, unsigned, under the door says everything that needs to be said about you. How about this, walk up to the front door, ring the bell and express your concern. Something may change or not change. You, however, are and will be forever a douche bag of the highest order. Euthanasia, body part donation? You are talking about a human being.

  95. demonsAren'tOnlyAngel says – reply to this


    Hope they gonna catch that witch who has written this letter and burn her up!
    Eventually, her kids will have a good reason to be fucking scared and cry.

  96. nightfalls says – reply to this


    The writer of this letter is a waste of human flesh. I take care of mentally handicapped people for a living, and have a cousin with a severely autistic child. It is how they communicate or play when they're happy or having fun. The writer should be the one to move if they're that unhappy with the situation. I have one individual that can be loud and our neighborhood overlook him or check on us if something is wrong. These people should be put into a place where they can learn. Just because the child has a handicap doesn't mean they can't learn and lead a stable life. And change to their life and routine does more harm then good. So to the writer of the letter take yourself and your "normal" kids and move. The kind of karma you just built means you are gonna suffer hard…either you or your children will will be put in a painful situation. Educate yourself and your children to learn compassion for all human life.

  97. Elle kade says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – you obviously have your mind made up to be a miserable wanker so stop whining about noise, it happens everywhere get the fuck off your high horse and realize the world doesn't revolve around your idiotic ass.

  98. 98

    Re: Katie – @pollopicu is a complete jerk. If you see her posts she NEVER has anything even remotely positive to say about anyone/anything. She is only on here to bash people. I have had words with "her" before. She is a miserable angry person. Yes, constant noise is annoying, but an autistic child can't help it. The mother has MS, so she can't be running him all over to keep him away from the neighbors. I doubt she is putting him outside to avoid having to hear him. If the neighbors can hear him, she can. She is probably trying to get him outside for freh air. Tere is no expectation of provacy from "noise pollution" except noise ordinances which function when it is anticipated people need quiet (which never takes in to account people who work 3rd shift, but that is a diferent issue). Noise is somethiing you have to deal with in a rural setting. If you expect total peace & quiet you need a place in the country on 30+ acres.

  99. 99

    Re: pollopicu – Everyone but you is always a piece of trash if they don't agree with you, aren't they? I get living with noisy neighbors - I moved. Other than living way out in the country, or on a deserted island, there is NO expectation of quiet outside of noise restriction ordinances. I kid with a mental problem can't help it. The mom with MS is not free to run him all over to keep him out of the way of neighbors. If the neighbors can hear him, she can also hear him. It is not like putting him outside puts him out of hearing range.

  100. Melanie says – reply to this


    I would be beyond surprised if this mother every just sends her autistic child outside to spend the day alone making noise all day unsupervised. I would wager that he tends to make noise when they are coming and going, usually when he gets excited or agitated. The woman who wrote this horrible letter obviously realizes how inappropriate she was in the letter because she was too ashamed to sign it. The only one who needs to be euthanize is the sorry excuse for a human being who wrote this note.

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