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She’s caught in the act again! Selma Blair has been ruffling feathers over breastfeeding her two-year-old son in public for years, but that's not stopp… Read more…

18 comments to “Selma Blair Nurses Arthur At The Studio City Farmer's Market”

  1. 1

    It's so weird to me that people get upset over a mother doing what's supposed to be done, but they find nothing wrong with drinking the milk of a four legged animal. A mothers milk is meant for that child, up to five years for humans. So why are we feeding off milk from cows and goats? It's natural to breatfeed. It's good for both mother and child. So what's the upset? Smh.

  2. ToulieB says – reply to this


    GOOD FOR HER!! It's why GOD made boobs people… to feed our babies!!

  3. 38543854 says – reply to this


    Fucking gross!

  4. ambee says – reply to this


    im not put off by the fact that the kid is still on breast milk but but at this age you should be pumping and teaching him to drink from a sippy cup, no child should remember breast feeding.

  5. 5

    I think it's fine… It's just they make cover ups and special shirts for it. Boobs are still viewed as a private/sexual part of the body and I don't want to expose my boobs to the public esp with all the pervs. I have a cover that goes around my neck. It's simple to use. No big deal. Also at two years old it's time to let the boob go and use sippy cups. You can still provide breast milk in a big boy cup.

  6. 6

    Fucking trash.

  7. 7

    I agree with using a coverup of some kind.

  8. otter says – reply to this


    I am fine with anybody breastfeeding in public. What I do have a problem with is you posting this. You are a JERK.

  9. 9

    Nobody is allowed to judge any mother for breastfeeding her child no matter the age and not every child likes to be covered up, my daughter would throw a fit every time I attempted to cover her up with both our body heat it would get too hot and the cover makes it even more obvious that your feeding, I always nurse in public and no one can ever tell it just looks as if baby is sleeping so glad that we have celebrities trying their best to normalize breastfeeding again. And shame on anybody that finds breastfeeding disgusting.

  10. 10

    This is her way of staying thin. That is all.

  11. Sharon says – reply to this


    At this age the boy can get up and go pour himself a drink from the fridge. She can pump and put the milk in containers and he can drink from a cup.

  12. Paula says – reply to this


    She is doing this for attention.

  13. Ali says – reply to this


    Why should she sit there and pump milk when she has perfectly good breasts and a child willing to get it out himself whenever he wants. It's the best source of nutrition for a child, not anything else you can buy and put in a sippy cup. Whoever has a problem with this needs to get an education and stop being a moron.

  14. Jessbrege says – reply to this


    I feel like it is disgusting that you continue posting pics of this woman feeding her child. There are a lot of things that make breast feeding great, besides the the actual breast milk itself, for example the skin to skin contact and bonding that it establishes. What I see in these pictures is a woman who puts her sons needs first regardless of the photographers that are waiting in the wings to exploit a natural moment to the judgement of others (others who are clearly extremely uneducated). Also Perez, I hope your new son is experiencing the same kind of love that this mother is exhibiting to her child. I also wonder if you have considered what it would feel like for your parenting decisions to be ostracized in this similar manner. You are a strong gay man raising a son alone. Why blast pictures of a loving mother feeding her child in public as though she is doing something wrong?

  15. tacogirl says – reply to this


    GROSS…Looks quite perverted Because that kid is Big.
    Really, gives me the creeps.

  16. 16

    So when are "kids" too old to be breast fed? 16? 29? 53? There is no nutritional reason for a two year old to be breast fed unless it has some serious medical condition prohibiting the eating of food. WTF? This kid will be popular in high school–"Hey come to my house for milk and cookies!"

  17. 17

    Re: Paula – Absolutely correct. Shock value etc

  18. LA GIRL says – reply to this


    That is so flippin gross & weird. I think that is way to old. If he is hungry give him some food like normal parents & a sippy cut. SHE'S A FREAK!!!!