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12-Year-Old Girl Runs Vine Like You Wish You Could!

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There are very few people who actually use the video sharing service Vine to its full potential. This girl goes by Lillian Powers (we're not sure if that's her real name), and seems to be from Michigan… she's also responsible for the comedy gold you see above (AND below)!

Seriously, it's like she's Zach Galifianakis trapped in a 12-year-old girl's body, flawlessly executing awkward comedy like it's her job! He video list keeps growing, too, without signs of ever stopping.

And we totes don't want her to!

Her profile says this:

I'm 12 years young. Going into 7th grade. I just have fun with my Vines.

Lillian, we wouldn't change a thing about you! Good luck on becoming the next big thing in comedy a few years down the road!! See more of her HIGHlarious vines AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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