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Jack & Lisa Osbourne Have Tragically Lost Their Unborn Baby

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jack lisa osbourne have tragically lost their unborn baby

We're in shock, so we can't even imagine how the parents must feel.

Jack Osbourne's wife Lisa Stelly has revealed some scary sad news on her blog.

Lisa had a late term miscarriage, and her and Jack have lost the baby boy that Lisa was pregnant with.

Here's what Lisa wrote:

"I have been dreading this announcement…. I needed some time before being able to say it. Jack and I lost our baby boy last week. Having a late term miscarriage is by far the hardest thing either of us have ever had to go through. We appreciate all of your prayers and ask for privacy and respect during this time. It’s important to stay hopeful and optimistic through life’s toughest moments. We never know why things like this happen. All we can do is trust in God and know he has a plan for our lives.

Jack & Lisa"

We're so sorry to both of these amazing people.

No one should have to experience such an unfortunate event in their lives.

We offer these two our deepest and sincerest condolences, but there's nothing that will erase the pain of this traumatic experience.

[Image via WENN.]

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39 comments to “Jack & Lisa Osbourne Have Tragically Lost Their Unborn Baby”

  1. 1

    I almost lost it. I thought you were going to say their daughter. I didn't know they were pregnant. R.I.P.

  2. 2

    "All we can do is trust in God and know he has a plan for our lives. - See more at:

    SUUUURE ! He kills your son and he has plans for you ? God doesn't exist. YOU do. You take strenght in each other.

    (this must be such a sad, tragic thing to live through.)

  3. 3

    So so sad. I grieve with them! Much love to them.

  4. Melly Mel says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Hate much? if you don't like Perez why are you on his site?

  5. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


  6. 6

    Re: Hannah Treiber

    Stay classy.

  7. bigkitty says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – I understand you love Lady Gaga and hate Perez Hilton, but do you really think your comments are appropriate on an article about a couple who have tragically lost a baby? If you want to make comments like that, then put them on an article that is not about the tragic death a baby. I am sure Lady Gaga would be appalled to think that one of her fans was so vile as to make comments like that on this particular article.

  8. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Did your rant actually have a purpose? Looking out for mommy? What? Or was it just an excuse for you to show that you are an expert and not capitalizing words at the beginning of sentences, or using correct punctuation or spelling. I'm sorry, but whatever you were trying to say was lost on me due to the fact that the education system clearly failed you miserably.

  9. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Oh, now I get it. You're one of Gaga's "Monsters" or as you put it, "Monstar." What the hell does the fact that he doesn't like Gaga have to do with this poor couple losing their baby? If anyone should stay out of anything it's you.

  10. h says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – OMG u nasty person

  11. Scarificial Lamb says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Dude, shut the fuck up. Just because you don't want to believe doesn't mean any one else can't. Fuck off.

  12. 12

    I'm so sorry.

  13. 13

    It's interesting how everyone is saying she lost a baby but when a woman wants an abortion, it's just a growth, not a baby. Double standard.

  14. Jessica says – reply to this


    There's a difference between aborting an unwanted baby and losing a wanted baby. That's not a double standard.

    I'm sorry for their loss and I hope they'll find a way to cope with it.

  15. CNW says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber

    Wow… I am embarrassed for you…

  16. 16

    Re: Scarificial Lamb – You shut up ! People have a right to believe in imaginary friends in the sky, but you cannot say drivel like "All we can do is trust in God and know he has a plan for our lives." It's a ridiculous phrase. If God was soo good, the baby would not be dead.

  17. 17

    This is terrible. My condolences during this tragic time..

  18. 18

    Re: Hannah Treiber – And you find your post appropriate how?! You're disgusting. Not only are you posting your hate…because that's what is is..not even a valid coherent thought just straight up hate on a post related to a miscarriage but you sound like a complete tool doing so. I am also a Gaga fan and let me tell you, your post has no place here and you dragging your hate on here makes you look stupid. Go away.

  19. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – I think you misunderstand who God is. He is not a puppet master above the clouds holding the strings to all of us - controlling us or controlling events. Unfortunately, a lot of really horrible things happen - things that sometimes cannot be explained. The loss of Jack and Lisa’s baby is one of them. I cannot imagine the pain and sadness they must be experiencing, and my heart and prayers go out to them.

  20. Hannah Treiber says – reply to this


    Re: TruthBeTold – eat ass you fungus , which post of this sperm bank named perez should I have chosen to voice my opinion ? I happen to Love Jack and pray for his family. Notice the punctuation where it matters.

  21. Hannah Treiber says – reply to this


    Re: TruthBeTold – bitch please i'll out think you on my worst day believe me when I tell you that. Truth is I wasn't saying anything I was typing, you think my thoughts being lost on you means shit to me? Listen Trick, get yourself a dollar fifty-nine go down to the drug store get yourself a pack of razor blades and slit your fucking wrists because you're useless.

  22. Hannah Treiber says – reply to this


    Re: bigkitty – so sorry little kitten maybe I should have chosen one of the more intelligent posts about miley's tongue, or the anti-Semite mel gibson, or no the really important one about taylor being refused at a restaurant in venice. You're nothing but a mindless drone errand boy sent by grocery clerks, go drown yourself.

  23. Demi Is UGLY says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Fucking inbred slut, why don't you blow your brother some more?

  24. MAGNIFICIENT_GRAMMA4 says – reply to this


    Jack and Lisa, My deepest condolences for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your families. Having experienced such an incredible loss years ago, I understand the depth of your pain. You now have a precious little angel looking down upon you from Heaven.

  25. Rose says – reply to this


    @Perez their loss is not considered a late term miscarriage. Years ago when Lilly Allen lost it, it was due to the loss of her pregnancy as well. She was 6 or 7 months along, you made fun of her mental state. While I am glad that you can now show sympathy I wish you could of done it back then as well. I guess parenthood changes you.

  26. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Do you eat with that mouth?

  27. 27

    this is so sad im sorry for their terrible loss i didnt even know they were pregnant again but its a very horrible tragedy my prayers are with u both xxx

  28. Leigh says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – LATE TERM MISCARRIAGE! You moron! That's very much a baby! No one aborts past 5 months!

  29. chelle says – reply to this


    Re: Rose

    A late term miscarriage is any loss occurring in the second trimester, but before 20 weeks, so basically between 13 and 20 weeks. Anything prior is an early miscarriage, anything later is a stillbirth. I believe she stated somewhere that she was in the second trimester. Regardless, and pregnancy loss is tragic and my thoughts are with them.

  30. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – yeah there's a difference… One life was valued versus the other isn't. That phrase "unwanted baby" just kills me. No matter how anyone frames it or tries to justify it, it just still feels so wrong. It's funny how some people have more guilt over killing a bug than a little human….

  31. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: Leigh – The irony is not lost.

  32. kim says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – soo sorry how many months pregnant was she….poor thing

  33. Kara White says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – that's really disgusting that on this page, where we are talking about a HORRIBLE loss of an unborn child, you decide to express your hate for perez. if you're trying to make perez look bad, you're making yourself look even worse. It was disgusting, what you wrote.

  34. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Well, you could have chosen one where he directly references Lady Gaga, there is no shortage of them. Then your rant would have made sense. Also, you're the fungus. You're the troll coming on sites and defending yourself by calling people disgusting names. You obviously lack the wit to do anything but spew crap out of your mouth.

  35. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – I don't believe you. If you could out think me you would think of better things to say to support your argument, and you wouldn't just call people names or tell them to kill themselves. Uneducated bullies like you are the reason why there are problems in the world. So before you go vomiting out hate, and telling people to kill themselves, maybe you should think about what it is you are actually saying. Which is, "I'm pathetic, and I don't know what else to say, so I say this. My self esteem is so rock bottom I have to tear people down on the internet to feel better about myself, blah blah." Also, I'm no "trick" I'm a published author with a Master's Degree. I just enjoy reading this site from time to time to either laugh or shake my head. You obviously don't get Lady Gaga's overall message of anti-hate. I doubt she would pat you on the back or want to be associated with you after what you've said here. Let her fight her own battles, she already told Perez how she feels about him, and she sure as hell doesn't need you bringing her down. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and either lose an internet connection, or shut your filthy trap and go to therapy. Also, I see you still haven't figured out how to capitalize letters. Don't worry dear, you'll get that one day. I'm sure your elementary school graduation at 30 will be just glorious.

  36. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    People who have done a lot of drugs have difficulty having kids……

  37. Lara says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – Wow. In the 6 years that I have been browsing this website I have never once commented, but now that I've seen your posts I feel compelled to. I can't say that you, as a person, are disgusting, but I do think that your opinions, and especially how you choose to express them, are. I hope you are happy knowing that it is sick "little monsters" like you that are slowly turning the sane and sober world against Gaga.

    You actually disgust me.

  38. Lara says – reply to this


    Re: Hannah Treiber – I would genuinely rather "get myself a dollar fifty-nine and go down to the drugstore and get myself a pack of razor blades and slit my wrists" than listen to your asinine diatribes, you sick little girl.

    And on a post about a serious tragedy, no less.

    Where were you raised? In a pig-sty?

  39. Lara says – reply to this


    Re: TruthBeTold – Thank you.