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Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Pre-Sales Are So Bad She's Gone Back To Couponing!

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kate gosselin book sales cook not good

Kate Gosselin's cookbook, Kate Gosselin: Love Is In the Mix , was supposed to help get back to her life of luxury and fame, but….

It looks like that won't be happening, as the pre-order for the book on Amazon JUST cracked the top 100 on Amazon's most popular books list.

Wait, that isn't right. It's actually #16,359 as of the writing of this article!

For a book that's coming out on September 24th, that is NOT a good sign. This is despite Kate tweeting regularly about about it to her almost 17k followers. It doesn't seem to be working, and the book is falling in numbers instead of climbing.

There's a backup plan in full effect, though: the Coupons by Kate website launched last month. As you remember, she used to be with Coupon Cabin before they terminated her!

Honestly, we want things to go well for her, even for the kids' sake! We just don't think she's going about it in the right way, which is no bueno!

Oh, and that whole lawsuit thing too… DOUBLE NO BUENO!

[Image via Digital Creations/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Pre-Sales Are So Bad She's Gone Back To Couponing!”

  1. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    please, just PLEASE let this bitch & her litter of kids fizzle back into rural america where she belongs Perez! fuck, NO ONE CARES FOR HER-HER EX-OR THEIR FLOCK OF TEST TUBE INBRED SPAWN! NO ONE! yes, she's going about it the wrong way; ABSOFUCKINLUTELY! Let her go away already so that we can all forget she and that tribe EVER FUCKING HAPPENED! she wanted 8,19 kids- so be it… you made your bed bitch, now collect your welfare and clip your coupons until your spawn is able to get away from your mess of a family………..

  2. 2

    Her 15 minutes of fame were up long ago and she's trying to maintain that lavish lifestyle and keep that huge house with property TLC provided. Maybe she should've saved and invested properly. Reality TV does not exist forever and once it's over…it's over! I understand she has a lot of kids but so the rest of hard working Americans out there. Her spoiled kids need to get over it too…fantasy vacations are over!

  3. dietcokefan says – reply to this


    Here's a novel thought; how about Kate go out and get a "real" job and work! She used to be a nurse, so she should be able to go and get a job…her kids are in school…geesh! So sick of her and her drama.

  4. 4

    What a sweet woman with soft edges and a charming personality. Said nobody, in the history of history.

  5. 5

    How can she have money problems? She runs a coupon website. That must rake in pennies a day!

  6. Guest says – reply to this


    Kate hasn't really done much to promote her cook book. She tweets occasionally about it, but mostly has left it up to one or two fans to remind followers about the book. Kate again comes off as lazy, even too lazy to sell her own book. Instead of teasing about new recipes, when someone asks her about a recipe, she just mentions the book. Not a good way to get someone to buy the book. Why not inject some excitement - I tried a new ingredient, I just used …. spice for the first time and it was great. I used these fresh herbs from my garden and put together XYZ, I bought a new pan, and not a $500 meat cutting tool. She's just not relative to someone buying a $13 cook book when there are thousands of free recipes with great instructions on the internet. Just lack of effort looking for a fast buck.

  7. 7

    "How to Feed 20 with one box of Mac & Cheese"; like she's ever cooked before…

  8. Cammie says – reply to this


    I just read Jon is working a second job as a waiter. Guess what Kate you can go back to normal work after reality tv. Nursing, waitress, might not be as glamorous but it honest work.

  9. jewel says – reply to this


    Coupon Cabin fired her…so she's trying to make a copycat website on her own. Dream on. Nobody is interested in financing this woman, because we all know it will go for HERSELF and not her kids. I'm not interested in paying for Kate's Botox, Tanning sessions, Brazilian treatments, etc. I am thankful the TV people are FINALLY realizing that NOBODY WANTS TO SEE HER ON TV ANYMORE. She is using the "lawsuit" against Jon to generate more publicity for her poor excuse of a phony cookbook…THIS WOMAN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK.
    She made plenty of money, but she squandered it on playing "A-List Celebrity." And insofar as having no college money, that's a lie because the state of Pennsylvania has given her kids free college tuition when they are ready. She seems to be able to afford $150,000 in private school tuition, so her complaints of being broke are not true. I wish she and her kids would disappear. Kate, you need to realize you have NO TALENT, nobody wants to see you on TV, so GROW UP and get yourself a regular job instead of trying to get handouts and TV deals. You are a HAS-BEEN.

  10. jewel says – reply to this


    Re: Guest – LOL…good one. The reason why she doesn't inject any excitement in her book is the woman doesn't cook. This "cookbook" was written by a ghost writer and is clearly a money-making vehicle for this Has-Been.

  11. jewel says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – LOL LOL LOL Your comment is hilarious!!!

  12. Duderino says – reply to this


    She has FAILED at everything she has ever done. The laziest person alive, she expects everyone else to just throw money at her. The cookbook is only her latest half-assed effort.

    Same with the coupon site - just a lazy cookie cutter site she paid for - does anyone seriously think this pathetic diva is scouring the internet for coupons? She is the worst mother. The worst person. The biggest PHONY.

    Go away, Shrew.

  13. jewelbrite says – reply to this


    The correct title: "Kate Gosselin: Money Is In The Mix." After previewing this in a local bookstore, my impression is this "cookbook" was nothing more than a money-making vehicle for Ms Gosselin that was hastily churned out, as there are several sloppy editing errors, along with mismatched photos. The premise for a Kate Gosselin "cookbook" lacks credibility–I've read articles where she has been quoted as saying she feeds only organic foods to her kids, so for me to believe her kids have eaten these recipes filled with non-organic, high-sodium, MSG-laced ingredients is difficult to swallow. No pun intended…

    Many of the recipes require high-sodium ingredients such as canned soup or shoyu, which I would NOT want to feed to my son. Cooking from cans is not my idea of a cookbook, and if I wanted to cook that way, I can order one of Campbell's cookbooks here on Amazon. At least their cookbooks are proofread, the recipes tested, and attractively and professionally presented. If Kate has to rely on high-sodium, MSG-laced ingredients in her recipes for flavoring, I have to question her qualifications to author a cookbook in the first place.

    This "cookbook" seems to be rehashed internet recipes along with rehashed old photos of her kids. It is a sordid attempt to stay relevant in the public eye and clearly a last-gasp attempt to cash in on the Gosselin name.