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Swarm Of Motorcyclists Hit By Scared Father Protecting Family During Altercation

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Just because there's a video, it doesn't make it cut-and-dry. Meaning, we have no idea what EXACTLY caused these motorcyclists to think it's okay to swarm an SUV, which would win EVERY TIME in a fight, but we do know that no outcome was going to be a good one.

During a motorcycle free-ride day in NYC, it appears as if a swarm of motorcyclists got too close to an SUV, which accidentally tapped one of the riders. So, with a mob-mentality, it looks like the swarm brought the SUV to a stop in the middle of the highway.

Inside the SUV was a family — a father, mother, and 2 year old daughter. Imagine how scared you would be, and what you would do to protect your family.

What happened after that is brutal… and results in a long chase, which ends with the eventual assault of the driver of the SUV (luckily that part isn't shown). He was put into the hospital with multiple injuries and lacerations after they broke his window to get at him — ALL IN FRONT OF HIS FAMILY.

At least one of the bikers has since been arrested (the one causing the initial accident: Christopher Cruz, 28, charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of a child and menacing), and the cops have spoken at length with the SUV driver as well.

So scary!

Watch the video above if you want — it IS terrifying!

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28 comments to “Swarm Of Motorcyclists Hit By Scared Father Protecting Family During Altercation”

  1. cindy says – reply to this


    The reason the motorcyclist swarmed the SUV is because that SUV RAN OVER 3 motorcyclist before that and he just took off. You should of posted the full length video. Yea it doesn't make it right that the motorcyclist did that knowing theres a kid inside but the SUV shouldn't of RAN OVER 3 of the motorcyclist.

    Both at fault!

  2. T says – reply to this


    What I don't know is EXACTLY why it is EVER okay to do a HIT AND RUN. This driver RAN OVER several people and then fled the scene of his crime. He paralyzed a man: Edwin Mieses and put him in a coma for life… Edwin has TWO CHILDREN of his own… what about this PEREZ! Would you chase (and possibly assault) a man who mauled your friend over and then fled the scene? Do your research first Perez- there is more to the picture than you and much of the media are painting. There is also complete footage of what happened. Obviously you need to leave these kinds of stories to REAL JOURNALISTS. It is so lame that you choose to slap up half a**, slanted posts.

  3. J says – reply to this


    And if you two dipshits watched more of the videos….he ran the bikers over AFTER they already had a mob mentality and hitting the SUV. The driver should have ran over more of the douchebags.

  4. Sandy says – reply to this


    You all wrong and ignorant or you watched the cutoff on goodmorning america. He hit the one motorcyclist first. Then they swarmed (cutting the tires and threatening) thats when he ran over the other two. But the bottom line is the were driving to many in a group (which is why they were even in the way to be hit. 15 cars cant drive that close so why should motorcycles) plus whatever happened to the rule about being so many feet apart.

  5. whatever318 says – reply to this


    @ cindy whatever pigs will always act like pigs. what a bunch of losers picking on a family get a grip I hope they all go to jail . its called an accident but then you don't expect a pig to have any reasoning so sad to give riders a bad name but they did.
    I know I wont be a tolerant in the future .

  6. Christine says – reply to this


    Um defending this pack mentality is crazy, whatever the situation, carrying on like that and then smashing in the windows… I'm pretty sure those animals would have seen the baby seat with the INNOCENT TWO YEAR OLD CHILD sitting in it… and yet you can clearly see them smashing on the back window. You could clearly see one man slow his bike right down in front of the car and by now I imagine the driver was nervous. These people were scared and those bikers were nothing but a bunch of pathetic idiots. Doesn't that city have POLICE????

  7. rach says – reply to this


    If they wanted to have a free ride day in a group THAT big, the roads should have been closed for them, instead of just assuming they owned that road.
    It was inevitable one of them would get tapped/hit when riding in a group that huge along with an SUV on the road.
    The reason he freaked and drove off, unintentionally hitting the other 2 was because he had a TWO YEAR OLD and his wife in the car. If bikers were coming at my family like that I'd panic too.
    The bikers were completely in the wrong, that whole situation could have been avoided had they stayed away from SUV in the first place instead of swarming the guy and his family.
    It's absolutely tragic that one man has ended up in a coma for life due to this situation but the bikers should be held accountable, not the man driving the SUV.
    If there had been more cars on the road, there would have been more accidents.

    To chase him relentlessly and smash his windows, pull him out and bash the living shit out of him achieved NOTHING and would have scarred all witnesses for life.

    People that think they have the god given right to do whatever the fuck they want are completely in the wrong and of course, create huge problems for themselves and others.
    All bikers should be arrested for driving recklessly and causing harm to others.

  8. annieoo says – reply to this


    Absolutely no excuse for this behavior! My husband is a biker (these a**holes are not).
    To swarm a vehicle in that number is stupid, arrogant & irresponsible…no true biker behaves like this…I noticed they were all riding crap bikes…
    I agree it was total mob mentality.
    Can you imagine if every accident ( & this was totally an antagonistic act) was responded to this way? F**king pitiful.

  9. newdawnnewday says – reply to this


    He TAPPED one of the bikers, and stopped. They immediately began to swarm him, after fearing for the safety of his family, he fled - anyone with children would have done that. Why stay there and wait to probably be killed on the street? These men were idiots, disgusting, they could have had this resolved by the police, but a group of idiots got riled up thinking they would take care of it themselves. I don't feel sorry for any of them.

  10. annieoo says – reply to this


    Re: rach – well said.

  11. Jane says – reply to this


    Cindy - You're wrong. What started the whole situation was the biker Cruz who swerved in front of the SUV then slowed down, causing a fender bender. after THAT is when they swarmed the SUV and started assaulting his vehicle, and to protect himself and his family he had to take drastic measure.

  12. Kurt says – reply to this


    Cindy, did you even watch this video? Several bikers swarmed the SUV and one of the bikers got in front of the SUV and braked, touching the SUV's bumper. They eventually stopped the SUV and several bikers were laid on the ground in front the the SUV and then bikers tried opening the doors on the SUV. The SUV driver has his family in the SUV and was undoubtedly terrified and slammed on the gas, driving over several bikes and one of the bikers.

    The SUV driver was scared and intimidated and behaved the way that most of us would have. The SUV driver should be awarded a medal for his actions - he was completely justified in the way he reacted. It's a shame he didn't drive over a few more of those a-holes!

  13. 13

    old news perez.

    I hope everyone of those cyclists gets arrested and I hope the one in the hospital dies

  14. 14

    Re: MVPnis – lol, I agree. Fuck them all.

    Cindy, you must certainly be either a redneck or some true to the word hoodrat to think those assholes were justified for what they did.

  15. 15

    why dont u get ur stinkin bikes off the road u peices of shit follow the road rules or u end up getting hit by NORMAL PEOPLE IN CARS .. leave the guy alone what assholes u think u own the road ASSHOLES!!

  16. NYer says – reply to this


    annieoo i couldnt agree more. if they had a leader, everyone would have stayed behind & one or two bikers would have approached the vehicle to show they meant no harm. They all swarmed the vehicle and acted in a very confrontational manner, i cant blame the driver for panicking. I feel bad that this Boston biker had to pay for Cruz's irrational behavior.

  17. 17

    I love how my ass raped comment doesn't get published because you're so fucking gay sensitive, yet you're a llowed to post about woman's "titties, "punani's" all over this fucked up site. Fuck you, perez.

  18. R says – reply to this


    Re: J – Uhhh the RIGHT thing to do is let the police handle it. There is no reason to violently hunt the guy down. What you do when you are scared for yourself, your child and your family can be pretty scary in itself. But there is never a reason to hunt someone down like a mob. Ugh. That poor child.

  19. Janelle says – reply to this


    Call 911!

  20. jaydsoul says – reply to this


    They were like a pack of wild DOGS who were clearly swarming his vehicle and forcing him to stop on a public road prior to the SUV driving over the rider. The SUV driver appeared to be trying to escape a mob of masked bandits to protect his family. I dont blame the driver of the SUV and I ride a Motorcycle!

  21. 21

    no way am I hitting play

  22. tabby says – reply to this


    I know quite a few motorcycle enthusiasts, they ride in very large groups, but they also ride in organized formations in a single lane so that they are not in anyone's way. I know that we aren't seeing everything here. The SUV purposely tapped a rider, that is hideously dangerous and obviously, the rider will respond. He then ran over multiple riders, which is disgusting. They responded in disgusting fashion as well. Chasing the car down to get the plates I would understand, but smashing in the windows and trying to open the doors, that is insane. Both parties are at fault. I hate the riders for perpetuating the stereotype that all riders are d-bags and scary and act like they own the road and laws don't apply to them. That is not the case for everyone who rides. And I condemn the driver for taking out his frustrations by purposely trying to injure or kill riders by running them over.

  23. mmmhmm says – reply to this


    They were attacking a vehicle with a woman and child inside…. trying to break the back window where the child was sitting!! BOO HOO for the guy who was paralyzed… um no his kids werent there to watch him get attacked…. however that 2 year old in the car had to watch her father get harassed, attacked and beaten. They all deserve to be arrested and charged! LOSERS!!!!

  24. KARMASABITCH says – reply to this


    To all those saying what about the motorcyclist? Fuck him and his crew of thugs. He deserved what he got!

    You ride with a bunch of thugs with no respect for the law - NOT to mention THE FACT that they had no permit to take over the streets (and the sidewalks - YES, some of them were on the sidewalks riding) you GET your due punishment.

    All those sticking up for these thugs and saying what about what happened before the guy driving the SUV ran over the motorcyclist you should all be ashamed of yourselves for even THINKING that the guy driving the SUV caused any of this horrible nightmare of a situation. My family would have done the same EXACT thing if a bunch of scumbag assholes surrounded my car with my 2 year old child in it and proceeded to bash in windows!!!
    These pack of thugs were causing trouble WAY before this incident happened. There are plenty of people who have come forward saying that they were break checking many other vehicles on the roads, not allowing vehicles to get off and on highways, surrounding them and causing dangerous situations.

    So again I say - KARMA is a bitch and the motorcyclists family and friends should be ashamed of themselves for EVEN putting it out the 'woes me' statements. Someone give the world's smallest violin and I'll play it for him…rolling eyes!!!

  25. victoria says – reply to this


    AND this is WHY I hate motorcycle assholes who think they are above the law. I would immediately buy a gun, and protect myself. If I were that man I would have run them all over, JESUS he had a child in the car! MONSTERS!

  26. victoria says – reply to this


    I HOPE ALL of these bikers get arrested and this " BIKE DAY" or whatever the hell you call it is banned from here on out! I would have run over those bikers, if I felt my family was in danger and being swarmed by a group of LOSER THUGS!

  27. emma b babay says – reply to this


    the man that caused the accident in the first place stopped/brake his bike on purpose causing the accident then mob mentality - they slashed his tires - tried pulling him out of his vehicle and went after him causing him to make a bad decision which in turn hurt/ran over the other biker who ended having a broken leg - then the chase went on for a while - ending in them getting to the driver at a stop with traffic smashing his windows and pulling him out of the vehicle and slashing his face and chest with a knife in front of his wife and two year old daughter - they are both wrong both parties should have been on the phone to 911 instead of trying to take matters into their own hands - no wonder the guy was scared there were a shit ton of bikers to contend with - who the fuck does shit like this - yes the guy was at fault for running the guy over definitely but attacking a person with a knife and slashing their face and body - fucking animals - these are the same guys that all bike into times square causing problems and traffic jams - morons

  28. Can says – reply to this


    Re: tabby

    I hope you realize that the biker was the one who instigated the whole situation. He cut off the SUV, got in front of him, slowed down, and caused the accident. Then the entire biker gang decided to swarm the SUV. The SUV driver had ever right to get out there in fear of his and his family's life! The bikers deserve what they got.