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Arnold Schwarzenegger Buys His HUGE Son Joseph Baena A Complete Home Gym For His 16th Birthday!

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arnold schwarzenegger buys son joseph baena a complete home gym for his 16th birthday

Only THIS father would buy THIS gift for his son!

Arnold Schwarzenegger went all out for his son Joseph Baena's 16th birthday.

We guess money was no object! Nor should it be! Ah-nold is loaded!

In this pic (above) that was just taken a couple days ago, we can't believe how huge he's grown in the past couple of years! Guess when you're the offspring of the "Austrian Oak," this is how big you grow!

The former Mr. Universe bought a complete home gym for his very similar sized son! And, now, with a gym in tow Joseph may soon become a Mr. Universe, too! Just like his old man!

The not-so-secret son, who Arnold announced was definitely his about two years ago, not only has his father's body but also looks quite a lot like him, too!

Joseph lives with his mom Mildred in the city of Bakersfield in California, but has established a relationship with his dad. They have a lot of chats on the phone, and Arnold has even taken him on several trips.

Talking about their father and son relationship, a source said:

"Once the truth came out, Arnold embraced Joseph. Since then, they've been slowly building a great relationship."

We think that is just wonderful! A child should always have a healthy relationship with their father whenever possible!

Happy Birthday, Joseph! Enjoy your new sets of iron!

[Image via Deano/Splash News & Image via Mavrix Online/OIC.]

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12 comments to “Arnold Schwarzenegger Buys His HUGE Son Joseph Baena A Complete Home Gym For His 16th Birthday!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    Oh, that's impressive. It pretty much says, "Son you are a fat "f." Here's equipment to take care of that. And you find that impressive? It's insulting. Buy him gym equipment maybe, and a real GIFT.

  2. 2

    his other sons with maria, are just spoiled brats, this one seems to be a hard worker. i guess that comes from not having a life of privledge

  3. 3

    I feel sorry for Maria, but glad for the son he did nothing wrong just has a dad that is a think only of himself jerk.

  4. 4

    Re: beach – I don't think he is fat, maybe that is what he wanted for his birthday. He looks just like his father and maybe wants to follow in his footsteps and become Mr bodybuilder like him.

  5. annainparis says – reply to this


    Why do i sense that he loves this kid more than anyone else (probably because he is a reminder of himself young and none of the Kennedy pedigree!)

  6. annainparis says – reply to this


    Arnold never forgot where he came from (I dont mean it in a good way)

  7. Derggbugner says – reply to this


    The new action hero?

  8. Rosie 0H says – reply to this


    Should have hired a hair colorist for his bastard
    guys with bad dye jobs always look queeny

  9. 9

    BANGING THE MAID while Maria was down the hall asleep…PURE EVIL!

  10. ok_then says – reply to this


    Say what you want about Arnold's cheating and siring a child. But at least he owned up to it publicly and has supported his child financially. There is no reason why Joseph should not be treated equally like Arnold's other children. Hopefully he gets to know his other siblings. After all they do share their father's DNA. This boy should not have to suffer for being born out of an affair. He should be treated with respect and love by Arnold and his other siblings. The hell with what Maria thinks about him!

  11. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Rosie 0H – "Bastard"… What era are you still living in idiot.. The 1950's??
    That term is not only 40 or 50 years behind the times, but has no place in today's society where many children are born from single parents or couples who have not married. This is 2013, get the fuck out of the past!! What makes you think that this is not this 16 year old's natural hair color? Because his mother is Mexican? How do you know that blond hair does not run in his father's family??

  12. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: beach – What the hell is wrong with you?? Many parents buy their teenage sons exercise equipment because they ask for it, or to help them get in shape for sports activities.. It doesn't mean they are telling their teen sons they are fat! For all we know Arnold probably buys him anything he wants to make up for the guilt of not acknowledging him.