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Gordon Ramsay SPIES On His Eldest Daughter With Hidden Cameras!

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We love Gordon Ramsay and the good guy that he is (esp. when he's topless), but this is something we didn't know before that love surfaced: apparently he uses hidden cameras to spy on his eldest daughter!

Talk about overprotective!

Gordon's 46 and his wife, Tana, is 38 — and as adults, they have made the decision to spy on their oldest Megan, who is 15 years old! Okay, it's mostly Gordon's idea, but whatever!

So, to keep boys out of Megan's room, did he mount a security camera in there or something? Well, not exactly — and his plan is actually more hilarious than it is creepy! THANK GOODNESS!!

You see, Megan isn't the only kid he has! He also has twins Jack and Holly, 13, and Matilda, 11. He bought Jack a cool gadget, and hires him out to spy!

Here's what Gordon said about Megan and her boyfriend, and his awesome plans:

"They've been spending a lot of time in her room recently. But revising. Revising. They seem to be spending a lot of time revising and yet the results aren't… I've been a bit naughty over the last couple of weeks because I got Jack a little Go-Pro, one of those little secret cameras. So I said to him, ‘Look mate, here's 20 quid, go and target your big sister's room and put that camera right at the top left-hand side of the wardrobe.' So, Megan, I'd like to talk to you about your revising."

A teenager's privacy is SO IMPORTANT, but so is being able to protect them as their parent! If Gordon doesn't have her under 24/7 surveillance, instead just a cheeky joking type of spying, then we don't have much of an issue here!

Plus, it doesn't seem like Megan has much of an issue with it either, seeing as the father and daughter posted the cute pic (above) on Twitter from the Union Street Cafe, which is going through some intense renovations!

Gordon said this earlier this year, too:

"With three girls it's difficult now. I am absolutely crapping myself. My son said, 'Daddy, Megan had a friend around yesterday called Alex, but it wasn't a girl, it was a guy.' I said, 'Jack, get me his cell number now.' So he sneaks to Megan's room, and two minutes later I'm on my cell. Can you imagine that poor guy? But that's one less hand that's going to be crawling all over her."


It's actually pretty adorbz how much he loves his kids! He seems like a pretty fab dad to us!

Oh, and maybe Megan should put a camera in the kitchen to make sure he's not secretly microwaving all his food! HA!

[Image via Twitter.]

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