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Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Honest About Baby Weight Criticism In First Interview Since Giving Birth!

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Kim Kardashian opens up about baby weight criticism in first interview

You tell 'em, Kim!

Kim Kardashian has taken the brunt of criticism when it comes to her body since giving birth to North West just a little over four months ago.

And, she ain't taking it lying down!

Being a new mom shouldn't revolve around jumping back into your old schedule and spending hours at the gym. It's all about bonding with that new bundle of joy - and Kim is no different!

Since giving birth, Kim is finally opening up and getting brutally honest in her first interview with the Sunday Times STYLE section, and she opened up about all of the trials that go along with losing her baby weight and how all the negative attention "completely destroyed her."

The great thing is that she HAS been finding time to work out though and has lost 25 lbs. since giving birth, but Nori obviously is still her number one priority. In the interview, she revealed:

"I haven't exercised a whole lot so far. I've busy with the baby and I don't want to leave her."

Aww! That’s so sweet! Nori is pretty darn cute so we can see why it would be tough to leave her!

Kim’s been sighted at Barry’s Bootcamp as well as Pilates Plus classes, so we know she’s been working on her curves!

We’re so glad she’s taking it slow so that she stays healthy and gets to enjoy her time with her baby girl.

P.S. CLICK HERE to read about her Atkins diet!

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18 comments to “Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Honest About Baby Weight Criticism In First Interview Since Giving Birth!”

  1. 1

    If she didn't spend 95% of her life inviting the attention and alerting the papz to where she could be seen she wouldn't have the problems that she has now decided she doesn't want.

  2. 2

    If she doesn't want to leave her baby, why did she go to Paris without her? Her entire 'career' is built of the superficial - starting with her porn flick, then it has been all about fashion, and being seen in various places - so why is she surprised that she is being judged in a superficial manner? Maybe if she did something real instead of just parading around in designer clothes, she would be treated better.

  3. Jenn says – reply to this


    It's so hard to leave Nori that she went to Paris fashion week? Really Kim, I mean REALLY!

  4. jnp says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga's new song Do What You Want is number 1 on itunes !

  5. liquid kitty says – reply to this


    Her weight is not the issue it's everything that's done in extremely poor taste. 72 day marriage, sex tape, lies and reality tv about a family drowning in poor taste.

  6. texasannie says – reply to this


    okay, first, yes she has left her baby, she even went to paris without her. And if anyone believes she hasn't been working out like 5 hours a day, they're idiots. she's so narcissistic. second, it's NOT that she got fat being pregnant. it's because she tried to keep dressing as if she WASN'T pregnant. had she worn cute maternity clothes instead of squeezing herself into regular outfits, she would'nt have gotten as much criticism. Girls an idiot. T&P for her daughter.

  7. 7

    When your feet get that fucking swollen or you look like your having triplets
    BUT your not
    How come her sister didn't get that big or anyone else for that matter
    You want to know why ????

  8. Shannon says – reply to this


    She doesn't want to leave her to go and exercise…but she will leave her to go to Paris for fashion week?? Hmmm

  9. 9

    "You tell 'em Kim!" She didn't say a thing that would make me - or the rest of American- like her or believe for one second that she's not a narcissist.

  10. 10

    Nobody cares what this darkie-loving piss whore thinks. She puts herself out there, she deserves the feedback she gets. She got fat while pregnant; not saying it doesn't make it less true. So Kimmode should shut her stupid mouth because no one buys into her shit (except you, homo, because she pays you) and no one feels sorry for her. She is a gross cow.

  11. 11

    Nori is not Kim's #1 priority…Kim is!

  12. Devin says – reply to this


    C'mon! While Kim was pregnant, all she did was eat. You'd have thought she had six babies inside her all wanting to be fed, no wonder she was fat! the Duchess of Cambridge stayed slim and healthy during her pregnancy, probably because she kept exercising. You don't have to sit on your arse, eat like a pig and get fat just because you're pregnant - that's just an excuse.

  13. December says – reply to this


    kim's weight wouldnt be such a matter of concern if she a) wasn't so self obsessed and b) wasn't caught on her reality tv show sending khloe a text calling her a fat ugly troll….she loves the publicity but she can't handle the consequences of any of her actions being called out by the media because she's an incredibly superficial, self-absorbed person

  14. George says – reply to this


    does the dickhead also realise that bullyish isn't an actual word?

  15. Golden Dildo says – reply to this


    KARMA! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! That's what being a narcissitic fame-whore gets you. She realizes that if she can't lose the weight and get back to her former size, her career is doomed to vh1 and jenny craig.

  16. 16

    Always the victim. Funny, no one called Dutchess Kate fat. Maybe, that's because Kim just got fat in addition to being pregnant.

  17. zil26 says – reply to this


    cause she cant afford to install a home gym/have a trainer come to the house right? i agree with what everyone said, she was huge. kourtney was the cutest pregnant lady, kim looked like hot garbage. AND SHE TOTALLY LEFT THE BABY HOME! what a dumb bitch. it was actually nice to see her taken down a peg.

  18. Piss OFF says – reply to this


    Get Kim OFF tv… period

    Is she jealous of Miley and trying to push her fat ass nudity on us…. NO don't