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President Obama Saves Pregnant Woman Who Nearly Fainted During His Speech!

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Good samaritan? More like President Samaritan!

Barack Obama was promoting the Affordable Care Act yesterday when a woman behind him began to wobble back and forth.

The lady was about to faint when someone behind her pushed her forward while President Obama himself reached out and grabbed her hand!

The woman turned out to be Karmel Allison, a type 1 diabetic, who is also pregnant. Afterwards the lady said she was "feeling much better now" and also said:

"I'm 20 weeks pregnant at this point and I hadn't had that much to drink that morning because I was worried about possibly needing to go to the bathroom during the speech. And as the sun hit me, I got a little lightheaded."

Not only did President Obama save her from falling, but he made a self deprecating joke about himself afterwards that totally diffused the situation!

He said:

"This happens when I talk too long."


Here's what Karmel Allison tweeted later:

Aw yay! We're so glad she's okay!

Obama potentially saved not only one life, but two! Karmel Allison and her baby bump!

Check out the video (above) !!!

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13 comments to “President Obama Saves Pregnant Woman Who Nearly Fainted During His Speech!”

  1. 1

    this is more bullshit then the kardashawhores. only three of those people up there have obamacare so thats the first lie, she is pregnant with diabetes and he was 40 minutes late before he even showed up to talk. she might even be what they call a disaster actress. our government as been using actors more and more. If you don't believe check out the u tube when the obama people at the rose garden Wh speech were caught handing out "doctor" jackets to the audience. This president is a FRAUD, A CON ARTIST, A COMMUNIST. better wake up before you got nothing left.

    Perez you freaking homo, you got used dude

  2. PD says – reply to this


    It's amazing how many people have fainted at speeches by Obama?

  3. 3

    Have you folks checked out the pricing of Obamacare insurance? It is far from affordable. I was at the Dr. today, and my sister (who works for my Dr.) was telling me that Cedars Sinai where she had a couple of surgeries will not be taking any of the Obamacare plans since they pay so little. Cedars is a well respected hospital in W. Los Angeles.

  4. mr pete says – reply to this


    I thought it was Amy Winehouse, who was raised from the dead due to ObamaCare
    And that next he was going to do some praise the lord, Oh Praise the Lord

  5. 5

    people are being thrown off their insurance plans and what they will have to BUY is MEDICAID with different deductibles. old people MUST buy maternity insurance and the young will be totally screwed. of course, they're the ones that wanted the cool Historic black dude, you got him baby.

  6. lala says – reply to this


    In Florida 300,000 fainted when they were notified their insurance was cancelled.

  7. 7

    Seems planned because he looked back right on time, how? Was his attention not supposed to be on the audience ahead of him for the speech? Usually the person saying a speech does not know what is happening behind. Seems strange and because I cannot tell the difference between news and reality, i'd rather remain skeptical and follow my gut!

  8. Tony says – reply to this


    ***cough** *** bull shit** **cough** A photo op if i ever saw one.

  9. 9

    If the press wants to credit Obama with "saving" this woman, so be it…but to say he's trying to play the US on actors to sell the Affordable Care Act is stupid. I'm a nurse who's sick of not getting raises due to people not paying their hospital bills (or insurance companies not paying what they promise to) and can't WAIT to see everyone covered!! One day you FOX News sheep will be singing Obama's praises… NEWS: Your insurance company isn't your friend. They only care about you when you're healthy. At least with your government, you can VOTE your way to better care. That, you can trust. We voted and now you ALL have GUARANTEED health care. Suck it up America. It's for your own good.

  10. Kimberly says – reply to this


    Please explain how he saved her? She fell backward and someone else caught her….all Obama said was you're okay…and had someone remove her…THAT'S IT! I seriously feel people only like Obama because he's for gay rights….I'm all for gay rights, but what about all our other rights?

  11. Jeven says – reply to this


    I don't understand why everyone thinks it was planned. It looked very real to me. Also, the woman has type 1 diabetes and writes about on a diabetes site called ASweetLife, asweetlife.org. She doesn't strike me as someone who stage a fainting. Her bio says she's a biologist, not an actress!

  12. 12

    BS. BS….. PR BS. Marketing and PR people are way wrong even in the Gov. When have u seen a President looking back? What? Did she make a noise, others speaking? He doesnt even care unless his Team tell him to. This looks sooooo bad, and the actress, sorry , pregnant lady, go back to act school. ur worst than GAGA!

  13. 13

    Re: jencapri – TRUE> TRUE TRUE. thats my point. So, hello, PR???