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Justin Bieber Describes Amazing Experience He Had Building A School In Guatemala!

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We LOVE this!

He may be accused of possibly breaking up Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, but Justin Bieber DOES have a heart of gold when it comes to kids. You can't deny that!

He recently posted a video and starts it off by saying:

"Today was probably one of the most magical days of my life."

Naturally we thought he had just visited Disneyland, but that was not the case!

The singer was taken into the Guatemalan jungle by the organization Pencils of Promise where he helped build a wall for a children's school they were building down there!

It's obvious that Justin had an amazing time, and really connected with some of the children he met! Now, THIS is the Justin we like to see!

Check out the inspiring video (above) !!!

And, then check out his latest track about Selenita HERE!

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19 comments to “Justin Bieber Describes Amazing Experience He Had Building A School In Guatemala!”

  1. Enrique Maddaleno says – reply to this


    He wasnt taken into a jungle, Guatemala doesnt have jungles anymore! You such an ignorant.

  2. 2

    He needed some good PR.

  3. 3

    Normally I do not care for him, but this is a really good thing he did, so thank you Justin.

  4. ok_then says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber has been aboard this organization from it's earliest days, and has donated time and put his money where his mouth is. Pencils of Promise has been given proceeds of the Believe Tour profits, not to mention Pencils of Promise and Make A Wish have been given 100% of the net proceeds from his line of best selling colognes. Justin just doesn't talk the talk but backs it up with cold hard cash. He doesn't have to give back, unlike other celebrities that have colognes Justin makes sure that all the net proceeds go to his two favorite charities not his own pocket!

  5. became a Belieber says – reply to this


    He seems thoughtful and sincere in his descripription here. He is a young guy and lives a privileged life but I believe this experience offered him insight and perspective and I hope he nourishes this part of his existence as much as the music, celebrity and entertainment side.
    Very nice video and thoughts!

  6. mp_frenchie says – reply to this


    Wow, Justin is finally going through puberty. His voice is starting to sound a lot more masculine. He looks genuinely happy and touched by what he experienced, good for him

  7. Doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    Why can't Guatemalans build schools for themselves? Now they are turning to little boys for help? I wouldn't donate ONE penny of my business earnings to that country until those males there get their homicide rate under control. They have almost 40 murders per 100,000 citizens. Hong kong only has 0.3 homicides. I will gladly donate money to help the poor in Hong kong. Those women know how to raise a baby. And they are cute too (not the babies. the women). Sorry Guatemala girls. You dont impress me. Nor does your Jesus justin. Now go flunk your classes like you know you are gonna.

  8. doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    I have an idea. How about the Guatemalan government officials work for minimum wage? They can build a few schools with those impressive salaries they don't remotely deserve. That tip is free of charge. I don't take money from the worthless.

  9. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Doomooobooomoo – Only an ignorant by choice fool would make a ridiculous statement like you have. This organization that Scooter Braun and his brother started with cooperation from Justin Bieber have build over 152 schools in areas that desperately need them. To put a countries record of abuse towards it citizens and their crime rate as a convenient excuse to bash Justin Bieber and Pencils of Promise is cowardly to put it lightly. 25 schools have been built in Guatemala alone thanks to the efforts of Pencils of Promise. Education is a tool out of poverty and a shot at a better life, it's too bad someone as "uneducated" as yourself can't see that! What have YOU done to better someone's life that compares?

  10. doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – I'm not god or jesus or any holy figure. I am a mere mortal. And as a mere mortal… I have decided I dont give a shit about any high homicide rate cultures/countries in this world (I know the homicide rates of most places on earth). I know the cause of high homicide rates: poor quality mothering. THE END. I know how the PC police function.They get angrier at people who criticize high homicide rate cultures than they do at cultures with high homicide rates (If the devil exists.. thats exactly as he'd want it to be). I am a generous soul but my generosity has to be earned. Hong kong people earned it. Nordic people earned it. Japan people earned. I will gladly donate money to help those very low crime/homicide people when they are poor (not that i have. Hypothetically). But…40 homicides/100,000 citizens? Sorry….check got lost in the mail. Maybe YOUR check can take its place.

  11. doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    " Education is a tool out of poverty and a shot at a better life, it's too bad someone as "uneducated" as yourself can't see that!". I know what education is. I studied a science. 1) marriage is also a tool out of poverty. Get those Gwat girls on the mailorder bride market to marry rich lonely old men…. If you care so much. My mom was a dirt poor american who married a well2do business owner and she used his money to educate herself and ultimate learn to run his business. Teach those girls to gold dig and not wait for a school building santa to drop a school down their shack bamboo. But someone as "righteous" as you cant see the power of the vagina. Seriously. Low homicide rates are a tool out of poverty. NO business is going to invest in a high homicide rate country when my dad could build his products in low crime/homicide rate countries like china.

  12. doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    Also. I have nothing against Bieber or any good things he does. My mom was the same as him. She was a poor white girl who then became upperclass (not from singing. By choosing her man wisely). She (and my dad) would spend the next 25 years trying to help (via charity) certain violent african countries. The places that she helped are STILL VIOLENT decades later. STILL CRIME RIDDEN. They still arent scholars. My mom solved nothing. Her good heart solved nothing. I learned a lesson from that: Only God can help violent cultures. Until I'm God, I cant do anything to help them. But if its any consolation: i took a poor girl out of japan, made her a citizen and moved her into my 10 acre property and we've been together for a few years now. Planning babies. Pretend she's Gwat. Thats my good deed. You are welcome, Gwats.

  13. doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    If Guatemala can get their homicide rate down to Greenland Inuit level of 20 murders per 100,000 citizens per 365 days (I choose them because they share a common ancestor: the siberians)… I will THINK about donating some kind of charity to them. If they can get their homicide rate down to 10 (russia, chosen arbitrarily) I will roll a dice. I will multiply the result by 100 and send that in dollars. If they can get it down to 1.5 murders/100,000 (ala my dads native region of northern europe)… I will roll two dice and multiply the result by $1000. And i will donate that amount every other year for 10 years.
    Vow locked in. They have 10 years to achieve that. STARTING… NOW. [sweating]

  14. diane deschenes says – reply to this


    You are a good man!

  15. doomooobooomoo says – reply to this


    But i do not in ANY WAY criticize people who want to do good deeds for people of the world. Everybody should do their part to help the world. I'm not against being charitable. Just because my charitable goodwill has to be earned (with low homicide rates as the currency)… doesnt mean OTHERS should think like that. But the best gift ANY human can give their children, culture and homeland.. is a LOW HOMICIDE rate place to live. Thats the ultimate charity. Thats the ultimate gift. Its time adults start making that dream come true. There are low homicide rate poverty stricken countries. So poverty is just a copout excuse. No more copouts. Just doodooodooodoo.

  16. in 2013, being poor says – reply to this


    For doomooobooomoo, your country with his army (with only one goal to strategically attacking other nations only in order to maintain a stranglehold on the world's wealth at the expense of plundered nations) kills more people alone that all of these combined homicide rate. And here, I am not talking about combining the total number of individuals but to keep a proportion report of a country to another.

  17. MichJB says – reply to this


    Perhaps the little twink should spend some time at this school and finally get the education he so badly needs.

  18. tupadre says – reply to this


    Guatemala isn't cuba; it is not a jungle.

  19. tupadre says – reply to this


    Re: doomooobooomoo – You're upperclass?!!!! Best. joke. ever. My toe jam is more cultured than you. I think you must have lost your brain during a BM.