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Charlie Sheen Trying To Offload Ex Brooke Mueller's House ASAP!

charlie sheen trying to offload ex brooke muellers house asap

We heard that she was visiting condos yesterday, and now it makes sense why!

Charlie Sheen is VERY bitter that his ex Brooke Mueller is on track to regain custody of their twins Bob & Max.

In fact the Anger Management actor is so upset that he's putting the house he owns and Brooke lives in on the house market right away! And he's willing to take whatever amount he can get!

Charlie Sheen apparently thinks Brooke is "poison" to his life and does not want her in the gated community he and all the key players in his sons' custody case live in.

So he's trying to sell the house that he totally owns, and obviously has the absolute right to do as he pleases with!

Charlie Sheen is apparently seeking $4.8 million for the home - the same amount that he paid for it!

Although most home owners look to make some sort of profit off a house - supposedly Brooke Mueller gets half of whatever profit Charlie makes off the house per their divorce agreement. So, probably out of spite, Charlie is making sure that Brooke doesn't make any money from the sale of the house.

We hope that isn't the case, and Charlie isn't purposely not making a profit just to get even with Brooke.

That's the mother of his children! Whatever he does to her will definitely affect the twins as well!

[Image via HRC/WENN.]

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