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Aww! Sounds like the case of the mommy blues! Kim Kardashian is a working mom and we're not surprised that Kimmy misses North West whenever she's awa… Read more…

17 comments to “Kim Kardashian Constantly Checks Up On North West When She's Away!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    Perhaps a social worker should come make a visit to your home, if you think that calling in every hour to check on your newborn baby equates to good parenting. Perhaps she should stop going out all the time to be "seen" by the paparazzi and hold onto her fame, and she should spend more physical time with her new baby!

    Or better yet, bring the child with you on your outings rather than traveling the world leaving your child at home with a nanny. Guessing that North West is going to have some serious issues when she grows up.

  2. Me says – reply to this


    Who gives a rats ass about these people?!

  3. 3

    Do you really think that texting your team of nannies equals good parenting? Babies need to bond, and that baby is bonding with a team of paid employees. Another poor little rich kid (like Blue Ivy) who will have ridiculously expensive material possessions, but only see mommy for photo shoots.

  4. ren says – reply to this


    umm please! beyonce is a way better mother than her!any day

  5. 5

    Re: ren – What makes you think that? Beyonce is 10 times busier than Kim. She has done on tour, done marketing campaigns, and put out an album with 17 videos. Any idea can see that all that is way more than a full time job. Good thing Blue Ivy is in one of the videos - at least she got to see her mom for that.

  6. Mary Claire says – reply to this


    You can't nurture over the phone. That poor baby does'nt know that her Mama calls in to check on her. All she knows that she misses her. The time for bonding is now. What is more important Kim? Your "career" or your child? You have more than enough money, only one child. Wise up before it's too late.

  7. DKW says – reply to this


    Maybe she should stay home. Calling into the Nanny every hour doesn't equate to good parenting. She obviously has the money to stay home and be a good mother, but she continues to put herself in the press. Obviously realizing, that if we don't see her every day we will realize she is famous for being and doing nothing. She should go home and be a Mom versus a paparazzi addict.

  8. 8

    Who gives a flying f… what this Ho does!The kid is better off with the nannies! They probably pay more attention to the baby than self centered kim HO

  9. 9

    You seriously think this BABY knows her mom is calling and texting the nanny? No, calling the person taking care of your kid is not good parenting, being with your child is good parenting. She has more than enough money, she could easily stay home and be a mom, but of course she would not get attention that way. Then again the kid probably thinks the nanny is her mom, it's much better that way.

  10. real mom says – reply to this


    She has no idea how to be a real parent. The nanny is raising her baby. Do you REALLY think she gets up in the middle of the night with the baby? Do you REALLY think she gets up at the crack of dawn to feed the baby and change her diapers? A real parent doesn't jet set around the world and "call" to check on the baby. That family needs a reality check!

  11. 11

    Maybe all you people should go and take care of your own children before passsing judgement on someone you don't know and whose life you have no clue about. How bloody pathetic is that.
    ..And too stupid to even realize that these Perez Hilton articles are designed to get you rolling on how bad a parent Kim Kardashian is.
    Good thing you are not fish in the ocean, you'd have very short lives.

  12. jessica says – reply to this


    Even if she was doing this, that doesn't mean she's a good parent. Nice try Kimmy..we still think you're horrible mom. How about you take a pay cut & do less jobs so you can be a real mother. It's not like you and Kanye don't have more than you or that baby will ever need. Business before your child….at least she's living up to what she stated she would on KUWTK on the episode when her and Kris H talked babies.

  13. Nanny=Mommy says – reply to this


    Re: NinfaTurtle – I pass judgment because I do a wonderful job taking care of my 3 children & this woman can't handle one. You are pretty stupid if you read this article and take it as Perez trying to make her look bad. If anything it's a bad attempt at making her look like a good parent lol. That's ok, not everyone's reading comprehension skills are great. At least you are sticking to perezhilton.com and not trying to tackle anything too advanced :)

  14. vc blackwell says – reply to this


    Um, OK Kim.

  15. 15

    Re: Nanny=Mommy – We have to take your word for it regarding you doing a wonderful job with your 3 kids, but you prefer thinking you know what's going on in a perfect strager's life and household.. pretty ironic.
    Regarding my reading skills… yeah.. like I have to prove anything to you :)
    Stop being so naïve on the purpose of stories such as this one and open your eyes.

  16. VE says – reply to this


    Babies will always bond with their parents, calm your tits guys. A baby will always bond with their mother, even when far away.

    I dislike the parents, but you can't hate an innocent baby. Also, she's barely a year old she doesn't know how to walk or crawl or even know how to sit! And you guys are calling out a poor innocent baby, and saying she feels unloved? How stupid are you guys, do you not know anything about children. Issues, and behaviour issues start at 4 years old. North is fine.

    Kanye and Kim are horrible parents.

  17. 17

    She SHOULD NOT be going on vacations away from an infant. What a dumb woman!!! Is no one helping her with parenting??? My sister had a baby right around when North West was born. Do you know how long she has left her baby?? An hour!! Why? because babies need their mother! They are breastfeeding and need to bond.

    A quick date night or even an emergency sleep over with grandparents is okay but going away every week??? Going out 4 nights a week to parties!! WTF!! How does this baby feed? Formula?? What a selfish woman.