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Kendra Wilkinson's Brother Still Hasn't Talked To Her Since Calling Her An "Inconsiderate Psychotic!"

kendra wilkinson brother

O brother, where art thou?!?!

Kendra Wilkinson has a beautiful family with a cute son named Hank and another one on the way.

But, her brother Colin Wilkinson hasn't seen his sister or his nephew in a long time, and he doesn't expect to anytime soon!

Back in October, the bro bashed the reality star for supposedly telling their mom Patti to "die," ranting on Twitter:

“Everyone wanna know the truth. My sister can go straight to f**king hell. She’s an inconsiderate b*tch. How dare her tell my mom to go die.”

It looks like he's calmed down since he wrote that, but he still hasn't talked to his sister! And neither has his mother! In fact, it seems like the family feud has just deepened and things are even more strained with the brother and sister.

Here's what he said:

“I haven’t talked to her. She’s in her own world. [I wish for] my mom and her to make-up. It pains my mom to not see little Hank. But I have my life to start. [For that to happen she'd need to do] a lot of apologizing! We will see how things go for a bit. Of course (I hope for the best)… family is everything to us at least.”

There you have it! Kendra knows now what she needs to do!

We're sure Kendra is hurtin', and feels she shouldn't apologize for some reason. But sometimes with family you gotta do what you don't want to do to close the wounds!

She'll decide what she wants to do, but we just hope she has no regrets later down the road!

Family matters!!!

[Image via Twitter.]

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