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Kate Gosselin Gets Humiliated By Her Twins Cara And Mady In Most Cringe-Worthy Today Show Interview EVER!!

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We read what Kate Gosselin's 13-year-old twin daughters Cara and Mady had to say about their parents in a very revealing interview with People magazine recently, however during a Today show interview this morning, they certainly clammed up!

And, that's when things got weird! And uncomfortable! And just downright cringeworthy!!

When Savannah Guthrie turns to Mady and asks her how she and her sister are doing, Mady goes silent. But, what makes things even more awkward is when Kate calls her out on it, she snaps her fingers, which then prompts one of the deadliest looks a teenage girl could give her mother.

It's a minute and a half of just pure agonizing uncomfortableness that we never want to experience again.

Oh boy, we bet those girls got a tongue-lashing from Kate after THAT experience!! Talk about HU-MIL-I-A-TION!!

Watch it all go down (above)!!!!

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30 comments to “Kate Gosselin Gets Humiliated By Her Twins Cara And Mady In Most Cringe-Worthy Today Show Interview EVER!!”

  1. 1

    I think this interview tells it all. We seen what Tony dealt with on Dancing with the Stars. I feel SORRY for her kids.

  2. Annabella says – reply to this


    Child services anyone? LOL

  3. rox says – reply to this


    Wait until YOUR child starts speaking out.

  4. KMK says – reply to this


    Typical 13 year old spoiled brats. Nothing weird about this - they are teenage girls.

  5. notshocking says – reply to this


    mady always had a disgusting attitude…stick up her ass just like her mom.
    cara always timid…but I think she'll grow up okay. lets hope lol

  6. Mike says – reply to this


    Well I can see how this appears awkward as a fan of the show I can say that this is typical Mady if you ever watched the show she does that awkward pause all the time, Mady is also a control freak like her mother so if she did not get her way that morning that would explain her behavior. Cara was being Cara so I would not read too much into the interview. They both act that way all the time on the show 

  7. 7

    The silent stage happens right before the screaming stage in teenagers.

  8. BriBriBri4 says – reply to this


    I FEEL LIKE THEYRE GONNA GET ABUSED AFTER THIS AIRED. THAT MOTHERS FUCKING SCARY. the kids meanwhile are so meek and so sweet. they need a real mom who doesn't prod them on like that. at least they're still honest. i think they rock

  9. BriBriBri4 says – reply to this


    Re: KMK – what did they do to you, you stereotyping ahole. i wouldn't that woman to be my relative. she reminds me of mine that hit and yell behind scenes like the rest of your ahole community

  10. annainparis says – reply to this


    When a journalist is going to ask your boy how he is doing he'll probably have a confused look (his grandma is not his mother but she plays the role of his mother taken care of his needs a great chunk of your time). Don't be too fast pointing the finger at Kate as a parent, she has the merit of raising 8 children by herself so it is totally fine to act as a parent. Madonna did the exact same thing with Lola a few years back, she was even more outspoken in front of a journalist, she expressly told Lola "think twice before you answer, don't let your mouth speak before your head", coming from your idol, you'll appreciate a lesson on parenthood: it's ok to show authority, disagreements, boundaries, that's what parents are here for. What Kate did is no more no less than you showing daily pics of your child (and don't say it's for his safety to expose him)

  11. cc says – reply to this


    Funny how they both look to Kate for approval, pure fear in their eyes. Don't want to say anything to upset Mom, so lets not speak at all. Girls that are raised like this will soon resent their Mother and then rebel. Don't be surprised if one or both end up pregnant or on drugs in a few years.

  12. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: cc – Maybe with their lunatic father yes but probably not with Kate who has a much firmer grip on their education

  13. 13

    A lot of people freeze up on live TV so I wouldn't read too much into it.

  14. 14

    These girls grew up in front of the camera, and have the footage has been put out there for the whole world to see. They are not camera shy, and none of this is new for them. To me it seems like they really didn't want to be there and didn't want to say what they were being made to say, probably because it is't entirely true.

    It's sad that they can't just live out their lives normally.

  15. 15

    Guaranteed, Kate will beat their asses as soon as they get home. It's clear the girls dont want to do this and that Kate is taking them around like circus animals to get her money. Kate was thinking the entire time, "You disgusting, wretched little skanks are getting hosed down and locked in the closet for the next month you fucking whores!" All those kids are is another dime to her.

  16. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: American4397 – For a dime, they look quite like a million bucks!

  17. Helen says – reply to this


    I really feel bad for those kids…it's obvious that Kate is DESPERATE for another 5 mins. of fame so she's dragging those poor girls around…It it looks like Kate told them what they need to say and most likely threatened them before they went on the show…Just hope she's not beating them for messing up!!!

  18. kelly says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of Kate Gosselin but I dont think this interview shows that she is in any way a bad mother or abusive or even a control freak. If Kate was an abusive mother then these girls would of had a script memorized for this interview and they would be way too scared to act this way. If anything this shows that Kate lets them have their own opinions (their answers weren't scripted) and that the girls are not afraid of their mother or worried that she will be upset with them.

  19. Dan says – reply to this


    I just see a couple of awkward teenage girls. They will eventually grow out of that phase.

  20. Lishia says – reply to this


    There is a reason Kate has lost everyone in her life. Her husband, brother, sister in law, close family friends…it's because she's a raging bitch and fame taken over her life.

  21. JPM says – reply to this


    Oh my God, I really feel sorry for those sweet girls!!! And Kate, you should be ashamed of yourself. They froze, so what Kate(!!!), they are just kids! You would have looked like the champion mom, instead of the a-hole, if you would have said something comforting like, "It's ok, take your time. It's so nerve-wracking, I understand and feel the same way sometimes." That would have meant the world to those girls and taken the pressure off. OMG, I feel so sorry for those girls. If she did that on camera without even realizing what a hackass she was, I can only imagine what a tongue-lashing those girls get at home! :( :(

  22. Twatty says – reply to this


    Seems to me like Kate was getting anxious because they weren't saying their lines on cue. The way the girls behaved, seems like they were trying to remember the script.

  23. 23

    she need to go ,.. he kids are so afraid to express how the really feel,..about her controll freck mother ,.. yes they wil have a book mother dearest part two,…

  24. 24

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  25. Kate Gosselin Sucks says – reply to this


    Kate Gosselin is a no-talent, washed up, dried out famewhore. I think it's safe to say this opportunist pig's 15 minutes of fame are up. I am so tired of seeing her frumpy ass everywhere. Jon Gosselin works 3 jobs to support himself and his family. She lives off of fame. She's a narcissistic bitch who only cares about herself. She is a momster! I am so happy the world is seeing the truth!

  26. 26

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  27. 27

    that is a very deadly look

  28. melissa says – reply to this


    whats up with crooked headed annie on the right.

  29. moana says – reply to this


    I have been watching the show for years and think that Kate is a screwing with the twins heads!!! Holy ship shit, if a stranger ever asked on live television "how life was"??…..I would either lie or just remain silent!! In this case the right to remain silent was the best bet for the whole family!!! John would've been way more entertaining and I bet the girls would agree!! I watched the two of them grow up…..sucks that life questions are so hard to answer!

  30. moana says – reply to this


    hey kate!!!!!
    what the host forgot to ask was………."girls who would you u rather live with mom or dad"???