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How could anyone hate this family? Two black, definitely attractive, gay dads named Kordale and Kaleb have posted some adorable, yet controversial, pict… Read more…

93 comments to “Black Gay Dads Post An Amazing Inside Look At Their Life! Controversy Ensues!”

  1. jjbee says – reply to this


    ah ew ink

  2. 2

    Beautiful, strong black couple. They seem like such strong good parents, god bless them, very courageous couple!

  3. yes says – reply to this


    I do not hate…I love them…families are all KINDS of families today..2 men- white or black…2 women-white or black or whatever…get used to it people…this is how we are today and it is wonderful. Good parents and good people are what matter….

  4. Sansea says – reply to this


    I shouldn't have to say this but: Brave guys.

  5. ÑeñeAntigüedadWhate says – reply to this


    So, why do they write the "blackdads" and "gaydads" hashtags if they don't want to be pointed for being black and gays? Ridiculous.

  6. 14 says – reply to this


    Why is their race in the title?

  7. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    I find the photographs very disturbing, two half naked men with young children in a very tight space, and they are in physical contact, little kids by nature like to push and shove, and in a tiny space with two grown men in underwear, not cool
    Reminded me of a story Rosie told, of how she enjoyed taking baths with her kids,
    no wonder her adopted son ran off to military school as soon as he could

  8. Calvin says – reply to this


    Re: Fitzzz – The ignorance of this comment made laugh. Pushing and shoving is not a trait all kids have in small spaces, and even if they were too, what difference does it make? I understand that people find two dads weird - so do I - but I certainly don't hate them for it or nit pick problems with them.

  9. annainparis says – reply to this


    If you are gay, it is probably better to have girls. Wonder if both their moms live in the building too.

  10. 10

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  11. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    LOL ! Two gay black dads ! There is no such thing ! ;)

  12. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Is there even such a thing as a black dad, period ??? LOL !

  13. jess says – reply to this


    Re: Fitzzz – what the hell are you on about?? are you saying a child should never see their dad without a shirt on? that's crazy parents bathe with their kids. as for small enclosed space, it's their bathroom!!! this is the weirdest comment I've ever read!! In can't understand you hahaha! I hope you've never been in a room alone with your parent, as you will most certainly be traumatised!!!! hahahha

  14. 14

    Most people who are "critics" of anything are simply TROLLS stirring up trouble. There are haters out there, but the TROLLS are 24/7 and have them beat.

    Plus, everyone hates everyone for SOMETHING don't they? I mean no one is without criticism…not just gays dude. Toughen up.

  15. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    ………….Those kids are gonna be on drugs by the time they are 12…………………….j.s.

  16. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Kinda freaky that they are pranc'n ’round in their undies whiel gett'n the girls ready…I mean, just kinda freaky…put a t-shirt on ! Yer gonna scar the kids for life, 'specially with all them weird tats !

  17. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I bet the one with the corn rows is the top………….j.s.

  18. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    …I mrant 'bottom'…bet he is the 'bottom', 'cos he has the longer hair………….j.s.

  19. 19

    Hell is for children. they get no choices.

  20. 20

    Re: Be-AtchRe: Fitzzz – If you would read the article, it says that they get up at 5:30 in the morning and get the kids ready for the school bus at 6:30. It's important that they get the girls dressed, fed breakfast , and out the door first thing.
    This couple is probably featured because of Piggy's casting call for a reality series about gay parents. I'll bet Piggy, as a single parent, would have no qualms being a home-wrecker.

  21. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    The most important man in any girls life is her Dad. If she has love and affection from him she normally won't need to go looking for it from a boy. With these guys the daughters have both a male role model and the female energy they need to grow up normal. Don't see anything wrong with having a gay dad. I'm almost jealous because my mother never did any of the things these guys do for their daughters

  22. 22

    the comments on these posts are sickening sometimes.
    perez your website is trash.

  23. Spiritual Sista says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – You thinks it's weird for families to be in physical contact? That sounds very strange. I think being physically close with people you love is the most important thing in the world. These ladies will grow up to find good, confident secure men as partners that mirror the doting, affectionate type of people their fathers are. And if you are somehow viewing this picture as something sexual thats on you, whether they are all cramming in one bathroom because they only have one bathroom or because they want to be together and find this the most efficient way for them to get everyone ready in the morning it shouldn't be a big deal.

  24. Spiritual Sista says – reply to this


    Re: Spiritual Sista – oops meant to respond to Fitzzz

  25. Edward says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – They are family!!!What is wrong with this picture!! Something is definitely wrong with you to come up with a comment like that!!!! To let your mind wonder down that road is demonic and pervertish !!!

  26. 26

    Re: Fitzzz – The fathers are attracted to MEN and have two GIRLS. So what if their child touches them?
    Accidental physical contact never ever happens with straight parents. Straight dad keep a 4 foot radius away from their children to ensure that at no point do they ever make any physical contact with their children.
    I was raised by a straight father who cheated on my mother. But, he was a positive role model for me because he made sure to never be in close proximity to me. He wore a bodysuit at all times to make sure that no skin was ever showing. A good father knows that it's not quality time spent with your children and showing them what a loving relationship is, but wearing clothes than covers their whole body at all times and never to touch or look at their children. You nailed it.

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    They are both ugly….shud be on the 'down low'….bros don't like fudge packers…….

  28. Lovingly says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – I am a heterosexual female in a wonderfully happy marriage but my dad used to walk around in his underwear all the time when I was a little girl… probably not the prettiest picture but it didnt hurt me any ; )

  29. Koko B says – reply to this


    I'm just glad another down low brother is off the market.

  30. 30

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  31. Christine says – reply to this


    As a proper God fearing woman I find this photo creepy and disturbing.

  32. Jayy says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – As a proper, open minded, intelligent woman who wasn't brain washed by religion growing up, I find it beautiful.

  33. 33

    What I find disgusting about this picture is that it continues to illustrate to the world just how much narcissism has taken a hold on both young people and gay men. What other reason could there be for obviously posing shirtless with your shirtless partner and going about a mundane daily activity? It used to be that people simply ate meals, got their kids ready for school, got themselves ready for work, dressed up for various occasions, etc., *without having to take pictures and shove them in people's faces.* It's great that they are raising two girls as gay men. It's great that they were born with good looks and also make it a priority to be physically fit. The narcissism is gross, as is the possibility that they may be using their girls as an excuse to post shirtless pictures of themselves that scream, "Get a load of us!"

  34. enlightened says – reply to this


    After viewing some of the responses on here Ive gathered there are a lot of uneducated and rather highly ignorant people on here. This doesnt surprise me however, seeing that we live in an oppressed nation of closed minded idiots its of no wonder why people of other nations view america in the light that they do. To address the issue of the fathers and children in a close space, did you or did you not experience that at one point in your life as a child of a heterosexual parent especially when on a family vacation and having to get ready in a hotel bath? The things people say are rather idiotic and sometimes should not be said. Now if one actually knew anything about life and parenting or of other nations they would know that people of other nations have communal baths where families some time go. Now mind you these two guys are at least clothed, so does that mean that the hetero parents who actually sometimes bathed naked together with their children are "gross, wrong and or inappropriate"? Having come a from a heterosexual parentage I have showered with my father at some stage as a child.

  35. enlightened says – reply to this


    Some times I wonder how a vast number of people got this far in life without getting hit by a bus, but then I realize we cant blame you for the fact that your stupid. Its your lack of culture growing up, so I blame your "hetero" parents as to why you all are so stupid.

    I could go on and on all about the rest of the comments said here about this couple who clearly appear to have a happy family. Sounds like there are a lot of bitter jealous people who envy the bond this family have. Such a shame, dont hate, appreciate!

  36. enlightened says – reply to this


    Re: sohaveiforyou83

    You really think thats the reason that photo was taken? I find you funny! Did you at least stop and think that "hey, maybe theyre posting it because of the fact that theyre proud GAY and BLACK"?! Because according to americas societal view those are the two common standards of which is against a man of color, yet alone a gay one. The fact theyre shirtless has nothing to do with anything, most male parents walk around shirtless, in undies whether attractive or not. So lets say if it were a naked mother holding her naked baby for a creative mother child portrait as most have done, is that narcissistic? Im just curious as to what youre basing your thoughts on.

  37. mel says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – if you were god fearing, you would not be here. bigot!!!

  38. Dilf hunter says – reply to this


    Those aren't dads… THOSE ARE DILFS, HA!

  39. Lisa says – reply to this


    I had a bit of a convo with some asshat of a broad on Facebook about this…she had very hateful horrible things to say…she also claimed that she worked for Coca Cola and said that even the owners hated gays. I wanted to reach through the computer screen and strangle her!! I even screen shot the comments and messaged them to Cola Colas facebook page to show them her claims but never heard back :/

  40. Lisa says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – REALLY??! You sound like you have no idea what a normal day in the life of a normal family is. Only thing disturbing here is your weird mind is wandering.

  41. Damon says – reply to this


    This article is definitely misleading. Those guys are not black. One is a mulatto, the other a quadroon
    …getting their children up at 5.30am is actually child abuse where I come from. They need to live closer to their children's school. There must be at least one close by…and I agree, those guys need to be in pajamas' or at least be wearing a shirt. They've probably been sharing body fluids throughout the night and more than likely smell… the pic is slightly creepy

  42. Donna says – reply to this


    How lucky to have not just 1 but 2 dads to love them!

  43. 43

    Being a parent myself I have learned that good parents are hard to find. I have came across to many children that are neglect by one or both parents, so when a child is loved and taken care of to me it is a good day. I am heterosexual and fortunate to have a wonderful husband that loves and adores our daughter. I say give props to these two men that they care and love these kids and stop being negative. If there were more people like this in the world it would be a better place. I do not understand a homosexual relationship but that doesn't mean that it is perverted. Profiling and stereotypes need to stop, I am from the South and am a Christian. I am not a redneck and I feel that God placed us on this world to love the people around us and not to hate or judge.

  44. 44

    Don't understand why people have the need to show orders what they do in their houses all the time … Mission Accomplished everyone talking about this two now !

  45. kendally says – reply to this


    this family look amazing. i see absolutely NOTHING wrong.
    its real cute actually. keep it up dads.

  46. beth says – reply to this


    I am a proper God fearing woman too and this picture is very very disturbing to me! I mean, anybody in their right minds knows that that is absolutely NOT how God intended for the family structure to be. You can laugh truth in the face, but you won't on the judement. Day when you see Christ face to face! You won't!! It's that simple!! Just saying…

  47. beth says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – I m totally with you!

  48. jody says – reply to this



    oh wait


    oh they are ALL gay? Imagine that

  49. Rachel says – reply to this


    Considering the fact that Gay/Lesbians come from ALL walks of life, you would think that people would smarten up to the fact that there is no environment or upbringing that can change who a person is or becomes. Instead we should all just deal with it, because, who really cares? They aren't hurting anybody, they aren't even hurting the ones who hate on them, the haters are hurting themselves. They create this anger and hate that they have to put out onto other people because they themselves don't know how to deal with how they feel. Oh and guess what, this family isn't wasting a second thought in the back of their minds on you haters, why are you wasting your entire thought process to them? Life is too short to be so hateful and angry all the time, go do something that makes you happy.

  50. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin

    Seriously, what would be weirder, two STRAIGHT non-shirt wearing young men getting two little girls ready in the morning, or two GAY non-shirt wearing young men getting two little girls ready in the morning?

    I mean really, what screams pedophile more than a straight man half-naked in a bathroom with a little girl?

  51. Big Babies Crying says – reply to this


    "Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30…"

    I hate when parents piss and moan about their parental responsibilities.
    If you can't handle the responsibility don't have kids.

    No one feels sorry for a whiner.

  52. 52

    Okay, first things first lambs, if you're putting down a gay couple on a Perez Hilton site, you're fucking retarded. If you do NOT like gay men, why support one and come onto his sites. Secondly, if you're on Perez's site, you're a most likely a straight woman or a gay man. And bitches lets get some thing straight, if you're a woman and support an entire class of people being mistreated or persecuted, just remember if you were born in a muslim county, they would execute you for judging a man or dressing provocatively. So if you don't have any thing positive to say, jam a dick in your mouth and bish, STFU.

  53. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: ÑeñeAntigüedadWhate – that's exactly what i was thinking, they say their gay but then say that its no ones business what they do in the bathroom, oops sorry bedroom that is.

  54. Danboy says – reply to this


    Re: Fitzzz
    Speechless because of your stupidity…

  55. Danboy says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309
    If you consider a loving home where parents take care of their kids hell then you must have a very strange idea of what should be the norm.

  56. philbaby says – reply to this


    I think it is great that you guys are doing this. Do you know how many straight men won't pay child support or get their child for 1hour. How many black men I should say. I think it is great. Keep doing your best and God will do the rest. Amen.

  57. Amazed by the Stupid says – reply to this


    Re: Damon – You're the one that just made it creepy. Like you opened your mouth and a closeted perv popped out.

  58. get ur head out ur ass says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – I am a God LOVING lesbian. What is it that you have to fear from God? Perhaps you are concerned that at the end of your life you will have to answer for all of your varied expressions of hate, bigotry, racism and general closed minded ignorance. Good Luck with that. x0×0

  59. BZ says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – really

  60. ness says – reply to this


    they are so fine. i wish they were on team straight so i could get a chance… saliavate

  61. Hajar says – reply to this


    Re: Mooshoo123 – Lmao

  62. enfynit says – reply to this


    Re: irvinegirl – your mom suck…ijs…and it still is a bit off to have a gay parent period do to the fact of gender role being blurred but hey whatever this world is plenty fucked up why not let'em do them….kidz turn out jacked up either way…

  63. Alex Good says – reply to this


    Re: chaz bonos cock. – And one whole ass, you hater.

  64. Jasmine says – reply to this


    Re: ÑeñeAntigüedadWhate

    I don't think it is that they don't want to be acknowledged for what they are: two black, gay dads. They just don't want to be pointed AT because of it. Acknowledge them as an family and acknowledge they are a black, gay couple.

  65. amanda says – reply to this


    I don't care that they are gay at all, but you can't say what happens behind closed doors is our business and then say gaydads…I don't say straight parents…

  66. Myra says – reply to this


    You can never sum up someone's life from an internet account, but from all outward appearances, the kids look happy and taken care of. The guys look like they are making every effort to have a together little family. If that is the case, good for them. I enjoyed their pics.

  67. KuntDream69 says – reply to this


    Ohhh the one combing the hair could GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Angel says – reply to this


    Gay dAds pics were very cute.

  69. nikki says – reply to this


    i freaking love this so much…it's like you said…it's 2014…why is there still so much hate and disrespect?!?! i will never understand it, but i will always support the cause…same love!

  70. Belle says – reply to this


    They are a beautiful family :)

  71. toni v says – reply to this


    These two children probably have a better chance in life at learning tolerance, equality, & that opportunity is for all. But sadly, we still live in a society that doesn't help these fathers (and others in the LGBTB Communities) raise their kids in a loving & hundreds of male/female couples. Go out into public & see kids getting slapped, spanked, drug around by their tiny arms, diapers full, hair unkempt, filthy clothes & faces,& mishandling these fragile beings we brought into the world. Don't believe me? Go to Wal-Mart or a fast food joint on any given day in any given town.
    This is a lovely family photograph! I hope you plan on posting many, many more happy family pix.
    You're all very lucky-Congratulations! XO

  72. F***theHatersx says – reply to this


    It is 2014 ppl get on with your life! so what if two black gay dads are strong enough and BRAVE enough to actually post that? They are showing their true selves and the 'gay' life! Its no biz of yours to hate on their Braveness oK??!! #IPRAYFORTHESEHATERS
    Stay strong guys xx

  73. Shannon says – reply to this


    Re: beth – being on this website proves you are not a "god fearing woman" which is a terrible term to live your life by. I am a christian woman in my believes towards love. I don't live my life by a book and I definitely don't use it as an excuse towards ignorance and hate. You can be christian and gay, you can be christian and love everyone without discrimination or you can be christian and disgusting and hateful towards people you could love

  74. gemini says – reply to this


    I don't care what anybody say their awesome and I love familys like these..i would love to know them..straight men can't do as much as these loving dads..

  75. Mkins says – reply to this


    Re: Fitzzz
    LOL do you actually have kids? If you did, you would know that they see you naked. A LOT. If you like it not. Little people bombard you at ALL times. Peeing. They don't care. Taking a shower? your kid doesn't care. a 5 year old can unlock a door with a butter knife, trust me on that. And next thing you know know, there are sets of eyes peeking around the shower curtain, and a loud whine of "I waaaaaaant pizzaaaaaaa!" or "so-and-so pushed me!" follows. Serious. Kids see naked parents. It happens. There is nothing sexual about it. So, the fact that these men are in their undies, (if they even are… I can't tell) is nothing to be worried about. the fact that you were worried about it makes me worry about you as little. Just sayin'.

  76. 76

    Good for them. It doesn't bother me that it's two gay dads. Awesome. What did flag me though is that they're taking a selfie as if they're 14 is what concerns me.

  77. 10liltoes says – reply to this


    Re: Calvin – Geez you are ignorant. They are GAY and not interested in little girls. And as for the obviously passive aggressive remark about them being pedophiles.
    Statistics show most pedophiles are straight. Oprah Winfrey had a famous police detective on her show and said 90% of pedophiles are straight. You are obviously a homophobe and very confused.

  78. Fortunate says – reply to this


    homosexuality is an extremely perverse affliction. This is child abuse to have children have to suffer through such a twisted and unnatural upbringing. "gay marriage" is primarily signified by the number of anonymous sexual contacts that both …"partners"..have outside of the primary relationship. A major scandanavian government study found that homosexuals who self-described as in a "committed relationship" ..had an Average ! of 12 different sexual contacts per year outside of their primary relationship. homosexual marriage is not "mom and dad stuff" ..at all…it is an unclean, and often disease ridden corruption of human sexuality.

  79. troy says – reply to this


    Re: Fitzzz – My father who was quite straight and my mother who was also straight were often found in boxers and nightgown without bra I am sure early in the morning when they were getting us ready for work. Is your problem that they are dressed in nothing less than they would wear to the beach or that their bathroom is too small or maybe you are such a ignorant bigot that you assume they are molesting their children because that is what all gay men do? Fact: the percentage of child molesters that are incarcerated and gay is less than proportionate to the percentage of gay men vs straight men in society. If you are going to hate at least get your facts together

  80. 80

    What sickens me the most is how all the people who have commented here seem to think they are better than everyone else who has commented here. Good Grief, people have differing opinions, and thank God for that! If you don't like what someone says or how they believe, stop whining about it and grow up. All of you who attack those who don't approve of homosexuality, well your snarkiness towards these people only makes you look worse than they do! Why can't you just state how you feel, and learn to respect other people's opinions? I for one am very happy that we all don't think alike! Boy, grow up people!

  81. dutch says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – Go back to your mountain dumb ass

  82. hmmm says – reply to this


    THey look real thuggish….. too many tattoos on both (prison related?) cornrows… more than likely they might have met in jail?

  83. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – It is absolutely shocking how oblivious you are to how ignorant, and intolerant, your comment is.

  84. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: chaz bonos cock. – Please, PLEASE tell me that you don't plan to, or haven't already procreate(d). Please.

  85. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – You seem really interested in their sexual life….j.s.

  86. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: Christine – Typical religious response. Pretty sure Jesus would love them unconditionally. You, on the other hand, are bigoted person who hides behind the guise of religion to spout your intolerance.

  87. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: Damon – I genuinely hope your comment is satire/a joke. If not, you might want to look into some serious, professional mental help.

  88. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: beth – And when YOU see Christ face-to-face, and he asks you if you loved everyone equally, as he did, and you did not judge your fellow brothers and sisters, as he taught you, what will you say?

  89. Lindsay says – reply to this


    Re: Fortunate – Please kill yourself. Ugh.

  90. Matthue says – reply to this


    Its kind of ridiculous how many gay hate comments there are considering this is a blog ran by a gay man kind of strange so many people who hate gays follow it so intently.

  91. MARY says – reply to this


    I am a white strait single mother..this photo made me smile..how beautiful is this? a million x beautiful! …way to go guys!!

  92. Theresa. says – reply to this


    Re: Tiffster215 – LOL!

  93. Jane says – reply to this


    How sad that anyone would hate the image of two little girls being cared for by loving parents when there are so many children being raised in abusive households everywhere. Please be constructive in your hate - and hate the parents (whatever their orientation) that are abusing their children. Better yet, DO SOMETHING about it.