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Jon Gosselin "Feels Horrible" For His Kids After Kate's TODAY Interview As She Calls It A "Case Of Stage Fright!"

jon gosselin feels horrible for his kids after kates today interview

Yesterday we bore witness to the Kate Gosselin TODAY interview debacle.

Including their father Jon Gosselin!

The daddy said he watched his twins Cara and Mady and did NOT appreciate them being put in this situation, even AFTER Kate said on Twitter that the girls "just had a case of stage fright."

Well, Jon didn't take too kindly to that response and spoke out about how he felt seeing his girls struggle live on air. He said:

"I felt upset. I was laying there with Liz [Jannetta] and we were like, 'Say something girls. Come on! Just say something. Anything.' And they didn't say anything and we were like, 'Ugh, this is horrible.' Then I felt really bad. I mean, I didn't care too much for Kate or whatever, but I felt really bad for Mady and Cara because I love them and they're just put in this situation. It was like deer in the headlights. It just kind of proves my point of Kate bringing the kids out instead of her just sort of doing it herself. It all blew up in everyone's face and I feel horrible for my children because now they're going to have to deal with the public."

But why does Jon think this interview went down so poorly for the girls? Well, this daddy has a couple of ideas.

Here's what he said:

"By body language they were probably like, 'What's the moral thing to do and what does my mom want me to do?' They were torn and they just shutdown. It was just a classic case of being silent. You get to a point where you are like, 'I don't know who to please. Do I please myself or do I please my parents — or my mother?'"

When asked if he thought Kate manipulated his daughters, the father did not deny the accusations. He said:

"In my heart that's what I believe, that's how I feel. Can I prove it? I can't prove it, but you can't take my feelings away from me. I feel that way."

But that doesn't mean he still won't be super supportive of his two girls. Which we think is great!

He said:

"I just texted Mady and Cara today and said, 'You guys looked great and I love you and have a good day in New York.' I didn't really talk about it. I'm just here to offer them support and be their father."

If we were the twins - we wouldn't worry too much about this hiccup.

This is only the first of a series of embarrassing circumstances that happens to ALL teenagers! This just happened to occur in front of a wider audience.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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16 comments to “Jon Gosselin "Feels Horrible" For His Kids After Kate's TODAY Interview As She Calls It A "Case Of Stage Fright!"”

  1. karen says – reply to this


    But not sorry enough to pony up the child support for his EIGHT kids.

  2. 2

    He needs to shut the hell up…He's not the one caring for the kids 24 hours a day…I'm sure is overwhelming and even the loveliest of mother's would have days where they would struggle. Mind you ..this is the jerk that brought a new girlfriend around his kids every other week. No man should be talking about their kid's mother to ANYONE.

  3. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    Re: karen – He can't afford to pay child support. Plus she has all of the television and book money.

  4. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    Re: WMariah – It was her choice to get full custody of the children. She refuses to let him see them as much as he would like. So he brought his gf around, she is boning her bodyguard.

  5. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    I'm waiting for Kate to run out of money. The way I figure it she probably made maybe 3-4 million from television and books etc. She is not working and spending. Bought new house, cars, plastic surgery, vacations, medical expenses for the children, private schools?, bodyguards. She's got to be down to last million by now and when that is gone she'll have to go back to work like the rest of us (I wonder how much her real estate taxes are?).

  6. AMC says – reply to this


    Please.. We don't need him to tell us how she is we watched in for years and years how nasty she was to everyone! She is forcing these children cause she loves the public eye. It's gross and I wish the media would forget about them all together so these kids can just live a normal life.

  7. 7

    as Phillip said I am impressed that a stay at home mom able to profit $8316 in four weeks on the computer . learn the facts here now… WWW.F­B­3­­9.C­O­M

  8. 8

    Jon and Kate should both be so ashamed of themselves for dragging in there innocent children into the spotlight. Before they even split and I knew of the TV show, I thought it was horrible to parade around your kids on TV to get fame. Now Kate is doing that even more now that her kids have grown up. Really sad.

  9. 9

    Re: WMariah – Yeah, and Kate is so wonderful……NOT! She's whoring her kids out on TV yet again for attention. I don't know how anyone can defend this woman. Yes, Jon is scum as well - they both are.

  10. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Dr. Remulak

    You're hoping she runs out of money so that she can be like the "rest of us". Speak for yourself. I don't care how much money she has. But I don't wish anyone with any amount of kids to "run out of money".

  11. Dee says – reply to this


    Kate does not raise her children, that is what her nannies are for. Kate and Jon are miserable parents, and the other poster is right, Kate is running out of money, that is why she is using every last contact to get her children on mags and tv. Kate in all honestly needs therapy. She needs to realize her time in the Hollywood limelight is quite over, and no one wants to see her brood back in the media. These children lived a life style that they normally would not have because they were on a reality show. Kate should have managed her money better, and in time, when the children are not frightened of their mother anymore, the truth will come out, it always does. Mommy Dearest anyone?

  12. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Runs out of money and has to become a nurse again. Good luck to her trying to find anything first shift. She'll have to work nights in some dumpy hospital getting yelled at by crackheads and old folk. She'll make good money but will have to live on a low low budget with all those kids.

  13. 13

    Jon Gosselin was the first Bruce Jenner. a guy with a bunch of kids who slowly lets his wife cut his balls off on national tv. Kate Gosselin and Kris Jenner are birds of a feather. kris jenner "groomed" her whorish children a little better and face it the kardashian/jenner girls love being whores but the gosselin kids know they are being used by their mother and you can see them withdraw. Jon is waiting tables and living very humbly. Kate still wants more time on that tv, regardless of the cost. hoping both kris jenner and kate gosselin get exactly what they deserve.

  14. 14

    Re: karen – he's waiting tables and living in a one bedroom house. she got the mansion and the money. He is not the bad guy, she is however a witch.

  15. 15

    why do they still have the same last name? have they divorced yet?

  16. beebeequeen says – reply to this


    she needs to quit using her kids for money!! bitch get a job and support your kids instead of them supporting you!!