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Joan Rivers Throws Shade At North West! Calls Kim Kardashian's Baby "Ugly!"

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joan rivers says north west is ugly

We know Joan Rivers has made a living by poking fun at people and what they wear, but this one might take the cake!

The 80-year-old comedienne was recently doing some stand up show at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles when she started taking jabs at a much younger victim…

Baby North West

Joan began the bit by explaining a recent run-in she had with Kim Kardashian and Nori, and she had some not-so-nice words for the little princess:

"That baby is ugly… I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing."

Wow! First of all, are we even looking at the same baby, because Nori is pretty darn adorable if you ask us!

Secondly, it might not be a good idea to go after the tiny tot's eyebrows after Kim was wrongly accused of waxing them!

Oh, and did we mention that North is a BABY who isn't even old enough to defend herself, let alone speak! Talk about CROSSING THE LINE!!!!

We'll have to wait and see what Kim has to say about all of this!

[Images via WENN & Instagram.]

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74 comments to “Joan Rivers Throws Shade At North West! Calls Kim Kardashian's Baby "Ugly!"”

  1. Irishone says – reply to this


    She must have learned it from you. Pot, meet kettle…

  2. candy heart says – reply to this


    I could understand if you don't like the parents, but don't take it out and make fun of their child. I think North is absolutely adorable!

  3. 3

    Pot calling Kettle, I seem to remember a certain "blogger" calling Adam Sandlers daughter "ugly", please don't think you are better than others perez.

  4. 4

    she is prettier then blue ivy thats for sure.

  5. 5

    It's time for Joan to take her big mouth to Shady Acres & retire to the front porch & rocking chair. E! needs to fire her ass again! Melissa needs to muzzle her mother.

  6. sandra says – reply to this


    Perez how DARE you make comments about Joan making fun of babies who can't defend themselves when you used to be the worst offender?? Now because you've decided to turn over a new leaf you are going to judge Joan??? You hypocrite…

  7. tempe says – reply to this


    Re: onefinn – Many people recall Perez saying that-his past will always haunt him. He's a hypocritcal asshole

  8. Tara says – reply to this


    Well…..let's just say all babies are not cute. North is not. But babies change as they grow. It just isn't cool for Joan Rivers in a public way to call a baby ugly (even if true)

  9. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    I have always loved Joan Rivers. Sadly, her comments over recent months have made her appear bitter, mean, and possibly senile. It is the lowest of the low to make fun of a baby. Also, that kid is adorable!

  10. Gina says – reply to this


    Re: sandra

    Well said! Such a hypocrite when he does the same shit!

  11. kaya says – reply to this

  12. annainparis says – reply to this


    That's because she secretly wants Kanye to give her a facelift (only God knows how much!)

  13. 13

    How mean-spirited of her. It is a shame she feels the need to judge a child by her looks before she can even walk. Wouldn't it be nice if we taught kids that their true value as a person lies in how they treat other people - not how they look.

  14. 14

    That's a horrible thing to say. I think North is adorable.

  15. hahaha says – reply to this


    LOLL out of all people I cannot believe JOAN RIVERS still think she has a right to judge others looks… she's so irrelevant, incredibly UGLY herself!! And that how she CHOSE to look!!! Damn… I hope none of the kardashian/jenner will ever go promote her stupid bullying show ever again! It's great time for her to leave the fucking industry for noone gives a fuck about this surgery addict troll!

  16. 16

    Off limits.

  17. 17

    lighten up, it's a friggin joke. i'm sure she's aware of how awful she looks, and she often makes fun of herself. you're just looking to start a fight. no surprise there you hateful pig.

  18. 18

    Go Joan way to push those buttons
    I love it

  19. 19

    Remember calling Adam Sandlers kid ugly?

  20. 20

    She is such a nasty old jew.

  21. a says – reply to this


    LMFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO tru but i hate joan so much she needs to fuck off already

  22. Esin Emko says – reply to this


    Her child turned out to be one the the ugliest humans ever…just sayin…

  23. DEE says – reply to this


    I agree with the other poster, North will most likely grow into her looks. However, little can be said for how this poor baby will turn out, with these ego centric parents. I fear we will have another Miley Cyrus on our hands in the future. A child spoiled, not with love but with material possessions. How will Kim explain her past? A sex tape, a reality show in which she has acted like a pompous princess who has made a slew of bad decisions? Or Kayne, who is just plain crazy, just wait there is more to come from him. Kim thinks she is high class because she has more money then she knows what to do with, and Kayne thinks he is this ultimate genius. The plain and simple fact is that these are classless people who think they are more special then they are.

  24. bjsmith says – reply to this


    Kim K. and Kanye W. are not my favorite people, but to call that beautiful baby is just wrong. Baby North is a pretty little baby. Joan should look at her off spring closer because her daughter is one ugly woman. Even as a child she was ugly. Joan Rivers is to old to say nasty things about babies. She has crossed the line. First it was Jennifer Lawrence and now Baby North. She has something against the young (the old bat) .That's low Joan.

  25. Elly says – reply to this


    Re: DEE
    You know what? I despise Joan Rivers, but I have a specific problem with any person who tries to bring in Miley Cyrus and insult her to prove a point to any single argument. My God. You're riding off this media perception of her, but if you knew who she was behind the scenes, she's certainly one of the nicest people in Hollywood and whatever craziness she does has nothing to do with that. I have not heard of a single incident of her mistreating people or not showing up to work etc. It's not her fault she grew up privileged. That doesn't make her a brat. I myself come from money but I still have a head on my shoulders. A real "spoiled brat" would be someone like Justin Bieber whose drama speaks for itself.

  26. 26

    I still remember what you said about Adam Sandler's kid.

  27. Theresa says – reply to this


    Children are off limits. Joan has turned into a mean o' hag. I used to like her but she is just a hater. I don't like the Kardashians, but the child does not deserve that.

  28. char says – reply to this


    "Says the woman with the sunk in plastic face". Nori is beautiful.

  29. 29

    Nasty thing to say about a baby but…………can't say I disagree with her.

  30. tacogirl says – reply to this


    She's Right!…The Kardashians are Armenian…THEY are Covered with Hair…If
    they didn't wax the hell out of their bodies they'd be very hairy….
    In Her natural State, Kim Is short, Fat, and Hairy…

  31. 31

    What did you call Adam Sandler's child again…?

  32. Janice says – reply to this


    If they are two people in the celebrity industry I can't Stand are the fame whore of Kim K and her moron of a man K West, but to call an innocent little baby ugly so publically even if it was a joke it's just as low as person can go! Fuck off Rivers!

  33. Bla bla says – reply to this


    Because Joan Rivers is one to talk when it comes to ugly.

  34. North is adorable says – reply to this


    I may not like Kim or Kanye, but North is absolutely adorable. Anyone who says such stuff about babies is disgusting. Joan Rivers is just ugly inside and out.

  35. 35

    I think Ms. Rivers–whose humor I usually enjoy–should have run the "grandson test." If she wouldn't have liked someone saying something like that about him, she shouldn't have spoken. Children have not chosen to be in the public eye, and it's cowardly to go after them.

  36. Steve-A says – reply to this


    Who the hell can she call ugly?

  37. 37

    The baby is a little bit homely from the few pictures they have released, but I agree it is not nice to pick on a baby. Kanye can defend himself if he wabts, he is a grown man.

  38. Wrenn says – reply to this


    You've done the exact same thing Mario!!!!

  39. Eh says – reply to this


    We all know Joan is right. Why are you trying to defend the baby? If Kim and Kanye could have switched that baby for a prettier one they would have. That baby hit every branch of the ugly tree and then some. I guess it's good it was born into money, maybe some serious plastic surgery can help it when it's older..

  40. alex says – reply to this


    omg people she is a comedy! this is what they do! she obviously wouldnt say it, if she really meant it, people just want to make gossip out of nothing

  41. 41

    That is so disgusting, it's just a baby for chrissake. I think the most awful thing about it is that she poking fun on someone who can't fight back. That just shows what kind of person she is.

  42. olivia says – reply to this


    Re: Eh – North is not that ugly, but, Joan Rivers is a comedian, and I can understand comedy. The child will not read or hear Joan call her UGLY! But, you can be sure that the child will eventually see her mother in a sex tape and read a lot of terrible things about her mother.

  43. ANGIE says – reply to this



  44. kibar2 says – reply to this


    I don't like Joan for endorsing fur and wearing it…but I think her comment is priceless. Come on people, it's Joan…she says whatever she likes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. lol

  45. JJ says – reply to this


    Uh Perez…aren't you the one who use to make fun of babies and got called out on The View for doing so?? I don't think you have the right to say anything ever about anyone doing the same thing.

  46. jj says – reply to this


    Re: sandra – EXACTLY.

  47. VoodooMamaJooJoo says – reply to this


    That baby IS ugly. It looks like a mix between a Who and a gorilla. FUGLY.

  48. Alexa says – reply to this


    she is just sayin' what everyone knows NORI IS AN UGLY BABY!! deal with it!! u wanna see a pretty baby?? Holly Madison's lil Rainbow is such a cutie

  49. 49

    And what does this say about someone's career, when they have to resort to attacking a six-month old child to try and get a laugh or two. What a pityful fucking (ugly) bitch.

  50. Lina_Bella says – reply to this


    i would have wait to post out a comment like that til north west east was 20 or something.. but i get the woxing comment, you remember kim waxed norths eyebrows..

  51. Kari says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – you sound silly! Blue is a kid, you are mean.

  52. BlueShadow says – reply to this


    Re: a – Racist prick! Die soon.

  53. 53

    Joans an asshole

  54. kiki says – reply to this


    I know its mean, but I have to agree with Joan on this one. That baby ain't cute.

  55. Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Looks like a baby produced by an female ape and a caveman

    as for Rivers, one more face lift and she'll be looking out her belly button

  56. Truth Hurts says – reply to this


    Re: Alexa – you just insulted gorilla's

  57. 57

    I just don't get it, I think North is super cute.

  58. Babydream says – reply to this


    OOoooo common!! Joan is adorable and she is always joking even of her own daughter… and it is true this baby has mustache… but the Kardashians themselves had make fun about how much hair they had when they were children.Maybe North West inherit…

  59. 59

    No one is uglier than Joke Rivers and her hideous looking daughter. All babies are beautiful.

  60. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: kaya – thats not true at all, dick rider

  61. 61

    Oh, the irony of you coming down on someone for taking jabs at the personal appearance of others… I don't buy for a second that you don't continue to do this in private.

  62. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Joan tells it like it is. The kid is not only UGLY, but FUGLY. Sorry…sometimes the truth hurts. But, Gawd ! That is ONE UGLY BABY !

  63. squidoo says – reply to this


    Perez, you're a vile hypocrite. You and Joan are two peas in a sad, lonely, desperate pod. You've both made a "career" out of being bitter, angry shits. Do you think people don't see this? Poor sad old piece of work, to be so disgusting and without wisdom or humility, to be so desperate even in your last years as to say such a thing, to have learned nothing and be willing to do anything for a buck, so flipping sad. She made her own bed, her stupid sad daughter can read all about what people thought of her when she kicks it, which by the looks of it will be any day now. Disgusting.

  64. dominicoc says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers looks like her face was on fire and somebody put it out with a shovel.

  65. Tee says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers should be ashamed of herself! Racist old hag of a BITCH. she should know better than to bash an innocent little baby duh..and Nori IS a beautiful looking child. Stupid cow is what that expired hag is.

  66. Be-Atch says – reply to this



  67. julija says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers is a horrible person, who would make such comment about a BABY?? Firstly, who would ever wax a baby?? Secondly, North is adorable and beautiful no matter what this old "plastic surgery queen" says. Probably Joan forgot to look in the mirror before talking shit about BABY. She really crossed the line.

  68. 68

    There are times when Joan Rivers is actually funny. This isn't one of them. Nori is a beautiful, healthy and happy baby. Making derogatory statements about a baby is really low.

  69. 69

    Yikes. I'm not a huge fan of Kim Kardashian , or Kanye West but this is new level of low!! even if you think it, who says that about a baby?!?!?!?

  70. Ugly Babies All of em says – reply to this


    All babies are ugly equally. And thats before they poop, vomit and pee an arched stream of warmth into your diaper changing face. Even baby jesus was most likely….. a baby. (i felt a sudden wave of heat)

  71. Auntie51 says – reply to this


    She's not a very pretty baby. she look like Kanye. sorry baby

  72. von says – reply to this


    Joan is just upset because she's never been cute and her daughter has never been cute. oops! Did I say that? Lol


  73. Banana says – reply to this


    North is an ugly baby. Why is it so wrong to admit it? It's not like she can understand what's going on.

  74. Jerk says – reply to this


    That baby is quite breathtaking. Everyone was thinking it.