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Man Is Beaten To Death By His Teen Employee After He Took Her In And Helped Her Escape From Gangs!

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A man who took in a trouble teen to try and save her from gang life has been killed& by that same teen!!

This is so awful! He was just trying to help!!

Harold Sasko, who owned a chain of pizza restaurants in Kansas, took in 19-year-old Sarah Gonzales McLinn as an employee AND let her move into his home in 2012 so she could distance herself from a life of drugs and gang member friends.

On January 14, for unknown reasons, Sarah apparently knocked Harold unconscious with "an edged weapon," subdued him and then proceeded to beat him to death before fleeing over 1,600 miles into the Florida Everglades. She was eventually caught by park rangers for camping after hours and drug possession.

Originally, they thought Sarah was missing and possibly a victim, but now the truth is coming out.

She is going to be prosecuted for first-degree murder as officials say she had "premeditation and intent," and they "have not ruled out other possible charges."

This man was only trying to help her…

So horrible!!! We hope justice is served.

[Image via Kimberly Qualls/McLinn Family.]

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8 comments to “Man Is Beaten To Death By His Teen Employee After He Took Her In And Helped Her Escape From Gangs!”

  1. Loop says – reply to this


    Maybe he was abusing her and totally deserved it…

  2. magicpie says – reply to this


    How do we know he wasn't sexually abusing her or tried to rape her? I'm not saying that murder is ever the answer but we don't know the whole story.

  3. zip says – reply to this


    Interesting, if he was sexually abusing her, she could have gone to the police. This is not a child–she is an adult, and if an adult male sleeps with an adult female, no matter how young or old, and their obvious age differences therein…they are still adults–so this would not be child molestation. Her fleeing the scene, exhibits consciousness of guilt. Also, the fact that the coroner…is saying that the victim was knocked-out, then afterward, the assailant subdued him, meaning tied him up, and then murdered him by beating him to death. This shows that she had ample time to call police–say, if this was the result of a fight, or a reaction to sexual abuse, and that she was only protecting herself–well, you can just call 911 and report it. From this news story, it appears that she tied him up, not for the purposes of protecting herself, but rather…for the purpose of torturing him to death once he awoke. A psychopath does that, not a true victim.

  4. Kerri says – reply to this


    Re: zip – Exactly! I hate that people automatically go to "he probably sexually assaulted her" Check the facts, read the whole story and understand it before saying those stupid comments. The girl is crazy and a murderer period. Why does there have to be a reason? Because shes a female? They are phsycopaths too

  5. Zip says – reply to this


    PS: The method of torture appears to have been used, at least, it would be a good guess, to extract something out of him–i.e. credit card information, security codes, or personal information from him, as to where he hides his money.

  6. Zip says – reply to this


    Yes, Kerri…as you mentioned, there are female psychopaths. As well, drug and alcohol abusers…can become sociopaths due to their usage of substances. Therefore, they can only be considered free of said nature, until…up to 6 months without using drugs and alcohol. If not, they have no problem with lying, stealing, cheating, or even killing in order to get what they want, such as killing to get money for drugs. A psychopath is born, and a sociopath is made, and or, influenced by their environment and experiences in life, but what the two have in common, is that neither have empathy for others. No, they see animals and humans as objects to be used, and or, destroyed as they see fit. However, it is true that a sociopath can have degrees of sympathy…as there are different levels of sociopaths. Elsewhere in respect to drugs–hard drugs can also, and very easily, turn you into a schizophrenic.

  7. TheTruth says – reply to this


    and maybe the clouds shit sprinkles and maybe there's a vagina with a 'S' on it

    if she was sexually assaulted by this man she would have said so when they caught her, stop the maybes, put this psycho bitch in jail, she definitely told her 'homies' that he can pay for the house and take care of her and the 'homies' wanted her to get his money, end of story

  8. 8

    He was probably raping her in the middle of the night.