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Alec Baldwin Is FURIOUS With The "TSA" After His 5-Month-Old Daughter Is Patted Down At The Nassau Airport!

alec baldwin is super upset with tsa after his 5 month old daughter is patted down

Things were going swimmingly yesterday when Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin posted an incredible pic of her doing yoga on a plane after their lovely winter break in the Bahamas.

But, it turns out, Alec wasn't as chipper because he was ACTUALLY furious with the TSA after they apparently patted down his 5-month-old daughter Carmen at the Nassau airport.

The actor was SO furious, he of course, took to Twitter to air his frustrations, saying:

But one random Twitter user called out the actor on his tweets, and pointed out that there was no TSA in the Bahamas. Alec Baldwin admitted he was wrong except for one name-calling part when he tweeted:

Alec reiterated the point with a tweet that said:

We can totally understand how the actor might be SO upset about the incident with his daughter that he forgot there was no TSA in the Bahamas.

We think any parent would be freaking out if they had to witness their not-even-a-year-old baby go through that.

That's awful!

[Image via Instagram.]

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3 comments to “Alec Baldwin Is FURIOUS With The "TSA" After His 5-Month-Old Daughter Is Patted Down At The Nassau Airport!”

  1. 1

    You are no different than anyone else. Unfortunately people use their babies to hide thing…it's messed up, but it happens. It's safety for the entire plane Mr. I'm a star. You are not exempt in this world!

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Other countries with U.S. bound passengers carry out TSA level security for the U.S.
    I think there are agreements.

  3. Esin Emko says – reply to this


    He's an ass…this is the US TSA…it is Nassau's.
    Whatta fucktard he is.