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Leonardo DiCaprio's "Missing" Niece's Aunt Says She's Totally Safe! Won't Reveal Location Though!

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leonardo dicaprios missing nieces aunt says shes totally safe wont reveal location though

This is truly bizarre!

Leonardo DiCaprio's niece Normadie Farrar's whereabouts are not known to the actor and most of his family.

Leo's stepbrother Adam Farrar and Charity Moore, the parents of Normadie, were both arrested separately in previous weeks for a variety of charges including possession of drugs. Since then - Normadie has not been seen.

The parents had been hiding out in Texas with the little girl before their arrests. The LA Department of Children and Family Service had been searching for the parents and their daughter because of the parents' criminal histories.

However, one aunt named Rachell Costin, the younger sister of Charity, has claimed that the 6-year-old girl is totally safe. Although she refuses to reveal where she is.

Here's what she said:

"I can definitely let you know that she's safe. [Asked where the little girl is] I can't tell anyone that information, I wish I could, but I definitely want to let you know she is safe, so that way you don't report maybe she's still missing and report wrong information. Until I'm told that I can tell her whereabouts or what's necessarily going on, I can't say anything. I mean she's not my daughter she's my niece, so it's not my place to tell everything. [When asked if the girl was in Texas, the aunt said] I can't say… She's not in harm's way…I'm sure… I know she's in a safe place, and I know that where she's at she'll be getting food and everything."

When asked what she would tell Leo about his niece, the aunt said:

"Don't worry, she's safe. Yes."

She also described what Leo's relationship with his niece is. She said:

"She's his niece, I don't know (when he last saw her). Leonardo DiCaprio's not my family member the only reason he would be associated is because we have the same niece."

The aunt also claimed that Normadie's mom Charity is a solid parent. She said:

"Charity loves her daughter so much. I can tell you that, I can tell you that Charity does love her daughter a lot and she definitely would never want her to be in an unsafe place or anything. I'm sure she does (know Normadie is in a safe place), I haven't talked to her though about that. I know nothing about Charity and her alleged drug use, I know nothing about that. I don't want to even comment on the drug use, I've just known her to be the same Charity my whole life, I don't want to say whether yes or no. She really loves, her daughter, She's a good mum to her daughter."

And finally, despite contrary reports, the aunt does NOT believe that Texas police are looking for the little girl, and doesn't believe police in LA should be looking for her either. She said:

"As far as I know, police here are not and police in LA shouldn't be either. I guess when they first got arrested maybe they were then, but I can let you know now she's safe. It's nobody else's business about what's going on with her."

It's SO hard to go on someone's word that a little girl is safe. In fact it's kind of B.S.!

Unless this family wants this little girl to stay in hiding until she's 18-years-old, we'd suggest they work out some kind of deal with authorities. Otherwise this is going to hurt Normadie's chances at sustaining a normal childhood.

Or as normal a childhood as she can get at this point!!!

[Image via Kento Nara/Future Image/WENN.]

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    Glad to hear she is OK.
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