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Amazing 9-Year-Old Sister Pens Book To Raise $1 Million For Her Sick Brother

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amazing 6 year old sister pens book to raise 1 million for her sick brother

Inspiring story.

Makenzie Lawrey's brother Gavin is only 6 years old but he suffers from mitochondrial disease - a rare illness which zaps the energy of cells inside a body which can result in muscle weakness, cardiac and/or liver disease, along with a lot more serious complications.

Once Mackenzie was old enough to learn more about her brother's illness and realized that not a lot of money is donated to find a cure, she wrote a book that detailed her brother's disease and what his life is like on a day-to-day basis.

She titled the book Mighty Mito Superhero, and she has a goal to raise $1 million dollars through book sales to help find a cure.

One of her other reasons she wrote the book, she explains:

"I wanted a better way for people to understand mito."

The well researched book tells the tale of her brother and his alter-ego Mito Action G who goes toe-to-toe with his nemesis Mito.

The inspiring little girl has, in a week, raised $20,000 through book sales, and says she won't stop until she's reached that million dollar goal.

She said in an interview:

"It makes me feel really good because I know that even if [Gavin] doesn't feel good, I can still help in a way,"

This is as amazing a project as we've ever heard, and the girl's age only adds to the tale's mystique.

Our best wishes go to her, her brother, and their family — and find out more this loving sister and brother's journey HERE.

[Image via Facebook.]

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4 comments to “Amazing 9-Year-Old Sister Pens Book To Raise $1 Million For Her Sick Brother”

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  3. 3

    Mitochondrial disease seems to be the culprit in some autoimmune diseases as well. Sjogrens being one of them which I have and Dysautonomic illness.

  4. 4

    Nice looking family, just donated $5, wish it could be more but am retired on a small fixed income. Thanks for posting the link, Perez.