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One Million Moms Vs. Sports Illustrated! Find Out Why They're Crying Foul On The Latest Swimsuit Issue!

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one million mothers protest cover of sports illustrated

No one's safe!

First it was the Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie gay mom episode, and now it's models in bikinis??

OK, so the number is actually closer to about 64,000, but the organization known as One Million Moms (OMM) has voiced their opinions on Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit issue, and they are NOT happy about it!

The conservative crew of Christians argue that this year's cover is simply too steamy for supermarket shelves, and they wrote a letter to the publication asking for it to be removed!

The letter reads:

"Dear Bobby,

The cover of the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue features three topless models hugging with their backs turned and focuses on the thong bikini bottoms they wear. There is also a side view of one model’s breast. The SI Swimsuit Issue is nothing but soft porn and most closely resembles Playboy magazine. This soft core pornography is displayed in many family stores, often at checkout counters which is extremely offensive, disgusting and disrespectful to families. This type of publishing is also degrading to women.

Families should be able to enter supermarkets, convenience and drug stores without being subjected to indecency. Since SI is pushing pornography this magazine needs to be removed from stores, or at least moved to the magazine aisle so families can avoid being exp osed (sic) to this filth. Customers can choose to avoid the magazine aisle, but they cannot escape when the magazine is displayed at the checkout counters and lanes. Also, SI should place this in a nontransparent plastic cover to protect minors who are browsing the magazine aisle."

OMM goes on to urge all of their members to send similar letters to SI and asks all subscribers to stop supporting the magazine financially!

However, when you consider that 77% of Sports Illustrated's audience is male and that the swimsuit issue alone brings in about 7% of the publication's entire annual revenue, well, we have a hard time believing they'll be making any changes anytime soon!

Hey, a little side-boob never hurt anybody!!

[Image via Sports Illustrated.]

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10 comments to “One Million Moms Vs. Sports Illustrated! Find Out Why They're Crying Foul On The Latest Swimsuit Issue!”

  1. Britt says – reply to this


    Gee Perez im confused that you get to share your opinion and bash others and then get mad when someone says homosexuality is a sin according to their faith. I'm not sure who told you that your opinion was the god of all opinions and we should all agree with you. That's the beauty of America. I can believe whatever I want and express it however I want. If you want to be gay that's your right, but I have the right to not vote for gay marriage and to express my religious beliefs without hatred. I'm tired of your bullying. You bully anyone that doesn't agree with you. I don't think that's the message you should be sending.

  2. Susan says – reply to this


    You should view Miss Representation for a look at the impact of media on young girls.

  3. 3

    The body that God gave you isn't "filthy, dirty" or "disgusting". Get over your prudish "temperance" attitude or move to another country. Perhaps a muslim nation would be more to your liking…

  4. Samantha says – reply to this


    As a mother of 2 young girls I have to agree with this argument. I do not consider myself to be "prudish" at all and have no issue with these kinds of magazines, BUUUT, do I want my girls exposed to this media while we are standing in line at the supermarket? Not really. I think that is a very reasonable request and something supermarkets, convenience stores and the like should take on board.

  5. Kenz says – reply to this


    I agree with Samantha. I am all for skin INSIDE magazines for it is their right, however, a cover such as this shouldn't be in plain view of little children.

  6. Teresa andrews says – reply to this


    Re: Britt – It is his website, so he is free to say whatever he likes. You are free to start your own website, and you can express your views in a similar fashion.

  7. Brittany says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa andrews – I'm just saying he should practice what he preaches. I don't like the double standard.

  8. jenny says – reply to this


    Re: Britt

    quit going to perezhilton.com then….he has the right to push whatever agenda he wants to, regardless of your homophobia!

  9. lucy says – reply to this


    Moms need to lighten up. The media influence is everywhere, whether we like it or not. The cover of a magazine will not screw up your kid if they have the right parenting.

  10. Blaise19 says – reply to this


    Is this the first SI Swimsuit edition magazine these moms have ever seen? This is definitely not as "exposed" as some of them are.