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29 comments to “Delta Air Lines' Ignorant Breastfeeding Policy Explodes Twitter!”

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  2. 2

    I'm just so sick of these fucking moms who want to flash their tits for the world because they are so fuckign bored with their new life that they just want to shit on everything. Pump and bring breast milk on the plane. it aint that hard.

  3. boobfeeder says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Are you fucking joking you ignorant twat? Or are you just a bored troll. Some babies WON'T take a bottle. This was the case with the mother in this story. So yes, it IS that hard. As a breastfeeding mother, I take offense to your lack of tolerance for my child's NEED to be fed, however, wherever, and whenever I see fit. My breasts are milk bags, there to feed my child. They aren't 'fun bags', they aren't sexual. I don't 'flaunt' them because I'm bored. There's no such thing as boredom when you're so busy you can't even fucking shower. You don't like breastfeeding? Stay home. Because it's fucking legal. Soon enough people like you will be laughed at and shunned for your ignorance the same way we shame racists and homophobes.

    PS - my baby is on my tit as I type this :D I'm sorry - did I just shit on your day? Maybe a boob might make you feel better, you poor little soul.

  4. Kendrino says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Ignorance is bliss, educate yourself fool!!!

  5. 5

    Re: boobfeeder – Your childs need is not my fucking problem. You're the ignorant one because you think that the world should roll out the red carpet because you had a baby? Why should I have to be offended by your lack of modesty and common decency. Since the beginning of time women have been discreet about breast feeding, but all of a sudden, the lazy ass moms today, like yourself, who can't be bothered to cover the fuck up ruined casual friday for every motherfucking mom.

    I was a mom myself, and I didnt whip out my tip for the world to see, because i'm not a trashy mom looking for attention, because that's exactly what people like you are doing at the expense of your CHILD!

  6. 6

    You wish you could shit on my day. I'm sorry you're burdened by having a baby stuck to your tit. You having a baby isnt the worlds problem. Cover your ass up whore.

  7. 7

    And trust me if I ever see you breast feeding in public, you're going to get an earful out of me, IN FRONT of your fucking kid.

  8. 8

    Dumbass fucking breeders with a sense of self entitlement. The world doesn't owe you shit.

  9. boobfeeder says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – LOL - you're showing your troll face. Let me guess - bible belt? I'd like to hear your views on integration and gay marriage as well. You DO realize that since breastfeeding is legal, discrimination against nursing mothers is illegal? Educate yourself and get some class. Oh doesn't it feel terrible to hear that coming from a classless 'whore' such as myself? ;)

    BTW I sincerely hope you try to give any mother an earful. You'll be shocked at how quickly you'll end up knocked on your ass. Yep in FRONT of the kid. Don't challenge my right to nourish my baby.

    I sincerely do wish I shit on your day. I obviously did since you're so riled up. But thank YOU for the chuckle. You made me WANT to go out and nurse uncovered just to annoy people like you! I am actually a mom who uses a blanket (although I am obviously a supporter of uncovered), but you have given me the courage to whip out a tit wherever. So thank you!

  10. Lala says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, but i can't understand why some mothers don't cover the boob when breastfeeding.
    It's very unpleasand when you are talking to someone that is right in front of you and this person puts her breast out and starts to feed the baby.
    See, i'm not against it at all, acctually breastfeeding is necessary and very good for babies, but i think it's very unpleasand doing it in public.
    So i don't see the problem with asking moms to cover it when in public, because… It's not a public thing.
    If your child don't feed from the bottle, you must breastfeed him, but please, have a common sense, and cover it, nobody want or like to see it.
    It's not because your are a mom that every good manners must be forgot.

  11. summat says – reply to this


    2165 comments on perez hilton? Who's the bored one? Sad.

  12. RayMasterson says – reply to this


    Re: Lala
    It's unpleasant (or unpleasand as you say) to watch you eating in public too. So put a blanket over YOUR head next time you're in a restaurant. Manners include being accepting of others choices.

  13. 13

    Nope, not religious at all. not one bit. Not a bible thumper, not catholic, nothing. There's a name for what i am, and it's called A DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING. I'm 100% for gay marriage. Always have been, always will be. But I guess that's how ignorant YOU are, that you automatically put labels on me, because anyone who doesn't want to see tits in public MUST automatically be a bible thumper, you dumb fuck. You could never shit on my day. you shit in your childs face when you whip your tit out for the whole world to see. I will kick your ass in front of your kid, try me bitch, just fucking try me. you will scare your kid more than you're helping IT.

  14. 14

    What about using one of the restrooms on the plane?

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Nothing 'immodest' or 'indecent' about feeding your baby.
    You see more with some bikinis. Your hang up, not the baby's.

  16. 16

    Re: @v@ – it's disgusting,

  17. ellabella says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu
    Hahaha! Women have been breastfeeding discretely since the beginning of time? Yes, I'm sure half dressed cave women ran inside for their hooter hiders before feeding their babies! Clearly you have never traveled outside North America, or you would know that the mJority of the world does not share our puritanical hang-ups about boobs and breastfeed uncovered, whenever and wherever baby is hungry, and nobody thinks twice about it! And I hope the next time you walk past a Victoria's Secret, you go inand ask them to cover up their models, because you'll see a heck of a lot more boobie there than you will on most breastfeeding mothers!

  18. The Bad Witch says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – hahahahahahahahaahahah "bored with their new life" "shit on everything" Jesus Christ that's some ignorant shit right there. Thanks for the laugh.

  19. shut up says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – you're such a worthless human being. You're a complete moron. No one gives a fuck what you like and what you don't like. If you ever walk up and shame any mother for feeding their child I hope they punch your cock guzzling mouth you stupid whore. I feel sorry for your children to have such a loser of a mother like you.

  20. 20

    Re: ellabella – So we are still cave people? we haven't evolved from thousands of years ago? aren't we a civilized society now? are you fucking kidding me, you ignorant twat? I'm talking about since the age of civilization, you dumb fucking ass. We are not in fucking Europe, this is America. If you don't like it go move to fucking europe.

    Obviously you all give a fuck what I think because all your panties…and bras, are up in a BUNCH! haha.

  21. Lala says – reply to this


    Re: RayMasterson
    Darling, is not about the eating, it is about the fucking tit haging around for everyone see!
    There is a big difference between feeding your kid and showing you boob with no common sense.
    I don't understand, WHY NOT cover????
    It should be privet, it your privet parts, that should be feeding your child. PERIOD.
    Not to be showed in public.
    If you know you are going to breastfeed, take a little blanked with you.
    If you dont have at the time, there is another thing, but of you know that your are going to feed your baby, cover.
    It's not possible that everyone here are so alienated about it.
    Jesus, you're all like those moms that think the world must stop just because you are a mom!!!!!
    And its not about the child, it is about you beeing a self cemtered mom.
    Kids need to be feed, period.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – Lol, made me laugh, at least we know where you stand on it. I've got to tell you (run on sentence alert) that truly disgusting is sitting in 90 degrees in some smelly john at a theme park balancing your kid while sitting on a toilet while inhaling the fumes and looking at the wet toilet paper stuck to your feet while your arms shake because your kid weighs 20 pounds and you have nothing to rest your arms on or balance on all because pollipicus are all over the damn park just waiting to shoot you and your baby scathing looks while you're trying to keep both of you from dehydration.

  23. Lady Ocean says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – educate yourself before you speak you idiot. Some babies will not take a bottle ( my youngest would not) new mothers are not "bored and flashing their tits for the world to see" All they are trying to do is feed a hungry baby. FYI moron breasts are designed to feed babies.

  24. 24

    Re: @v@ – Nobody told you to have a kid…and if you do, those issues aren't my problem. You see, that's where you people are mistaken, you think that the challenges you're facing having a kid is someone elses problem. It's not!!! you are not queen of the world because you gave birth to child. i gave birth, and I don't think I should do that in public.

    Lady Ocean, YOU educate YOURSELF. I guessed your husband didn't touch your tits while you conceived? I guess he is grossed out by breasts>? they don't turn him on at all? stop with your stupid nonsensical bs.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – See, you think that your opinion should over ride the nursing baby. Based on immediate need, the baby always wins. The one who's nursing shouldn't even be the issue. She is just a conduit to life.

  26. pregnant with common s says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – why are you breastfeeding feeding a 20 pound kid? That is disgusting. 2nd of all if the child is old enough to weigh 20 pounds the child can be trained to feed undercover. No one wants to see your floppy,flat breastfeeding boob. I'm all for breastfeeding just cover it up. It's common sense.

  27. Roxy says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but I completely agree that you can breast feed in the bathroom and not in public. This is very selfish of these women to other this for themselves. Your baby will survive the 2-3 minutes it takes you to walk to a bathroom. Do we have sex in public??? NO WE DON'T!

  28. Heel Repair says – reply to this


    I find Miley Cyrus more offensive then a mother feeding her child… Can we put a blanket on Miley?

  29. lala says – reply to this


    Re: Heel Repair
    I think both should use a blanket.