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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' Ex Husband Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest For Stealing & Selling Jewelry?!

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enelle evans husband has a warrant out for his arrest for stealing selling jewelry

Looks like this Teen Mom 2 star was lucky to get out of that relationship when she did!

Jenelle Evans' estranged husband and admitted heroin addict Courtland Rogers has had a warrant issued for his arrest for apparently stealing jewelry from a friend of his that he was staying with!

The friend he ripped off was Katie McMillan who filed a report with the Wrightsville Beach Police Department in North Carolina after she discovered her family rings were gone. The police quickly found the rings at a local pawn shop who said that Courtland was the one who pawned them - something which they knew because he used his ID to sell them!

Which is the reason he now he has a warrant out for his arrest!

The family friend explained how it all went down, and also revealed how bad things have gotten for Courtland lately!

Katie McMilian said:

“I was trying to help him get into a treatment program and had even talked with a doctor. He was telling me he wanted to get sober and get away from drugs. I figured out he didn’t want any help after a few days. In the last text he sent me, he said he was going to pick up his money. That’s when he left my house and never came back. I now know he meant going to pawn my stuff. He knew I was going out of town the next day and he couldn’t stay at my house. I think he was hoping I wouldn’t notice my stuff was gone before I left. I definitely noticed it was gone shortly after. It was the stuff I considered sentimental. Two of the rings he did take were actually the most sentimental things I own. They are both rings from each of my grandmothers.”

Obviously Courtland didn't think his plot through very well, and just saw a quick and easy way to get some money!

His friend is clearly hurt by everything that went down, but if we were her - we wouldn't take it personally. Especially if Courtland's still using. She said:

“I can’t believe he did that to me. I was letting him stay in my house, trying to help him get help and even fed him and bought him groceries.”

So not cool!

Courtland Rogers could be in A LOT of trouble if the rings were worth over $1,000. That would be considered a felony in the state of North Carolina, which the 28-year-old man cannot afford to be charged with. Or at least that's what he told Katie. She said:

“He told me if he got charged with one more felony, he would get an automatic 20 years in prison and be considered a ‘habitual felon'."

Ugh! That's so sad!

He's so young to have thrown his life away like that! Hopefully his loved ones will convince authorities to get him the drug addiction treatment he needs instead of prison time.

That seems like it would be the best bet to turn this troubled young man's life around.

[Image via Courtland Rogers' Instagram.]

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4 comments to “Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' Ex Husband Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest For Stealing & Selling Jewelry?!”

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  2. Nicole says – reply to this


    Oh my god, that's so pathetic, and sad! The fact that he even stole from someone that was trying to help him, you cannot go lower than that! Go Katie for calling the police and getting your rings back!

  3. Kim says – reply to this


    What a scum bag! I hope he gets the help he needs! Who does that? Well I guess a drug addict who has no concern for other peoples property!!! Wow! You can't run forever!!!!

  4. luv looking ass video says – reply to this


    Nothing but G thang !