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11-Year-Old Girl Shoots Cougar That Was Stalking Her Brother! And She Wasn't Scared One Bit! Find Out Why HERE!

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11-year-old girl shoots cougar that was stalking her brother, and she wasn't scared a bit!!

If you saw a mountain lion on your property, and you were an 11-year-old girl, and that cougar was stalking your brother… what would you do?

Grab a rifle and shoot the cougar?

Well that's exactly what 11-year-old Shelby White did!

We do NOT recommend doing this!!!!

When her 13-year-old brother was walking back to their home, she spotted the beast stalking him nearby.

Her father saw the cougar too, and since Shelby, raised to be a hunter by her self-described "backwoodsy" family, was the only one with a hunting permit, she grabbed the rifle.

She "wasn't scared a bit" when she pulled the trigger and dropped the 50-pound beast.

Though we're not fans of hunting, this cougar was apparently sick, with 50-pounds being about half the normal weight of a mountain lion. Plus her brother was in danger.

Shelby has been hunting since she was 8 or 9 years old. It's a good thing too, because apparently there's been a bit of a cougar problem on her family's farm.

This was the fourth one they've had to shoot in recent memory.

So while we don't necessarily go crazy for hunting, we're so glad her brother is safe!! Way to save him, Shelby!

[Image via Bill White.]

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One comment to “11-Year-Old Girl Shoots Cougar That Was Stalking Her Brother! And She Wasn't Scared One Bit! Find Out Why HERE!”

  1. 1

    That little girl was right to put that big cat out of her misery. Obviously too thin and starving. Other alternative might be to have Fish & Game set live traps for these senior cats, so they don't feel so starved that they have to hunt people.