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Equinox Gyms Discriminate Against Families! Why Their Business Fails Parents And Children!

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This is not right!

Please watch and share!

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73 comments to “Equinox Gyms Discriminate Against Families! Why Their Business Fails Parents And Children!”

  1. 1

    Shut up bitch! Get a clue - Equinox and the world hates you.

  2. J says – reply to this


    This rant is totally unwarranted. You are paying for the gym facility. You pay an additional fee to the trainers to babysit you, you should have to pay for someone to watch your child as well. If you hired a baby sitter, it would be more than $12/hr. You are just bitching to bitch on this one, and should reconsider your outrage at this company. They do not even have to provide a child friendly area.

  3. deb says – reply to this


    It is pretty common practice to charge for childcare in the gym regardless of the membership. I would imagine it is in the contract or terms of your membership. The $12 is in keeping with the high rate the gym charges. I definitely (and I am a parent of 2 and one on the way) think they should charge for childcare and that the money charged should go for qualified staff. Whether another adult is watching your kid doesn't matter-the safety of the children is most important. I look at the pool as equipment. The childcare is above and beyond equipment.

    I think if you want to look for discrimination against families and children, you will find it elsewhere and it should be addressed-the gym not so much.

  4. 4

    More like: "I believe in the power of using my fame to bully people into doing what I want."

    Perez, its NYC, EVERYTHING is expensive. $12 to watch a strange persons child for a few hours is fine. You want good service? Pay for it!
    Dog walkers charge $15 to walk a dog for 20 minutes.

    People don't work for free. You could be working out for 2-3 hours and have someone watch your child. You want someone good and quality right?
    lol you're just embarrassing yourself and getting the employees to hate you.

    ps - thank God youre not one of my customers, what a pain in the ass you are.

  5. 5

    More like: "I believe in the power of using my fame to bully people into doing what I want."

    Perez, its NYC, EVERYTHING is expensive. $12 to watch a strange persons child for a few hours is fine. You want good service? Pay for it!
    Dog walkers charge $15 to walk a dog for 20 minutes.

    People don't work for free. You could be working out for 2-3 hours and have someone watch your child. You want someone good and quality right?
    lol you're just embarrassing yourself and getting the employees to hate you.

    ps - So if Im a customer with no kids then *I* should pay for someone to watch *your* kids for free with my membership fee? Uh..no. They're YOUR kids, YOU pay for them.

  6. AnnCat says – reply to this


    You make a valid point in regards to the pool use and the $12 does seem far too much!
    Perez do what you got to do I do not know how you put up with the internet hate but keep it up!

  7. Mel says – reply to this


    Perez. Totally agree with you. My gym, 24 Hour Fitness in McLean Va, charges $5 an hour per child or you can buy a month of open passes to the kids room for $24. Twelve bucks a visit is outrageous if you are in Manhattan or Iowa.

  8. JDubba says – reply to this


    I understand where you are coming from, but I do think you are overreacting. $12 seems pretty reasonable honestly. What is the pass/unlimited rate? My gym doesn't even offer child care. I think it is best to ask the right questions/learn this information ahead of time.

  9. sarah says – reply to this


    I have lived in NYC my entire life and i think you are completely wrong. who cares that you are paying for a gym, you are using the gym not your child. why would you even bring your child to the gym to the child space if you where going to even bring your own sitter. then let the sitter stay at home with the child while you are at the gym. and the going rate for a sitter in NYC is most likely over $12 an hour, so their goes your argument.
    grow a pair and stop thinking that everybody is against you because you are a single parent.

  10. 10

    I'm so sick of you using your own site as a sounding board over shit that pisses you off. Are you fucking seriously complaining about $12.00 you fucking bitch. Your net worth is 30 MILLION, you bitch!
    The gym is not your own personal free babysitting service, asshole. I bet they are just sick of your gay shit, and your stupid fucking agendas. This is Not discrimination.

  11. Denise says – reply to this


    I'm not accustomed to commenting on your posts…this is only my second after years of reading. The first time I posted was after many of your Lady Gaga rants. You profess to not being a cheap person (I actually wouldn't judge you if you were), but seriously, if you ARE dropping all that $$ on yourself, $12 for childcare is reasonable compared to what you're already spending (actually it's probably way LESS than your trainers). You sound like a petulant child…if you WANT to use that service, you should pay for that service. A babysitter or nanny would cost as much, if not more & at the end of the day, if you think it's too expensive, don't use the service. I really don't want to read about it AND frankly, I also don't want to see more pictures of your kid. This is a celebrity gossip website, not your family photo album.

  12. Danny P. says – reply to this


    I agree! Hell, inexpensive gyms have free kid care. I was a former member of that "exclusive" gym in Dallas. I quit because of service–the arrogance was too much for me. I have the money, but I cannot tolerate the high brow attitude. I just want to workout and be left alone. Keep up the fight!

  13. M says – reply to this


    I totally agee, we pay way to much to charge to bring our kid/kids.

    I am a member at the location in Manhattan Neach CA.

  14. alana says – reply to this


    going off of what you said about not charging for the pool, but charging for the childcare- i'd like to just add something. as a childcare worker who has spent extensive amounts of time at centers that include pools, due to liability issues lifeguards require extra training which in turn increases their pay. most lifeguards at schools/camps/childcare centers make between $18-$30 an hour, while the people working with the kids make between $8-$12 an hour. if they are claiming paychecks as reasoning their numbers aren't making much sense as lifeguards cost them more money, period.

  15. 15

    I'm not against businesses charging for separate services, your gym membership is for the gym not a babysitter. It's not discrimination, it's called paying for a service. They can charge whatever they want, and if you don't like it then don't work out there.

  16. Jazmine says – reply to this


    $12 for a one time session is too much. Some gyms in Canada offer childcare or a small additional price on top of your monthly fee.

  17. Val says – reply to this


    STOP! Equinox is a fancy gym for people that can afford it, based on all of the fucking ads placed on your mobile site it's safe to say you can afford it. Also this is not discrimination; discrimination affects only some people which is probably why they are stressing that this is their blanket policy. You should've done more research before selecting a gym. There are hundreds of gyms in NYC alone some are more family friendly than others and that is their right since it is a private business. You're flying off the handle for nothing. You should be happy that they even offer childcare services many gyms do not.

  18. Mal says – reply to this


    I pay 10/hr for childcare…. Not at a gym, but just so i can go to work. And this is in Colorado, not New York. Im fairly certain that the price of living is much higher in New York. And you are paying for a service, at what seems to be a reasonable price. Sorry perez, but you're getting too worked up about it. I think it is fair.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    My old gym wouldn't allow non members in to watch your child. You either left your child with them (after booking an appt.) and paid their fee or you left your child at home with a partner or caregiver. Most just accepted this and used their workout as their private brief getaway or escape from children. There were hardly ever any kids there, yet there were plenty of young mothers there. Twelve dollars can be the hourly rate for normal babysitting. It's gone up. You're very lucky your mom is around. Most people who work out don't bring family and kids in though, not that there's anything at all wrong with that. See what happens. What do you want? Free for grandma and baby? 1/2 price for grandma and baby? It also has to be worthwhile (enough kids) for them to bring a sitter in at all.

  20. Seriously?! says – reply to this


    To the commenters who think $12 is too much for childcare in an adult health club, it costs almost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS per MONTH to belong to Equinox!! And private personal training costs almost that much an hour. And think about this, Perez blows a couple thousand dollars a month (personal trainers 5X week @ a minimum of $125 per session last time I checked, plus membership…) and he's complaining about $12 an hour for someone to watch his kids? Perez you ARE being cheap, you entitled spoiled little brat!!

    For you to expect the manager of a single location of a large corporate organization to create a new rule just for you? It's like going in to McDonald's and asking the manager of that single location to charge you less for a large soft drink because you brought in you own cup. Do you think that manager has the power to create a new rule by themselves?

    Just because they don't do what you want, you cry discrimination. God you are an a**! And a CHEAP one at that. I hope someone from Equinox corporate gets a hold of this rant and sues your CHEAP a** for your defamatory remarks.

  21. liz says – reply to this


    $12 an hour is the national average hourly wage for a babysitter. I'm sure this $12 covers at least 2 hours, so I think it's totally fair.

    Also, if you have a nanny or babysitter present, why utilize the childcare at all? Love you, but you're overreacting.

  22. Faith says – reply to this


    I think you are overreacting. I don't think people who don't have children should have to have it reflected in their membership fees the cost of providing child care for others.

    Having a child is a choice. Not having a child is a choice. People who choose not to have children or can't have children should not have to pay the way for those who do.

    And 12 dollars an hour seems very cheap to me!

    A pool is a gym facility. Child care is not. It's an added bonus and you should pay accordingly. Also if you want to pay less you should expect that to then reflect in the quality of the care your child is provided with.

  23. Coffeycake says – reply to this


    I think to say being discriminated against wouldn't be the correct term they're trying to enforce. I have an LA Fitness membership in WA State and their drop off for childcare is I think $4 for a max time of 2hrs-3hrs?, but I pay a monthly $20 unlimited "babysitting" membership for each kid. Now given it being NY and Equinox I imagine that the rates over there are ridiculous and something to be considered. I'm surprised that they don't have a monthly childcare membership option and not knowing exactly why they don't have one and just a daily rate tells me that their policy isn't as "family friendly, customer service" oriented and not necessarily discrimination. I say look into other gyms that offer a monthly childcare membership. Good Luck!

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    After enough fitness training and classes, many people get to the point where they run their own workouts from home. Forget the 12 dollars and save 200 a month and well equip a spare space permanently. Then family can use the equipment too, and you can play your own tunes. Just mix it up. Swim one day, weights another, jog with peak 8 the next, yoga the next, bike ride next, etc etc. If you do the same old workout your muscles stop being challenged.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gyms are fun, but can be cesspools in cold and flu season. I've never been to one that wiped down the equipment properly, and went to one where you wiped your own equipment before and after use, and that really dampens a fitness roll. I stopped and do my own, and abandoned churchgoing during winter as kept getting colds and flus. Haven't been sick once since I left both.

  26. 26

    I think somehow you're taking this personally and it's clouding your judgement. That or you're lucky enough to have your Mom take care of your child so you're not familiar with the going rate for child care. Most gyms do not offer childcare at all- if I had the luxury of putting my two kids into childcare while I worked out, I would consider $12 an hour a bargain and a blessing. In NY you can buy a fresh juice and a muffin for $12. Literally. This is someone taking care of your CHILD. In arguing that you spend so much money on their other services (as if this should justify free or cheaper child care), you are indeed asking for special treatment.

  27. Fuckyouperez says – reply to this


    You only had a kid so you could have a platform to stand on. How about you pay like everyone else or leave your kid at home. Having a child means making sacrifices. The pool is free because people work out in it because it is a fucking GYM.

  28. maureen says – reply to this


    You are over reacting…..sorry dude….Your membership fee covers your workouts, using all they equipment (including pool) they provide. Childcare is an EXTRA service they provide for clients that require it. (If you had no children would you want to pay more to cover care for someone elses child?) They need to hire someone to watch the kids and that cost needs to be covered. I know that gym is expensive and for that cost it should be included but I totally get their point.

  29. Mike says – reply to this


    Respect your right to be upset but I think you are actually out of line. $12 is not an outrageous fee to charge. Chains like 24 hour charge at least $10. Babysitters charge $15/hour. I'm a parent and know if I want to go to the gym it may cost me if I bring my kid. Other members should not be paying for your or my choice to have a kid. That's the cost of being a parent. At the same time I don't want it free so that every parent brings their children, causing overcrowding and the spread of colds, flu, etc. The fee helps get rid of the riff-raff. I don't think it's discriminatory at all. This struck a chord with you and is tied to a deeper issue for you. You grew up poor and feel this is unjust and it's hard trying to balance life as a parent with maintaining your health and giving some love to your body so that you can in turn be a better parent. They could have handled it differently — but take a deep breath and do some research — even Ballys and cheap ass gyms charge — otherwise people would just drop their kids off and abuse free or low cost childcare

  30. christina martirossian says – reply to this


    I think it is didic to pay that amount. I am going to the equinox in woodland hills, ca and its $10 . I would of thought as well that it would be included in the membership or if anything be a lot less. After all i am paying $146 month for the gym. I agree 100 percent Perez!

  31. Sherri says – reply to this


    Hey Perez,
    I think your just PO'd about the poor customer service at a club you pay good money to belong to. I wouldn't say it's discrimination though.
    Damn first world problems :)

  32. Tim says – reply to this


    As a former employee I advise all people to not give money to the company. They genuinely care more about money than your health and their employees. They own many other spin studios and yoga studios all formatted the same way as thier gyms. So be warned they all will have the same price increases. They all are money hungry people hiring extremely talented and passionate people in fitness whom like the customers are assuming it's a great place to
    To take care of ur health and well being. I could not agree with u more Perez I always tell people with that $150 you pay per hour for a trainer, instead bring them to ur house to work out and take them for drinks and dinner because the 40 dollars they hope to get after taxes for training inside equinox is hardly enough for a subway ride and dinner in a city.

  33. Youreanidiot says – reply to this


    The fact that you pay a monthly "premium" rate to use equinox, and likely hundreds of dollars on trainers, but not willing to spend a measly $12 to use the kids room does make you, in fact, cheap. Learn to pick better arguments, or real ones for that matter.

  34. Polly says – reply to this


    I think it's ridiculous that your PERSONAL frustration is a "top story". I don't think Equinox is discriminating against families and you are totally overreacting. It's a luxury to be able to workout and to have an option to put your child in daycare.

  35. Little Garden says – reply to this


    I CANNOT believe what I am reading. Perez I am embarrassed for you and your child. This is really pathetic. Maybe you should have re-thought having children. I am so sick of parents trying to find cheap care for their child. This hits home and I am not a fan of you anymore. I am truly disgusted by this rant, and unless your caregiver likes being called a nanny…don't. It's dated and sounds arrogant. The gym should charge more. You are paying for security which is priceless. This just ruined my night. #waitingfortheworldtochange

  36. Kizzy says – reply to this


    Pretty sure your membership is complimentary. Never heard such an entitled rant. $12 for 2 hours of child care is cheap. The pool does cost more, it's part of an all access membership. Stop whining.

  37. ABDAH THOMPSEEN says – reply to this



  38. missrhonda says – reply to this


    I have to agree. I have seen a lot of gyms charge extra money for parents to watch their kids and never understood it either. As a business person it would be more profitable to not charge to draw in the parents not charge extra. In return more customers and surprise more money. The whole idea is to get more customers not try to determine the type of customers you want unless your product or service is specific or relative to your customer base. In this case the business is not relative to the customer base only or on a cost level but a customer base type. Companies that blame their obvious guided restrictions on policy have that policy in place for a reason. At the end of the day, its there to eliminate the unwanted and cater to the desirable clients in the location.

  39. share says – reply to this


    The YMCA doesn't charge for childcare. A parent gets 2 hours a day with a minimum of 8 hours a week of free care while they go work-out. It comes along with being a facility member (and membership prices aren't cheap either!) I used to mentor a little girl and take her with me to the gym. She LOVED going to the kid's room and playing games while I worked-out. Check-out the YMCA's childcare room in the Atlanta area. It's amazing…and free!

  40. Voice of Reason says – reply to this


    Solution: MOVE BACK TO LA!

  41. Voice of reason 2 says – reply to this


    There is nothing more annoying than children in gyms. Im there to work out and relax, not to deal with crying kids, moms going cray cray, yelling and eating at the locker room.

  42. 42

    Re: AnnCat – Don't know where you are from, but I got paid $5-7 per hour over 40 YEARS ago, and NYC must be more expensive.

  43. sants says – reply to this


    this is personal to you and the affluent new york community…no one gives a shit about this. why are you the biggest whiner of all time, that's all u do now.

  44. rt1974 says – reply to this


    Perez you are way off base on this issue. Do you have any idea what the hourly rate for a babysitter in NYC is? Granted it would be lower because it would be for more than one child in a group setting, but it is still within reason. Did you even inquire about how much a monthly pass is? I am almost positive it would bring per visit rate down. The other thing is your son is just over a year old. Gyms in general are filthy…even when they're clean. They are no place for a young child. Parents will bring their kids healthy or not to get their workout in. Keep your little boy at home. You should really think before you react. You clearly did not. You sound ridiculous.

  45. Viviana says – reply to this


    I understand your frustration. I high end gym that charges that much just for membership should offer child care. A family friendly environment. I go to Lifetime Fitness in Jersey and I love it!! Child care, they have activities for children, summer camps…It really is a great environment. If you lived in Jersey I would def recumbent Lifetime Fitness. They charge and extra 10 a month if u have a child on ur membership and you can leave them in childcare and use pool with them basketball court. It is one of the main reasons I keep my membership with them. All gyms should have some form of childcare.

  46. This is stupid says – reply to this


    Enjoy the next gym you join. Idiot! And stay klassy.

  47. Vdubs says – reply to this


    I think you're making a mountain out of an ant hill. I've been following you for years but I have to say, using your site to mull over an issue between you and your gym and go as far as discrimination is wrong. You know what goes into building a business, you also know that millions of people go to your site and millions of people are watching this. Learn when to pick your battles, then learn when to keep them private, and when to use your site for legitimate issues. This, is most certainly not one of them.

  48. Themoreyouknow says – reply to this


    FYI, the $12 charge is for TWO hours of child care. That's $6 an hour. Just saying.

  49. ehhte says – reply to this


    Listen this is the worst use of the word "discrimination" you clearly do not have an understanding of the word as you used it throughout the tape….I never comment but read your blog-Listen a gym membership is for working out-the pool you workout in it so yes they have a lifeguard-and it super weird you would use a play space for kids at a private gym and want your mom to watch the child-so you dont have to pay….That is insane…..I understand your frustration that you spoke to someone as you were clearly upset and they kinda well blew you off…I get being frustrated by that, but truly this company is not doing anything out of the ordinary with daycare….The thing about Manhattan is that everyone or many are wealthy-like yourself-so you are a small fish in a big pond-so they dont make exceptions I get that….The problem here is not discrimination-clearly wrong choice of words-it was your initially meeting with the manager-the complaint lies there not with a reasonable 12 dollar drop in fee-in denver its 15 at yoga studios…..sorry major over reaction-you maybe should have slept on it a few days-story of my life….:)

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    Just wait until Jr. brings home all of the school fees requests, etc., ad infinitum. You have NO idea…but you have more than mo$t, and you… vill… pay like everybody else does after they wrestle with how things have changed, and then you'll sigh and turn your pockets inside out like Al Bundy.

  51. Myopinion says – reply to this


    I have children and faced the same problem. I do agree with you because if they were family friendly they would sell those types of memberships. Unlike the Y. However that is out of my way and while there are many good things to say about it, where they keep the toddlers is the size of a closet and its on a first come first serve basis in my area. In order bring my teenage daughter to my gym it would cost me $15 dollars a day. WTF?! Why can't they just sell a family memberships?!! My whole family was working out at this gym (myself, husband, father, sister, brother, uncle, sister in law, sister's sister in law, cousin, niece, nephews) yet when some of us began to have children. Like you said we had to watch our expenses or curb them. My family gradually left altogether because I'm going to go where my husband is, my sister wants to work out with me, etc.,

  52. Choochs says – reply to this


    Totally agree with you! Lifetime Gym charges a monthly rate to use the kids area regardless of how often it's utilized. Although the rate is only $24, it's in addition to the monthly premium of $150. Customers should receive the (often times subpar) care for free.

  53. smithb says – reply to this


    My gmy has a set price. You can pay the lower amount and take your happy a** to work out or pay the higher price to bring a guest and to use the childcare. After you pay the monthly fee you are free to use childcare as you wish. I think it's pretty expensive to charge 12 bucks each visit.

  54. Bwaymum says – reply to this


    Extra fee for childcare has been standard for many, many years. It's NOT discrimination. Pay the fee, let your mother babysit or build your own home gym and have the trainers come to you if you don't like it. Find something worthy to rant about.

  55. LeeLee says – reply to this


    $12 or $15 seems reasonable. It is NYC, & members should pay extra for childcare. You are over-reacting, but it's totally understandable because so many places treat parents with young children (especially with babies or toddlers) like crap. You're probably sick of all the glares, so this was the last straw. Both my kids were in a very high quality daycare while I worked. Having seen the frequency & thoroughness of their cleaning routines (every toy, every surface), & having also seen the runny-nosed, coughing kids & complete lack of toy wipe-downs at the gym daycare, I would NEVER leave either of my children at a gym daycare if avoidable. You have grandma & a nanny. Have them watch your sweetie. It's cold and flu season! The gym daycare has germs from 30 different preschools and twenty different elementary schools. Avoid!! Also, in terms of socialization, it's confusing to a young child to have a different set of kids there every time; he can't form bonds. Put him in part-time high quality preschool at age two & go to the gym while he is there. Until then, use nanny or grandma.

  56. LeeLee says – reply to this


    I would also like to say that not everyone is as good a parent as you. If the daycare is free, I bet some moms would use it like a free sitter and sneak out of the gym for some "me time" (shopping, etc.) because it would be hard at a large gym to keep track of one person slipping out for an hour. I know that is shocking and horrible, but I guarantee some people would do it!! The gym daycare price is a deterrent from people doing that. Lastly, you are a single dad of a very young child. A personal trainer 5x a week plus yoga 5x a week is a lot for this stage of your life. You might have to switch to a more time efficient workout routine until your son is a bit older (lots of us moms do).

  57. Jake says – reply to this


    Dude you are such a bitch. Shut your mouth cheap skate. $12 and hour to care for your baby? You're a moron.

  58. Amanda says – reply to this


    As a poor mother who honestly couldn't afford $12 a day for an hour of babysitting… I'd like to tell you to shut the hell up. Don't take your child to the gym. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. If you don't like the high prices of the high quality gym then take your ass to planet fitness/family fitness. You're majorly lame for even taking the time to complain about this. You are acting like a SPOILED BRAT! You are acting entitled… like you deserve to pay less because you blog about successful people. You do NOT deserve any special treatment. I think You OWE them money for not paying for your child to be there before.

  59. cici says – reply to this


    I totally agree with you, especially if you have someone watching your child already. Just like you said they have to hire a lifeguard to watch over the pool but they don't charge extra..I could see the 12 dls if you were going to be there 2 or more hrs and their staff had to watch the child, other than that no 12 dls is way too much!!!

  60. Adam says – reply to this


    I hear what you are saying about the use of the pool being free but having to pay for child care. My thoughts on the pool however is the pool should be offered as a member. It is after all a great cardio workout and great for stamina training. The kids room however is not a piece of gym equipment. It is a additional service to help parents be able to get their workout in and know their child is safe. I recommend you talk to the GM. and ask them to consider hiring a trainer to work with the children to teach them good eating habits and exercise routines to warrant your $

  61. Jessica says – reply to this


    I agree with you for the most part. Being you use the gym so often and use so many of their services..the fee for childcare should be less if not free. Is 12bucks worth losing a loyal customer who pays for membership and trainers? I don't think so. Their loss. I could understand if it was a regular customer or someone who doesn't go so often. Then 12bucks seems reasonable.

  62. Biaz says – reply to this


    I work at Fitness facility at the child center,and it is in a wealthy neighbordhood. It is like a country club, so it is pretty expensive. However, for members are child services are free and it's a 2 hour limit, for nonmembers we charge $4 per each child. I understand where Perez is coming from. Equinox, is already expensive they should include their kids services for free and put a time limit on it if they want. Charge nonmembers, not members who are already paying a generous fee. Good luck perez!

  63. Maria Castro says – reply to this


    I think your rant is valid not lame. My family and I are members of Golds Gym here in TX and child care is free for members they only charge a fee for visitors/nonmembers. While things may be different here in TX I also lived for many years in NY (Ithica to be exact) and was a member of Equinox in the city bc it was in close proximity to my job, had I ever been made to feel this way I would be doing the exact same thing you are! People think that just because you have money that you won't think certain prices are too high, I get that. Being "cheap" and being mindful of spending are two completely different things and these fools putting you down bc you choose to be mindful is plain stupid and rude. I'm with you all the way!

  64. Aneil says – reply to this


    I work for a fitness studio in Chicago and we charge for childcare. I believe it's $10 per child for a single session with the option to purchase packs at a reduced for session rate. It's totally warranted. You are asking someone to babysit your child for a little over an hour. I've done the childcare before and it's not easy. One time I had 6 kids all under the age of two. I made $12 per hour for watching 6 kids? That's not fair haha if I would have been babysitting I would have been making way more. Yes it's inconvenient but it's not discriminatory and for many parents it's the only way they can work out.

  65. Camila says – reply to this


    Agree that $12 per use is a little steep. Maybe Equinox can offer a monthly fee for this service as other gyms do. LA Fitness charges $10 a mo. Hours are limited but I think it's a good bargain. Obv Equinox doesn't care/want to tap into this market.

  66. Mimi says – reply to this


    Anyone who is talking crap and saying hateful things really needs to grow up. Stick to the topic. In general it is ridiculous to charge extra for childcare I have never heard of a place like that -_- it's a SERVICE BY THE GYM it should be included in to the membership… I mean that's why you have a membership there to begin with. Idk why people thing "it's nothing" yeah shut up that's a waste of money! I would much rather leave my kids with my mom then give that money toward strangers! Equinox is freak'n ridiculous they need to get their shit together!

  67. Kim says – reply to this


    I think you are overreacting just a bit. I go to a gym 6 out of 7 days a week and pay a monthly fee on top of my premium for my kids to stay in the kids club while I work out. See if they have a monthly fee you can pay. Usually it's cheaper if you pay per month instead of per hour. I don't think the gym is discriminating against families because they do offer services to watch kids. And everything comes with a price.

  68. Nicky says – reply to this


    Hey Perez-I am also a parent and I go to Equinox in Coral Gable, Florida.. While I 100% agree with you that the kids club Is totally overpriced and should be free I'm not sure it rises to the level of "discrimination."

  69. D says – reply to this


    I find this video funny Perez because you don't even pay for your membership. it is comp'd.

  70. jane smith says – reply to this


    I don't understand what he's complaining about. While he does pay for his PT sessions, he has a comp membership. So, he doesn't even pay for the yearly rates that normal members pay.

  71. Anna says – reply to this


    Your membership is free.
    You pay for training sessions and a nanny. But you won't pay for childcare.
    Your nanny and family member is not known or finger printed or background checked as far as anyone is concerned. Why should they even be allowed in there with the kid? That's unsafe for other parents and their kids.
    The 12 dollars is for TWO hours of service. And that is the max because it's a one off. Six buckaroos per hour. Too much for your thick pockets. But, excuse me, you're not cheap. Hope your kid learns to discern hypocrisy and bull at an early age.

  72. GabyGab12 says – reply to this


    Really? How is this discrimination? He shouldve know from the get go that Equinox 'nickle and dimes" you for everything from the get go! On top of the $145 a month membership, you are bombarded with personal trainers soliciting their services. I wouldnt be shocked to pay $12 an hour for child care!!! Get over it!

  73. nine o two says – reply to this


    Troy tyrell used to work there i think

    Troy tyrell vancouver My company used to refer prospects to Troy Tyrell until I found a more professional, reliable and skilled trainer who now is the Networking Trainer Manager for my company.The person issuing the spam report against me is Troy Tyrell.He was extremely upset and embarrassed after I let him go as Networking Personal Trainer manager for my company.I have a new client who used you (I referred her to you) for a couple sessions and she said you were boring and unskilled compared to me.Troy Tyrell comes across as being quite unprofessional and really really stupid