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Jessica Alba Has To Defend Kissing Her Kids On The Lips Because Why???

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alba kissing kids

No explanation needed!

Jessica Alba is on the cover of the April 2014 issue of Redbook, and she answered a ton of questions for her feature!

The profile enlightened the world on Jessica's life with her husband Cash Warren and their daughters Honor and Haven. But one thing that Jessica seemed taken aback by was when she realized not ALL parents kiss their kids on their lips!

Jessica had no clue why that was, and went on to defend her parenting skills. She said:

"Really? Why?! It's your baby. People allow dogs to lick at their mouths."

We think it's totally fine that Jessica squares kisses on her kids' lips — what could possibly be wrong with showing some affection for your little ones??

We doubt it's Jessica's Mommy and Me group that are criticizing Alba's skills - since Jessica admitted they are some of her tightest confidants! She said:

"They're some of my closest girlfriends."

Good to know that she's getting parenting support from somewhere!

We think Jessica Alba should keep on kissing on! She's the mommy and she can do what she wants!

Plus we love what she does!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Jessica Alba Has To Defend Kissing Her Kids On The Lips Because Why???”

  1. Geomommy says – reply to this


    Why do others have a problem with that? I have gotten similar comments when I kiss my kids? Also people used to give me crazy looks when I kissed my infants feet. He did not even walk yet. It would be different if you made out with your child or if I sucked my pre-teens toes but come on. A kiss on the lips to your own young child should be no big deal!

  2. 2

    I've heard of this issue before, and what really disturbs me is the parents that find something dirty or wrong with showing affection to their kids.

    I made my children, I should be able to peck them on the lips that I grew! It's such a natural thing, and also an important thing. Showing your children how to express love and affection.

  3. 3

    It's come to the point when any deep affection is shown to ones own children, or heaven forbid a niece or nephew, is eyed with suspicion. This will snow ball into a generation of adults that do not know how to express love and will move forward to raise another generation even further removed from affection. All because of a handful of perverts who get far too much press.

  4. 4

    I used to kiss my parents on the lips until I got a little older and it naturally transitioned into the cheek, which I think is normal for most kids. I don't think there is anything wrong/gross or dirty about it at all just at a certain age I grew out of it.

  5. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    I can't imagine who would have a problem with it. They sound like odd people.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    The only thing I could think of was maybe cold sore virus?

  7. Desiree says – reply to this


    I'm sry I'm 28 yrs old n I still kiss my mom on the lips…that's how our affection is….even with my nieces n nephews n other family members….how is that wrong to show ur loved ones u love them? If u don't show it kids love or happiness there jus gna turn out to be bitter hateful pple or criminals….these pple who are criticizing don't kno wat real love is so there gna bash it…it's pathetic but true..

  8. stormie knyte says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong with anyone kissing their kid's on the lips, but if you and your spouse perform oral sex on one another it's just nasty and gross.

  9. 9

    Opinions are like assholes
    everybody has one
    Even me
    If the kiss is given with love and innocence wtf is wrong with people

  10. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    being a superficial asshole, I'll be the first to comment on her looks… she's FUCKING HOT!!!

  11. Monica says – reply to this


    omg…im 28 & kiss my parents on the mouth, usually when I know it'll be a while till I see them our when I see them after a long while. I kiss my niece and nephew (3 yrs&1yr) on the mouth too. it's love not sexual. Ppl need to grow up. Also kissing baby feet is so cute…they don't walk yet, so they aren't dirty or anything sheeesh. Kiss on…if youre showing love then keep doing it.

  12. Wendy says – reply to this


    Is this seriously for real?? Maybe the problems in the world are because people aren't showing their blessings enough affection!! I am 39 and I kiss my Mom on the lips and I'll never stop!! She did the same with both of her parents forever! My sons are 5 and 8 and I kiss them on the lips and will keep doing it until they don't want to kiss mommy on the lips anymore. It's an innocent act of love and affection and for prudish idiots to make it seem dirty makes me furious!!! Btw…I kiss my best friends on the lips too, male and female, even in front of my kids. Is that dirty? NO!!! I just hope parents stop caring about what others think and keep showing as much innocent unconditional love to their precious babies as possible :) They are blessings and should be treated that way…

  13. LAGIRL says – reply to this


    There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. My parents have both since passed away by my siblings and I always kissed our parents on the lips until they passed and I am 47. We have an awesome up bringing and we had the best parents any children could ask for and I missed dearly every single day. I saw kiss away.. xoxoxo

  14. Dayz says – reply to this


    There is NO problem what so ever kissing your kids in the lips. It's innocent and besides we carried them for 9 months and we continue to care for them our entire life and are there when they need some picking up. My son is 5years old and kiss him in the lips. I also kiss his feet and bite his cheeks. So Jessica kiss your daughters all you want, soon they will probably won't want us to kiss them in the lips. So lets enjoy it while it lasts. :)

  15. Ruby says – reply to this


    I kiss my kids in the mouth…I think it's a Latino tradition…