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Did Michael Jackson Have An Unknown Son?! Brandon Howard Claims To Have DNA Proof That He's The King Of Pop's Son!

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did michael jackson have an unknown son

Does the King of Pop have a 31-year-old long lost son?

That's what Brandon Howard is claiming, and he says he has proof to back up his outlandish claims!

Although legally his father is Mike Howard - a singer whom Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson managed back in the '80s - the 31-year-old singer claims that MJ is his father and plans to provide DNA proof on Thursday!

It's speculated that somehow Brandon, whose stage name is B Howard, got a hold of a orthodontic device that formerly belonged to Michael Jackson - no clue how he got a hold of that - and the results from this show a match with B Howard's own DNA.

At some point on Thursday B Howard will reveal the results on FilmOn.com — results which will be eagerly anticipated by many, we're sure!

You can bet MJ's estate holders are keeping an eye on this story, too. B Howard has voiced that he plans to get some money from that estate in court!

As for the 31-year-old himself, B Howard is a singer who has worked with some recognizable names in the music industry including Akon!

Check out a MJ-esque music video of B Howard, and decide for yourself if his moves hold up to the Kind of Pop… (below)!

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10 comments to “Did Michael Jackson Have An Unknown Son?! Brandon Howard Claims To Have DNA Proof That He's The King Of Pop's Son!”

  1. hmmm says – reply to this


    After watching the video, I can believe it!

  2. 2

    Actually, if you are following the story, Brandon wants nothing to do with this and has spoken out about this Meanwhile Corey Feldman and a bunch of hacks had a live press release that basically proved nothing. Lame.

  3. Anthony says – reply to this


    Who cares, this kid is nothing like MJ and besides, all he wants is a pay cheque and being so stupid he thinks he can pull the mask over all our eyes. I'm watching the Ukraines fight for there democracy and found myself here. Wtf the world is going to shit really fast and we are suppose to care about this shite. Whatever, I'm poor and thanks to our fu:&'king politicians I keep getting poorer. I work every shift I can but I have nothing to show for it besides 7.25 an hour and those who don't work I'm sure make more then me, I don't blame them either, all our jobs have gone to China and Mexico. We have no future here and it makes me so upset. We used to be so neighborly but now all I get is the finger from people driving so fast to make it to their third job with no benefits. One sickness = bankruptcy in America and since when did this start. So unnecessary when we could close or at least make our trade to these nations fair, the Chinese have a saying…long after the roar of the American plants are silenced, even the locks on the closed plants will say "Made in China or Mexico.

  4. Opal_Moonfire says – reply to this


    Do you check your facts at all, Perez? His legal father is NOT Mike Howard; his MOTHER is Miki Howard, who went by the nickname "Billy" back in the day. Speculation is that "Billie Jean" is about her. B Howard has made a public statement saying he has not claimed that MJ is his biological father, and he has no interest in money. If anything, I think he may be Joe's; has a terrible reputation as a womanizer, so it would really not be a surprise.

  5. Opal_Moonfire says – reply to this


    Re: Opal_Moonfire – just watched the video–MJ wannabe much? Holy cow…

  6. shante says – reply to this


    anything is possible

  7. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Oh please this dude has nothing of Michael Jackson in him. Not even when it comes to the physical resemblance. Trying to hard to look and sound like the King of Pop is just another desperate attempt.

  8. NEXT DNA..EVAN ROSSE says – reply to this


    So sad that MJ must to have that secret private life…becouse his religion is against sex before marriage. I think,he was strongly influenced by his mama,she was devoted Jehova!

    That kid is spitting image of MJ.

    Who is next…Evan Rosse…..

  9. so what,he's not ange says – reply to this


    He was so under pressure of his mother.She hated Diana Ross,E. Taylor….she only loves Lisa Marie Presley.

  10. jen says – reply to this


    I bet he's 'the kid' that Michael sings about in Billie Jean.