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The New Barbie? Doll Shaped To Look Like A Real 19-Year-Old Woman! Now, THIS Is A Toy We Approve Of! And You Will Too!

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realistic barbie doll being made lammily


After years of waiting for the ridiculous proportions of Barbie dolls to change, someone has done something about it.

Nickolay Lamm wanted to show women that average is beautiful, so he went online, found the normal proportions for a woman, and created a prototype off of an average 19-year-old woman.

The pics went viral, and gave the inventor the boost he needed to get the show on the road!

Now, Nickolay is looking to finish funding his Lammily dolls, even after raising $95,000 in crowdfunding, which will include lots of diversity too!

She wears minimal makeup, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and has an advanced design that allows the doll to move her wrists, knees, elbows, and feet.

And, with the doll's tagline of being "Average is beautiful," we are literally jumping for joy at the direction dolls aimed at kids are going in.

Between "Lammily" and GoldieBlox, kids are about to have so many more healthier and more responsible options when it comes to playing!

P.S. If you want to donate, CLICK HERE! And see more images of the doll (below)!

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28 comments to “The New Barbie? Doll Shaped To Look Like A Real 19-Year-Old Woman! Now, THIS Is A Toy We Approve Of! And You Will Too!”

  1. Tepollog says – reply to this


    I have more sisters than most males. I can't count my siblings on two hands. My dad had 3 families as well as fathered a few children in between his 1st and 2nd marriages and one huge family with his 3rd wife (my mom). Despite all statistical odds… he only succeeded in fathering 1 boy. Me. And so I was surrounded by those girls all my life. And i was surrounded by all their friends of all ages. And in all those years…. i have never seen them or their friends ever hang up a poster of an average looking guy or a chubby guy… or a plain looking guy… or.. a nerdy looking guy. Only hunks with abs and pretty boys. Kinda urks me that society bends over backwards for a truly shallow gender. I know whats coming next. Girls are going to get body issues about their boyfriends' bodies. "I have no self esteem".. "why not?"… "because my boyfriend gained 50 pounds and isnt a hunk like those skinny male models". I seeee it comin. As for the doll… no girl ever had an issue with barbie. It was older women superimposing their own issues on children and using young girls as tools. this was always an issue with older women who dont play with dolls. Not girls who do. Any of your sisters bitch about their doll? NOPE.

  2. tepolloggodogo says – reply to this


    But as a fellow entrepreneur stuck all day behind 3 computers trying to think of ways to break free of seemingly insurmountable profit plateaus… good luck with the doll. I only wish my non competitors luck. Only the biggest scrooge would be against a toy. Sure… there will never be an unhunky ken with a beerbelly and women are too selfish to care….but… good luck with the doll.

  3. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Tepollog – You're an idiot. Your analysis on the world really needs a major rethink otherwise you will severely struggle.

  4. Allison says – reply to this


    "Average is beautiful" as a tagline sucks. That means Barbie is "above average", and nobody goes through life wanting to be average. I think something along the lines of "Natural is Beautiful" would be a lot more effective.

  5. Tepolloggodogo says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – I'm use to being policed by the PC police who dont like contrarian views that arent PC and that conflict with their LALA land of pretty bunnies. I suppose this is the part where you tell me "i know lots of girls who hang up posters of dorky guys, 4 eyed gusy, ugly guys, chubby guys and of course.. you nerdy mensa guys". You'd think girls would at least hang up posters of tycoons and wealthy men and successful business men since that is the male that females give the lowest divorce rate to . but noooo. Pretty boys and hunks with abs. I believe in the POWER OF SUGGESTION. If we told girls "girls are getting self esteem issues from their boyfriend's imperfect bodies"… oh boy… thats when they will start getting esteem issues from exactly that.
    and i have never struggled in life. I always kinda had it easy. Struggle at what exactly? Its my employees who struggle. I'm on easy street.

  6. 6

    Re: Tepolloggodogo
    I am a girl and I personally don't mind chubby, nerdy, "weird" guys at all. I think you're just cold and bitter. Grow up.

  7. Tepolloggooog says – reply to this


    Re: Allison – except there is one problem with that. Millions of women are NATURALLY skinny. Society thinks "the way you give females better esteem is by making naturally skinny girls feel ugly. make them feel like ugly sticks". Society is being a peter pan. Stealing esteem from one group to give to the other. I really dont want society giving my girlfriend a body issue. She is naturally skinny and I've had to tell her "skinny girls can have curves too. Dont listen to those predatory peter pans".
    "and nobody goes through life wanting to be average" <==== females cant even handle the word average. But i'm the one struggling?

  8. Catherine says – reply to this


    Re: Tepollog – wow. considering that your family is so full of women one would think you would be a little more keen to be good to that gender? Obviously there's some resentment here. Anyhow, don't take your sibling issues out on the entire fucking female gender, okay? I'm of an age where I played with those perfect little barbies and in Kindergarten, no I didn't bitch about my dolls, I bitched about how "fat" I was. I was 4. A 4 year old bitching about how "fat" they are and how they wish they were skinny and pretty. I know too many guys who think that feminism is going to far and turning back on guys. Get over your fucking selves. If you want things to change for you too then why don't YOU get out there and MAKE the difference like all of us WOMEN have been trying to do for CENTURIES. this comment disgusts me. I hope you realize how immature and terrible you are. Your sisters deserve a better brother. Fuck yeah proportionate barbie! I hope the next generation of girls is a little less anorexic and suicidal than mine!

  9. tepollog says – reply to this


    Re: KaraAlissa – its nice you like plain guys but …. Ive heard girls say "she can do better than that" regarding females with average looking guys. I've lost count how many times I've seen women come on these sites and criticize a female celeb for dating an uglier guy. "what does she see in him? she can do so much better". Thats what we are bending over for. For females who say things like "she can do better than that guy. He's not good looking enough for her". And i'm not bitter. I dont know why people choose arbitrary adjectives. The best adjective that describes my mood now is curious. Im curious: if we put two groups of ken dolls on a store shelf: One really skinny one and one dorky one with a beer belly and glasses.. .and give girls money for one… which one are they buying? That would be a great experiment. Society is too busy doing PC copping than experimenting. Anyways… i gotta bail here. I have ADD.

  10. Tepolllogggoo says – reply to this


    Re: Tepolloggooog – I walked down the hall and down a flight of stairs… said hello to several smiling creatures …. handed an envelop to a person who asked for it.. ..and stood and stared blankly …and then it occured to me:.. i meant ROBIN HOOD not peter pan. (maybe i do struggle with things. Those stairs especially. Which now i have to do AGAIN). PS… anorexia is caused by genes. Scientists have been saying that for years. Now those stairs again. Destination .. bottom of stairs.

  11. Bob says – reply to this


    Re: Tepollog – Nothing else I can say. This comment sums it all up perfectly! Agree with all points.

  12. iceman says – reply to this


    Re: tepolloggodogo – spot on. You're absolutely right. Everyone wants to see perfection even if they can't grasp it themselves.

  13. ciele says – reply to this


    Finally! I dont have children but recently had the displeasure of trying to buy a doll for a 7yr old girls birthday. and when i say displeasure it was because i was horrified at the dolls now. All were bordering on skeletal, the body type seen in concentration camps! and they all had slutty makeup. and nowadays Barbi is the most realistic doll, which is saying something, at least she still has jobs like teaching or being a vet. at least someone is finally aware of the impact of these dolls on young children, especially since we are now in a place where we are seeing 7 yr olds with anorexia. Lammily is a doll i would feel confident giving to a little girl. Once available I will get them for my numerous nieces. Love seeing someone being sensible and i will support them.

  14. Average Girl says – reply to this


    Re: Allison – Exactly what I was about to say, exactly. In my head I understand the tagline to say, " well because no one actually looks like Barbie and everyone throws shit fits that a wax doll is too perfect, we are going to lower our standards to what the rest of the word looks like to make you all happy, which is average" … maybe that's their way to shut everyone up? then again I grew up with the "above average" Barbie and had no complaints. Regardless of what happens that tagline basically says that Barbie is still perfect and we are just average.
    Barbie 5, human population 0

  15. 15

    Who would want to play with that soccer mom doll? Most girls are going to grow up and BE her. And that is great…nothing wrong with being her. But the doll is too real. Too ordinary. There is no fantasy involved. What makes Barbie great is that little girls KNOW she is a fantasy. She is beautiful and lives a beautiful life with her beautiful boyfriend. That is what makes it fun! Little girls are smart enough to know that no woman really looks like her or has a perfect life. But it sure is fun to pretend. L

  16. 16

    No little girl would want to play with that soccer mom doll. She is too boring. Too ordinary. Most little girls are growing to grow up and BE her. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is no fantasy involved so it just wouldn't be that much fun to play with. Little girls are smart enough to know Barbie isn't a real person and that she is a caricature of a real woman. Give them some credit and just let them have fun!

  17. 17

    Re: Lilygirl27 – Sorry for the duplicate post…..computer glitch. :)

  18. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    They should make it more realistic and ad "cutter" scars. lol

  19. Bianca Bujan says – reply to this


    Just blogged about this one too: while I love the idea, I'd also like to think that what we teach children about body image - to love themselves as they are - should have more influence on their confidence than the dolls with which they play. I mean we're not making "realistically proportioned" superhero figurines even though my son would love to have superhuman strength and the ability to fly, right? And my daughter loves lalaloopsy dolls but isn't affected by their oversized doe eyes and lanky limbs.

  20. 20

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  21. DeeMom says – reply to this


    My kids are long past the toy stage but I would always buy my kids some of Barbies friends to add to their collection and no matter how beautiful the friend was, the doll was ignored. I believe in a healthy body image and don't see the perportions being the issue, the issue is more image. If Barbie started moving over to more normal measurements the doll would still sell because she is Barbie! She is rich and leads an exciting life. It is no different in real life. Britney Spears is no longer the same size she was when she shot to fame, yet she still puts on the glamorous outfits and sells out concerts. Barbie is not her curves, girls don't buy Barbie because if her curves, they buy her because she is the Britney Soears of the doll world. When girls play they imagine a lifestyle beyond what they have, and imagination can sometimes encourage girls to reach for the stars instead of feeling that average is something to strive for.

  22. Kira says – reply to this


    Ok this is serious bullshit!! Who wants a fat Barbie? Isn't the issue that all the children are getting fater and fater, not doing any sport? I think Barbie is a good role model as she is and we don't need to fattify her to send a message. This message should be send by their parents and families and not by their toys… I mean what's next are you starting to tell stars to gain weight so they are a better rolemodel?

  23. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Re: Tepollog – Have to agree with this comment. I'm naturally thin and tall and I never had an issue with barbie, despite having small breasts and not looking like barbie other than the lanky part. I never had an issue with barbie. Barbie was… barbie. I never thought, "Wow, barbie should resemble 19 year old girls" which by the way, is a little biased since not all 19 year old girls resemble the new image of barbie. I know I certainly didn't. It's older women who have a problem with this, not little girls. They minds don't think in this sexist/nonsexist way.

  24. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Re: Tepolloggooog – Spot on. It's flipped now to where naturally thin girls and women are made to feel bad because they have naturally high metabolisms and don't gain weight. I'm 5'8" and teeter around 112-117. I'm 30 now and weigh roughly the same as I did in high school. I have had several friends make remarks about my weight and it's as if I should feel guilty or bad. That's what I have to deal with in society, and the sad thing is that that's seen as OK. It's not. I would never call attention to someone's weight because they are overweight. It's rude and we are all different. You don't have to be thin to be beautiful, just the same as you don't have to have curves to be a woman. Which by the way, I overheard a guy say last week. Talk about perpetuating the issue at hand.

  25. shdgska says – reply to this


    da Fuq no. It's a doll not a person. Barbie isn't supposed to be short and fat.

  26. Deb says – reply to this


    Who cares if you approve or not

  27. Dont says – reply to this


    Re: shdgska – Fat ? really what the fuck is wrong with you they are making it human shaped to show girls that they dont have to have to be skinny !!Would You want Your Daughter To have an eating disorder because of what society looks like right now ? because it is forcing girls to do anything to be skinny and you are basically saying its ok to have eating disorder . This is just may seem like a small thing to you but we are trying to make stupid people like you that any size is beauty You have no right to say that because i bet you dont have a perfect body either

  28. mazzy says – reply to this


    That is the worst looking doll…EVER.Next they'll be saying GI Joe is too"tough".