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George Clooney's Ex Stacy Keibler Is Pregnant?! The Surprise Wedding Makes So Much Sense Now!!

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George Clooney's ex Stacy Keibler is preggo! That makes so much sense!!!

Remember how George Clooney's ex Stacy Keibler got hitched to Jared Pobre in a secret, surprise wedding??

At first, things might have seemed like they were moving quickly, seeing as how they only dated for about 8 months before getting married.

But the fact that the couple was super, ridiculously, oh-so-incredibly in love made everything seem alright. Also the fact that they knew each other for several years before dating totally helped.

Well now sources are saying that she's totally pregnant!!

Now the surprise wedding makes a little more sense!

To avoid a shotgun wedding, they went ahead and got married the way they wanted to, making sure the kid wouldn't be born a bastard.

When Keibler's reps were asked about the pregnancy, they declined to comment.

We're gonna take their "not gonna confirm or deny" as a total confirmation!

Congrats, girl!! Can't wait til you pop that bun out yo oven and we see that lil baby bringing a little more cuteness into the world!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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9 comments to “George Clooney's Ex Stacy Keibler Is Pregnant?! The Surprise Wedding Makes So Much Sense Now!!”

  1. Irishone says – reply to this


    Born a bastard rather than paying some chick to have some kid with an ugly jerk/bully like you? I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for your kid. No wonder they ran you out of LA and your wifey divorced you.

  2. Twatty says – reply to this


    You do realize getting married after finding out you're pregnant but before the baby is born, is the definition of shotgun wedding, right?

  3. MB says – reply to this


    Didn't she break up with Clooney like last week? WHY!? Not that I have any interest in this girl, but WHY!? after you break up with Clooney, do you go out and get yourself pregnant? Is it because you wanted a kid? Was it an accident? OR are you trying to prove something to Clooney?

    Why the fuck do women do this kind of shit? Jesus Christ, I break up with a woman I love, I swear my dick is broken for a year and all women are ugly. Why do women go out and stick a dick in it immediately?

  4. marmor76 says – reply to this


    Why would you call a child a eastward… if you don't want people talking about your child then why don't you lead by example stop calling kids names if you want people to respect your child as well… if you are going to spit out your venom then don't start crying like a little bitch when someone calls your child a name.. in order to get respect you have to give respect….

  5. 5

    Bastard?? What an idiot you are. What's your kid then?

  6. 6

    Having read your blog for many years… Completely confused and shocked by that "bastard" comment, what on earth are you thinking? How completely unnecessary and plain rude. We are not living in in the 1600s. You are not married to your childs mother therefor you have a "bastard" child yourself technically. I think we have all moved on from those attitudes.. I don't hear you calling Brad and Angelina's children "bastards". I have followed you on instagram and love every single photo of your "bastard" child. Majorly disappointed.. I think you owe Stacy Keibler an apology..

  7. jnicole says – reply to this


    most of the time when people get married because of a pregnancy they don't last long. just cause you have a baby with someone doesn't mean you should marry them. one has nothing to do with the other

  8. 8

    I am very disappointed in you for using the term bastard. You owe Stacey an apology even if she's not pregnant. A bastard is defined as: "a person born of parents not married to each other" - what does that make your son Mario? You're disgusting! No wonder Andy Cohen looks like he's going to throw up whenever anyone mentions your name.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    In today's day and age am pretty sure Stacy would have no problem having a child without walking up an aisle. The bastard crack is over the top considering Perez Jr. isn't a product of a marriage. Jared and Stacy must be doing very well to marry anyway. Blessings!