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New HBO Documentary Gives A Brutally Honest Look Into The Lives Of Single Moms Living In Poverty — This Vid Will Really Make You Think

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HBO isn't bringing dragons, vampires, or super hot detectives this time around!

The premium channel is unleashing a documentary on the world starring a single mom named Katrina Gilbert, and it's called Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life and Times of Katrina Gilbert!

It is estimated that 42 million single mothers and the 28 million children they support live in poverty or on the brink of it.

The doc is hoping to showcase the hard lives of single motherhood through Katrina Gilbert, a single mom of three, who earns $9.49 an hour in her job as a certified nursing assistant.

In the trailer, Katrina says:

"I didn't expect to be a single mom of three children but I am and I'm trying to deal with it the best way I can."

The documentary will premiere on HBO on March 17, however the message of the movie is VERY important, which is the reason why they're also releasing it FREE online at HBO.com, ShriverReport.org, and YouTube from March 17-24.

So no one has any excuse NOT to watch it!

Check out the powerful trailer up (above) !!!

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35 comments to “New HBO Documentary Gives A Brutally Honest Look Into The Lives Of Single Moms Living In Poverty — This Vid Will Really Make You Think”

  1. 1

    In Obama's America EVERY mother done be a single mother on assistance, it's the only way to survive with obamacare.Do you really think with three kids she wouldl be able to afford 1200 bucks a month to but health insurance she doesnt need just to make Obama's friend's rich? She's a lifer now and leach to the system. The trend will continue until everyone needs assistance

  2. Jd says – reply to this


    How do 42 million single mothers only have 28 million children?

  3. 3

    Re: Jd – lol

  4. 4

    I have no problem with someone working at Taco Bell making $8.00 an hour but it is NUTS that people working with the elderly get paid $9.00whatevershemakes an hour. No wonder there is so much elder abuse in nursing homes and the like. She looks like she is good with the patients and she should be paid more.

    As far as the sob story, hopefully the msg of this series is not to have children if you can't afford them.

    There is a guy in the news that just ran down and killed 2 people injuring over 20 after running from cops. He was in a stolen vehicle and drunk. HE WAS 21 AND HE HAS 6 KIDS! SIX KIDS AT 21!!!!!!!!!!! You can be sure that was 6 children without a father before this incident. Hopefully these kids (not from the same mother) have mothers who work and can support them. But, most likely, the state is picking up much of the tab. How can we sustain that? Thank goodness he is going away………. because imagine how many kids he would have by the time he's 30?

  5. 5

    Thanks for posting the free sites, since I cannot afford HBO.
    However do you know what time this show is on, I'd like to watch as it sounds worthwhile, but need to know the time. Thanks very much.

  6. Reese says – reply to this


    I can understand being a single mother of one (things happen), but if you can't handle one child (and she obviously cannot), why get pregnant 3 more times!!!! I cannot afford my two with a 2 parent household and 2 parents working. And now I will have less money for my kids because I have support all these women that have "baby daddys" and a different daddy for each kid. Everyone will be living in poverty soon except for a small percent of people, and it's because of things like this! No one forced this woman to have all these kids, it was her decision, how is that societies problem??? Bet if you limited all this assistance people would smarten up.

  7. LW says – reply to this


    I HATE most of these comments-be ashamed! I sworn I was never going to be a single parent, I was engaged, I became pregnant unexpectedly, you know what my ex said? I HOPE YOU MISCARRY As a human f-ing being WITH morals I packed my things and moved back to my hometown, do you know or have any idea HOW HARD IT IS? NO CAUSE ITS EASIER TO SIT BACK AND JUDGE…may your own foundations be strong in the winds of change

  8. Maggie O says – reply to this


    Another half assed story
    She only makes $9.49 per hour , so what else is she getting from the government
    I'M betting food stamps
    health care
    child care
    housing assistance
    In a country where we teach sex education in the 3rd grade, we give away free birth control, we offer free abortions, why would a woman have 3 children she can't afford

  9. TMS says – reply to this


    Maybe if people actually gave a serious to thought to what marriage means before getting married and maybe if they gave some serious thought to what raising a child actually entails and maybe if they really tried making their marriages work instead of taking the easy way out with a divorce the minute things start getting tough, there may not be so many single moms. Also, if we stopped glorifying having children out of wedlock, maybe girls/women would think twice before spreading their legs. Maybe it's time to go back to calling all kids born out of wedlock bastards and shaming all women who have them. The more we accept it, the more they will continue to do it.

  10. 10

    i am not sure why everyone on here is just assuming that she had 3 kids unmarried.

    "Gilbert never expected to be a single mother of three young children, living paycheck to paycheck. But after leaving her husband Jeremy, whose addiction to painkillers destroyed their marriage and gutted their finances".

  11. 11

    Re: jordanna – Pretty much the same thing happened to me. Was married 13 years, 3 kids, nice house, cars, boat, camper, etc…living the American Dream…after 13 years and 3 kids together, he started smoking crack, draining our bank accounts, totalling our cars, lost his job, was arrested 3x…was I supposed to stay in that situation? Or take my children and get as far away from that hot mess as I could? Not everybody is a single parent bc they are irresponsible. I was a single parent BECAUSE I was responsible.

  12. 12

    Re: jordanna – BTW I wasn't raging on you LOL I was just furthering your point..I guess I get worked up when other people (again not you) assume the mom is to blame when the dad walks away.

  13. just sayin says – reply to this


    Why does everyone blame the single mothers? Why not shame the fathers for not owning up to their responsibilities? Ass backwards if you ask me.

  14. 14

    Re: MissEvonne
    no worries MissEvonne. i didn't take it that way. i was so annoyed with the responses on here against the single mom without even knowing her story. there are many ways to become a single parent and they are not always things that can be controlled. i too am a single mom and it is really hard!

  15. just sayin says – reply to this


    So it's my fault that the father of my child fell into a deep depression, started doing drugs, and abandoned us? Fuck that. I'm proud not to be with a loser like him. I'm proud to be an independent woman, college graduate, and far farrr away from my son's other genetic link. I'm happy not to need public assistance at this point, but it helped a lot when he left. Hell, it got me out of having to move back in with my mentally abusive father, or my mother and her physically abusive boyfriend, and helped get me through my first few months of school. I try to give back to my community by volunteering and donating what little I can afford to give. Perhaps if people are so concerned about "welfare queens" and people (in particular women, disturbingly nobody seems to shame the men) receiving government assistance, volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate to thrift shops and the salvation army, make sure your teenager is practicing safe sex (you get the idea). Now, I've been around the block, I know there ARE people who literally want to LIVE off the state forever if they could. They have abused a system that was originally supposed to TEMPORARILY lend a hand for the starving, or people who had some sort of unfortunate streak of luck, and yes it's getting out of hand, I agree there. They need to be more strict, set limits, and drug test.

  16. just sayin says – reply to this


    But jeeze some of you get so worked up over other people's reproductive habits. Next people will talk about tearing down homeless shelters because it's unfair for the rest of us paying rent.

  17. just sayin says – reply to this


    Or soup kitchens. I buy my food with my own paycheck, how greedy of those needy starving leeches! Oh and how about those commercials for starving African children? I won't be donating my pocket money to THOSE entitled "baby mamas". Maybe they should stop having kids they can't afford! (Obviously this is dripping with sarcasm)

  18. JP mommy says – reply to this


    I have never commented on a site, and will here. The comments I read about single mothers make me very angry. I am a single mother, in my 40's with a 5 year old. I am professional and well educated with a bachelors degree in engineering and 2 masters degrees! My sons father quit his well paying job to evade child support and I am supporting my child, who has expensive health issues alone. I struggle with a very good income, and trying to juggle demands of a job and raising a child alone. Our culture is not set up to help a single mother, and I now can fully see how these moms fall into poverty. If I am struggling with a good, well paying job, I really feel for these moms without the education I have. And for the record, I have many single mom friends who are well educated and in a similar circumstance.

  19. ritarred says – reply to this


    Why doesn't the government go after these deadbeat dads. I'm so tired of everyone blaming only the women for there problems. Put them in prison, filling potholes, picking up garbage in the streets. Just because you are not with this woman anymore does not mean your not a father anymore. Be a man, get a job and help support your kids!

  20. Al says – reply to this


    Teach your kids to close their legs…other wise the cycle is just repeated.

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Al – Did you read the posts? People started families and the men weren't worth their salt. People starting families don't close their legs. Kids should, or tell your sons to wear raincoats.

  22. kelliw10 says – reply to this


    wow this is seriously what is wrong with society when people blame mothers for being mothers…the fathers what are able to just walk out or be ridiculous doing drugs or being dead beats? Men need to be more stand up in this society…we think its okay when they run out and that is not acceptable. Men need to be Men take charge of their responsibilities. Generation after generation this is going on now. yes society must pay for these mothers, since this is what society has created–an acceptance of fatherless children. Now I am seeing more and more of mothers running out in this next(younger) generation…what happens when that is commonplace?

  23. Lizzie says – reply to this


    Re: kelliw10 – Kellyw10 - I couldn't agree with you more. People judge, but have no idea what single mothers go through.Yes, clearly there some who take advantage of the system. But then there are those who doing their best for their kids, and doing without for themselves, JUST to make ends-meet. I agree with you 1000% and how generation to generation it is changing and yes more and more moms are leaving their children behind. How frightening and horribly sad. I believe in the sanctity of marriage but sometimes even in marriage people walk away leaving a trail of wreckage for their children, leaving them exposed to the land mines of life without having guidance and support. And let me tell everyone this.. As far as government assistance the system is a trap that you CANNOT GET OUT OF! It is designed that way! If you genuinely need help, they make it hard for you to get a good job with better wages to support your family, because they cut your assistance.. SO HOW is a single parent supposed to get ahead?? So before you go on judging a single mother whether she does or does not use government assistance, shut your mouth and take about 10 steps back to realize where is coming from, and how she has to deal with being unsure of tomorrow, or next week.. her fear and worry, insecurity, her health as only breadwinner, and the safety, and health and wellness of her children.

  24. The Term Limits says – reply to this


    I dont feel sorry for MOST such women. A woman is only as poor as her taste in men. But poor women have chosen to call former poor women like my mom "gold diggers" for chasing and marrying richer men instead of emulating it (if at all possible). Some women are poor because they literally chose "sexy guys" instead of "accomplished guys". They put their Orgasm over their kids well being in importance. Hot sex > quality breeding. My aunts are a PERFECT example of that fool. They wanted buff bikers for boyfriends not nerdy manufacturing company owners like my mom.

  25. The Term Limits says – reply to this


    I think the real message that should go out is the one that white females dont want to hear. The truth: YOU ARE NOT ALL STRONG AND INDEPENDENT. Less than 40% of you even earn bachelor's degrees. "strong and independent" is largely cliche. Cliches dont pay the bills. If you didnt get your bachelor's degree (or higher), you arent going to get the BEST highest earning jobs, so, you better marry a guy that did. Period. Swallow that pride. And the world is bigger than america. There are wealthy men all over the world looking for females. Help him find you. (somehow. its probably easier said than done)

  26. liz says – reply to this


    Guess who goes to the concentration camps first single women with children…the people commenting here are NAZIS you people do what you do. You like to see people suffer and starve. I am a woman with two degrees single because my husband left me for another woman, men are not decent beings anymore and women are just cattle. No one payes a decent wage anymore especially to women, even if you are educated. The Nazi party is alive and well in this country. Shoot us in the streets and eliminate our unwanted children too. It's worse for non white single women.

  27. Fuck All Of You says – reply to this




  28. 28

    I gave no pity for these looser's ! Maybe one child was not planned but if you can't afford one how dare you bring two more children to suffer in poverty! no excuse birth control is available to everyone, totally a selfish act.

  29. Loli says – reply to this


    How can there be 42 million single moms and only 28 million children? Doesn't each mother have to have at least one child. Or the bigger question is where the other14 million kids are.

  30. fiercecompassion says – reply to this


    Re: Maggie O – Did you ever stop to think about women who had their children within a marriage, and then got abandoned? What do you know about her life? Your ignorance is a foul, rotting cloak that you wear with pride. I wish you everything you truly deserve.

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Maggie O – Why would a man walk out on three children physically, spiritually and financially? It takes TWO to make babies. Women stick beside their children and sometimes need assistance due to gross abandonment.

  32. The Term Limits says – reply to this


    Re: liz – If i am the "nazi" you are referring to: ahahahahaha. I'd probably go to the camps long before you because my mom is half jew (she's a catholic but my sisters call her "a jew for jesus". "i'm not jewish".."pfffft"). Hitler wouldnt know what to do with me being that I am also largely nordic (his poster child of alleged perfection). Anyways, what concentration camps? There are none. Females file up to 80% of all divorces (if I am to believe net claims. The most common figure i read is 75%). And in forums on the net, females often boast "us females cheat MORE than men do. We just lie about it in surveys". Women have made a competition out of cheating (apparently). I hate infidelity but I also hate losing a competition. Sorry your guy cheated.

  33. The Term Limits says – reply to this


    Re: Fuck All Of You – The less fortunate attack the less fortunate who marry the fortunate. Have you ever called a woman a gold digger? Sure you have. My mom has lived with that label from the age of 24 until now decades later. Dont expect the children of the less fortunate who marry the fortunate to feel alot of pity for the less fortunate who attack the less fortunate who marry the fortunate with slurs like "digger" (a horrible slur word). I'm libertarian not republican. Republicans and democrats have no clue. NEITHER has fixed the economy. I am pro abortion but I am anti the word "abortion". I dont like condescending euphemisms. I am pro fetal murder but would fight to save any fetus of mine.

  34. the Term Limits says – reply to this


    Re: liz – "It's worse for non white single women". Maybe you should speak for yourself. Asian american women achieved one of the lower divorce rates in america (when with asian men). Asians are the least likely of all children to be raised in single mother homes. Only a very small percentage of asian american women have children out of wedlock. And us white male business owners in the usa currently pay asian females more money in the workplace than we do even white females (according to the census). Try to figure out what she is doing right and emulate it. EMULATION. Less crying more emulation.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: the Term Limits – Arab men from Dubai in America make more money than white men. Quit whining about white women, figure out what Arab men do and copy it. Emulation. Less crying, more emulation.
    See how racist and contemptuous you sound about your own ethnic group? Pill.
    I read all of your posts on here under different names going on and on and on about your fixation with Asian women. Go ahead, you can have that, but don't use it to
    put down your own.