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Jennifer Garner’s Pregnancy Rumors Cleared Up! Is She Knocked Up Or What??

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jen garner done having kids

We guess the rumors were just that!

Jennifer Garner was thought by many to be possibly pregnant with her fourth child, but now we're hearing that not only is she not pregnant, but she's also done having children!

In fact, it seems she and Ben Affleck never even meant to have a third child! Meaning their son Samuel was a total accident!

Here's what a source said:

“Jennifer told her pal that the difference between having two kids and three is ‘massive,’ and said Sam would complete their family. In fact, Jen admits she and Ben had only planned on having two children, and Sam was a wonderful but genuinely true accident. They love their kids, but she’s really had her hands full with three since Sam was born in 2012 and while things are starting to settle down, it’s been pretty exhausting, especially with Ben being so busy.”

We can imagine that Jen is feeling a bit overwhelmed these days with so many kids to handle. It ain't easy being a parent, that's for sure!

Luckily for the beautiful couple, they ARE planning a much needed vacation for the very near future!

A source said:

“They’re both looking forward to some couple’s time this summer and are planning a kids-free vacation for just the two of them. She needs it.”

Hopefully the vacation isn't TOO good, otherwise they may end up accidentally conceiving their fourth child! Lolz!

Unless these are just rumors! Until we hear words right from the Perezcious parents' mouths, we'll stay on our toes about another Affleck!

[Image via WENN.]

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