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We can't believe we're saying this, but yes, this IS happening! Kate Gosselin and her eight children will be coming to a television near you in June when… Read more…

5 comments to “Kate Gosselin To Return To TV!! Find Out What TLC Has In Store For Kate And Her 8 Kids! Will U Watch??”

  1. REALLY says – reply to this


    Perez, I really wish you would go back and watch all of the J&K+8 shows and see first hand how this woman parented these children to see if you would still be excited for seeing them on TV again. It is well documented that Kate is in this for herself and not the best interest of her children, and as a parent yourself, I am saddened that you feel like her exploItation of these kids is ok. At 10 and 13 are they really emotionally and intelligently equipped to decide for themselves that this is what they want?
    You always seem to be such a Kate cheerleader and I just had more hope that as youv'e matured and become a parent yourself, that you'd become a TEAM CHILDREN cheerleader instead.
    I implore you to actually do some due dilligence on the entire tragedy that this family has become and see if you you think it would be great for Kate to continue to try to further HER career on the backs of her children.
    Please note that this is not meant in any way to be disrespectful to you but moreso it is because I feel youv'e matured as a person and take parenting seriously enough that I find it shocking you arent on Team 8

  2. HELL NO says – reply to this


    Seriously i agree with REALLY!!! I dont care what kate says i agree with her ex husband her actions prove that shes not doing whats best for her kids, if shes not going to do it them I will, The fact that i swear i will not watch her show and if other people do the same the views wont be as great and the show might be cancelled, the kids might be able to have a normal life… yeah money is great but your children's childhood is priceless, dont take it away from them.

  3. Dr. Remulak says – reply to this


    Nooooooo! F*** this child-beating b****!

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  5. Angelina says – reply to this


    Go away, Kate! Yes, we are not done seeing your face,but rest assured that a lot of us willnot watch Celeb Apprenctice if you are on….well, maybe we will even if it is to see you slice and dice your co-players…and, btw, you are not a celebrity…you are an unemployed, divorced mom looking for a legal handout.