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Jon Gosselin Is FURIOUS About Ex Kate's Return To Reality TV With Their Kids!

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jon gosselin is furious about ex kates return to reality tv with their kids

We wondered how he would feel about this, and we seem to have gotten an answer!

The response is NOT a surprise!

It was announced recently that Kate Gosselin and her eight children would be returning to TLC for a reality one hour special of the show Kate Plus Eight that will air in June.

According to Kate, her children are "extremely excited" about the opportunity to film again. She said:

"They cheered like crazy. It was like I announced that it's Christmas tomorrow. Our crew walked in and it was like they had never left."

However, Jon Gosselin is definitely not cheering about this news. He actually thinks it's a pretty terrible idea.

Here's what a source said:

"He thinks it is a really bad idea for his kids. Jon feels he has his kids' best interest at heart."

Unfortunately Kate doesn't need permission from Jon to have her kids be on the show, and she probably doesn't care about how her ex feels anyway! Here's what a source said:

"Jon didn't have to give his consent for their kids to tape the TLC special. Kate's not obligated to tell him anything."

Which means that Jon will have to watch, or choose not to watch, his ex and his kids — twins Cara, Mady plus the sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel all make their return without him!

Considering how vocal Jon's been against his kids being on television, we can't help but wonder if this is a direct gesture towards him!

As for Kate's feelings about her ex husband's opinions? She recently said:

"I mean, everybody is entitled to their opinions. I don't let it bother me or affect me that much. I'm led by my gut, my heart, and doing what I've always set out to do as a parent."

She's determined to do what she thinks is best, whether other people feel she is right or wrong.

Maybe there's a way for him to work something out with his ex? Seems pretty unlikely at this point!

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

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8 comments to “Jon Gosselin Is FURIOUS About Ex Kate's Return To Reality TV With Their Kids!”

  1. Where is Family Servic says – reply to this


    So sad to grown adutes going after each other for there onselfs. These children are being mentaly abused by there parents. Why hurt your children anymore. Stop and grow up Kate and Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    Interesting, for some reason this couple got me interested in celebrity gossip when they were still together so I have a bit of a soft spot for them. Hope the show does well.

  3. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: Where is Family Servic – Well said. I hope these kids have internal strength, because they get no meaningful emotional support from their parents. To J&K, these kids are paychecks.

  4. Holly says – reply to this


    Re: Where is Family Servic

    For the love of God people! Please learn how to spell and use words that are grammatically correct. As I was reading, most of these comments have made me come to the staggering conclusion that 3/4 of Americans really are stupid at the worst,;or just terribly educated at the least. t's so very sad.

  5. restless says – reply to this


    This guy's a loser. He pays no child support. Is it any wonder that the kids are back in front of the camera? Furthermore, he demonizes his ex every chance he gets. Does he not realize that his kids could find these comments online? As horrid as Kate is, I have yet to see her say anything nasty about her ex in the media after their divorce.

  6. diane says – reply to this


    Re: restless – you are wrong she has constantly put him down its just until here recently that he started coming back at her. all she is doing and she has said it before on air that she would do what she had to do to stay on tv. she cares nothing for anyone but herself but she does like that money look she lives in a 2 million dollar home has her kids in private schools not to mention the cars and all the other stuff etc. the only thing she has done was have 6 children at one time women have kids all the time so why has people made her a star she is not a star if you look back in history at how she has acted toward people you will see that she is not a very nice person and she belittles people like she thinks she is better than them if people would quit watching or having any interest in what she is doing then eventually all this would stop and she would have to get a job just like everybody else and support her kids she use to be a nurse and i have friends that are nurses but depending on how far you go with your education on it you can make alot of money but kate will just have to downsize get rid of those cars the home etc she can do it and survive just go back through the last several years and review your history

  7. diane says – reply to this


    Re: diane – i would like to say im sorry to the gosselin family i should have not posted that comment its none of my business what goes on in their personal lives i was gossiping and im ashamed i pray that god forgives me for this i will not post anything else

  8. JH says – reply to this


    Glad to see Kate and the kids again! Felt like ‘going home’. They are all growing up, and seem to be fine. It is good to see the structure, and security that Kate has brought into her family, despite the turmoil she has been through. We have several twins, and even quads in our family…raising “multiples”, for those who don’t know, is very different. Kate is doing a great job instilling life lessons, and coping skills that the kids will take with them through life. Watching the show was like seeing how my god kids are being raised–their mother has a Doctorate in Early Childhood Ed. TLC…PLEASE KEEP THE SHOW ON!