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After A Man's Mother Dies, He Does The UNTHINKABLE To His Wife When She Sings "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!"

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Man admits to beating his wife over this bizarre reason

This is all kinds of messed up!

Andrew Salmon, of Truro, Cornwall admitted in court to assaulting his wife Beverley Salmon, and locking her up in a shed back in February.

Wait, WHAT?!

Yup, this Englander’s mother died, and Beverly was pretty happy about her mother-in-law’s passing so she kept singing ‘“ding dong the witch is dead.”

It’s insensitive, but how Mr. Salmon reacted is sociopathic!

Beverly got home and found all of her possessions packed up, to which her hubby said:

“It is my house now. You are not getting in.”

Um, what?!

So, then he locked Beverly in a shed, which she escaped from, only to be punched, pinned to a bed, then dragged out by her legs.

Hubs defended himself by saying that his wife never liked his mother anyway, but repented, adding:

“I was provoked but I am sorry for what I have done to my wife and regret everything I did. I was pushed towards it although I should not have done it.”

Granted, Beverly was pretty insensitive to her grieving husband, but it sounds like he’s a piece of work anyway! At least he apologized.

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9 comments to “After A Man's Mother Dies, He Does The UNTHINKABLE To His Wife When She Sings "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!"”

  1. MB says – reply to this


    This woman seems pretty evil. That right there is an example of a woman you don't date. Surely he knew she was this nasty, it had to have come out at some time before, there it is. And now he's in shit, but she deserved it.

  2. 2

    Re: MB – You're seriously approving of what he did? What she did was tasteless, but he also could've just evicted her without locking her up and abusing her. Violence is never the right answer.

  3. MB says – reply to this


    Hey, you know what, I truely am not a violent guy towards women or men, I;m 40 yo, that's a waste of time, but you insult my dying or dead mother (like she did) a few years ago when she did, and you're in my reach, I'll crack you in the mourth and beat your boyfriend into a bloody pulp, no matter how big he is in about 3 seconds flat. You want me to "snap" that's how you do it.

  4. Leanne says – reply to this


    I never heard of this? I'm in the UK but what a thing to say about some ones mum!

  5. Scranang says – reply to this


    Mamma's boy

  6. Devynn says – reply to this


    He must of known that she didn't like her! And the feeling was probably mutual. She was insensitive, but he overreacted.

  7. Tiff says – reply to this


    Damn, she took my idea..instead I'm planning on driving through the cemetary during my crazy Aunts funeral, blaring it on my radio.

  8. RevDale says – reply to this


    I am sorry; but the man was provoked beyond all reasoning . IF my wife or anyone else had been singing that song after my mother passed away ; I would probably have done the same or worse .
    I would have at least threw all of her possessions outside in trash bags and we would be finished .
    If she made a scene ; then it may have gotten physical …. I say the man was bought to temporary insanity by his wife's actions and she got what she had coming to her …
    NEVER tread on a man's mother ..living or dead .

  9. 9

    wait.. so this itch.. mocked the passing of one of the biggest events in anyone's life and so he kicked her out (why the gasp? women do it to men ALL the time.. hey he packed her crap up).. but she kept insisting on gettign in or something so he locked her in the shed which she could easily get out of.. and then she breaks BACK into the house after he locked her in the shed and instigated even more where he then dragged her arse out.. If you hurt someone go the ef away. let them cool down. If someone doesn't want to live with you anymore catch on